Nanning Actively Participates in Belt and Road Initiative


The import-export volume between Nanning and the 62 countries along the Belt and Road in 2016 reached RMB 6.49 billion yuan, up by 13.5% YOY and representing 15.6% of the total import–export volume of Nanning. In 2016, 9 enterprises of Nanning had investment in countries along the Belt and Road with a total agreed investment amount of 350 million USD. The Three Positions for Nanning endowed by the Central Government propels Nanning to have rapid connection and participate in the Belt and Road Initiative, thus Nanning has entered into a golden period with rapid development in foreign trade development historically.

The open Nanning is trying to develop an upgraded “Nanning Channel”, deepen multi-level and all-dimensional regional cooperation, improve the development level of open economy and speed up building it into a significant gateway city connecting the Belt and Road and a regional international city in China to open to the ASEAN countries for cooperation.

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