Hengxian County Vigorously Develops Jasmine Industry


For years, Hengxian County has been promoting standardized plantations of jasmine with financial aid from the county government. Such policy has been implemented to attract large sums of farmers. In 2016, there have been 2,000 mu standardized plantations of jasmine in seven towns, which include Hengzhou Town, Xiaoyi Town, Maling Town, Nayang Town, Yunbiao Town, Liantang Town, and Baihe Town. Productivity and quality of jasmine has been improved remarkably.

In addition, local authorities vigorously press promote the construction of demonstration zones of jasmine industry and establishment of the demonstration base of 3,000 mu for jasmine standardized plantations with high quality and yield within the zone. Thereby, it can motivate local farmers to construct a production base of 15,000 mu and to realize large-scale plantation of jasmine.

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