Nineteen Policies Help to Boost Health Industry


According to the Investment Promotion Bureau of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Guangxi has put forth nineteen policies to boost the development of health industry in aspects like safeguard of land use, investment and financing service, fiscal and tax policy, and investment promotion.

According to the Three-Year Special Action Plan for Health Industry Development in Guangxi (2017-2019), construction land index can be allocated respectively to health industry clusters, health industrial zones (parks), nationally-certified counties famous for human longevity, counties with Guangxi’s characteristic tourism, demonstration or key counties for health industry in Guangxi, which is to ensure construction lands preferentially according to key project mechanism and is without occupying municipal land index allocated by the autonomous region.

Guangxi will hold influential large-scale special investment attraction campaigns on health industry development annually to attract domestic and foreign investors and to promote the implementation and settlement of health industry projects, with support of the “Double Third” Festival known as a traditional folk festival for Zhuang people, the China-ASEAN Expo, the International Forum on China-ASEAN Traditional Medicine and Health Tourism, the China Traditional Chinese Medicine Expo (Yulin), etc.

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