Liangqing District actively implements strategy of “One core task, Two zones and Three belts”


In 2017, Liangqing District focuses on the goal of constructing modern central district, and actively implements the strategy of "One core task, Two zones and Three belts" to promote the healthy development of social economy.

Keep serving the development and construction of Wuxiang New District as the core task, greatly develop the headquarters economy, building economy and modern industries, and promote the gathering of capital, projects and talents in Liangqing District to form new business districts and city center as soon as possible.

Adhere to the industry driving, and fully promote the transformation and upgrading of Guangxi Liangqing Economic Development Zone and the development and construction of modern industrial parks in Nanning to strengthen and expand the industrial economy.

Adhere to promote the construction of "Three belts", namely, the Binshui eco-leisure industry belt, the agricultural and tourism integrated industry demonstration belt and poverty alleviation industry economic belt to create a new development pattern of modern agriculture.

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