Circular of Nanning City’s Finance Bureau on Financial Annual Inspection of Foreign-Funded Enterprises

<P>In accordance with the notice of “Printing and Distributing a Circular on the Plan of Delegating Its Financial Management Function of the Foreign-Funded Enterprises to the Financial Departments of District Level(Economic Development Zone)(Nan Caiqi[2005]No.56), the Municipal Financial Bureau decided to delegate its financial management function of foreign-funded enterprises to the financial departments of district level(including the economic development zones) from September 1, 2005. The circular on carrying out financial annual inspection of foreign-funded enterprises in 2009 is hereby issued as follows: </P>
<P>1 The financial departments of district level (including the economic development zones)are responsible for distributing the blank forms for financial annual inspection of foreign-funded enterprises and the blank forms for final accounting statements.</P>
<P>2 For names and contact telephone numbers of clerks of financial departments of district level (including the economic development zones), and addresses where the materials are presented, please refer the following table:<Br><Br><STRONG>Working Schedule for Annual Inspection</STRONG></P><BR>

<P>District</P> <P>Clerk in charge</P> <P>Contact telephone/cellphone</P> <P>Address where materials are presented</P>
<P>From March 16 to May 31</P>
<P>Qingxiu District</P> <P>Pu Ling</P> <P>5524899</P> <P>13978141566</P> <P>Registration Office of Foreign-Funded Enterprises on 4 th Floor, No.8 Jinchun Road, Nanning City</P>
<P>Xixiangtan District</P> <P>Lai Hongyan</P> <P>3900233 </P> <P>13978605351</P> <P>Room 302 of Financial Department on 3 rd Floor of Government Building of Xixiangtan District, No.11 Hengyanxi Road, Nanning City</P>
<P>Jiangnan District</P> <P> Yu Zhihua </P> <P> Cui Ling </P> <P></P> <P>Service center:</P> <P> 4887969 15077167055 </P> <P> 4887873 13877192471 </P> <P>No.13 Administration Service Center of Jiangnan District, No.19 Zhuangjin Road</P>
<P>Xingning District</P> <P>Li Wei</P> <P>3290222</P> <P>13978821622</P> <P>Room 212 on 2 nd Floor, Government Building of Xingning District, No.63 Xiangzu Road, Nanning City</P>
<P>Yongning District</P> <P>Li Cuifeng</P> <P>4790553</P> <P>13768446998</P> <P>Room 514, Financial Department of Yongning District</P>
<P>Liangqing District</P> <P>Huang Xiaohui</P> <P>4503425 </P> <P>13978735672</P> <P>Financial Department of Liangqing District on 2 nd Floor of the Building of   Agricultural Bank, Wuxiang Road, Dashatian of Liangqing District</P>
<P>Hi-Tech Zone</P> <P>Jiang Huiming</P> <P>5816601</P> <P>15877199066</P> <P>Room 2115 on 21 st Floor of Torch Building, No.1 Binhe Road(at the right side of the intersection between Keyuan road and the encircling expressway)</P>
<P>Nanning-ASEAN Economic Development zone(Oversea Chinese Investment Zone)</P> <P>Qin Zhiluan</P> <P>6305683</P> <P>13597016663</P> <P>Enterprise Section of the Financial Department in the Government Courtyard of Nanning Huaqiao Investment Zone Management Committee </P>
<P>Economic & Technology Development Zone</P> <P>Ling Haiyan</P> <P>4519321</P> <P>13077790070</P> <P>Room 201 of Financial Department in Government Building No.1, Management Committee of Nanning   Economic Development Zone, No.230 Xinguang Road</P>
<P>Xiangsihu District</P> <P>Chen Xiaoxiao</P> <P>3276166 </P> <P>15977460772</P> <P>Room 309 on 3 rd Floor, No.81 Daxuedong Road, Nanning city</P>

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