The 13th Five Year Plan for Western China Development Released


Recently, National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) formally releases The 13th Five Year Plan for Western China Development (The Plan for short)

According to The Plan, China will make tremendous efforts to develop several growth poles to drive regional coordinated development by centering on the development of the Belt and Road Initiative, Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region and Yangtze River Economic Zone, and relying on major traffic corridors and central cities. In addition, the country will build the overall spatial pattern of “Five Horizontals, Two Verticals and One Ring”, which means the western sections of Europe-Asia Transportation Corridor, Beijing-Tibet Corridor, Yangtze River-Sichuan-Tibet Corridor, Shanghai–Kunming Corridor and Pearl River-Xijiang River Corridor as the Five Horizontals, Baotou-Kunming Corridor and Hohhot-Nanning Corridor as the Two Verticals, and major border areas as the One Ring.

In the Five Horizontals, Nanning serves as one of the nine node cities of the western section of Pearl River-Xijiang River Corridor, and in the Two Verticals, it is also one of the node cities of Hohhot-Nanning Corridor.

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