Guide (Part II) to the Establishment of Foreign-Invested Commercial (Distribution) Enterprises


1. Newly established (distribution) enterprises

Application requirements:

Foreign companies, enterprises, other economic organizations or natural persons, Chinese companies, other economic organizations, and Chinese citizens

Examination and approval authority:

Nanning Investment Promotion Bureau (“NIPB” for short) and National Nanning Economic & Technological Development Area ( “NNDA” for short) have the authority to examine and approve projects with no more than 50 million dollars of investment or commercial enterprises with no more than 5,000 square meters in single-store business area (except as otherwise stipulated).

Application materials:

(1) Application for establishment of commercial enterprise (original copy);

(2) Feasibility study report co-signed by all investors (original copy);

(3) Contract and articles of association co-signed by legal or authorized representatives (in the case of foreign-invested enterprise, only the articles of association shall be submitted, the same below) and annexes thereto (original copy);

(4) List of members of board of directors and members of board of supervisors with signatories (original copy); director and supervisor appointment letters signed and sealed by appointing (investor) party (original copy); identification papers of director and supervisor (photocopy), resumes of director, supervisor and manager (original copy);

(5) Notary documents concerning subject qualification and identification certificates of foreign investors notarized by notary organs of investor-origin countries and certified by Chinese embassy (consulate) in investor-origin countries; notarized documents concerning subject qualification and identification certificates for Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan region investors notarized by local notary organs (photocopy, and original copy for future reference);

(6) Letter of authorization for service of legal documents co-signed by foreign investors (authorizer) and domestic recipient for service of legal documents (authorized party) (original copy);

(7) Audit report of investors for the most recent year audited by accounting firm (photocopy) (no need for audit report for companies established for less than one year);

(8) Evaluation report on the State-owned assets to be invested by the Chinese investors into the Sino-foreign equity or cooperative commercial enterprises joint ventures (photocopy);

(9) Import and export commodity catalogue for those planning to establish foreign-invested business enterprise (original copy);

(10) Notice of preliminary approval of the name of the enterprise issued by the administration for industry and commerce (photocopy);

(11) (Photocopy of) the supporting documents for the right to use and (or) (photocopy of) the premises lease agreement for the land to be used for opening the proposed store;

(12) Supporting documents explaining that store opening is in line with urban development and urban business development requirements provided by government business authorities (original copy) (for stores established in blew-prefecture-level cities, no need to provide, the same below);

(13) Proof document of qualifications of all investors (original copy);

(14) Information sheet on land and environment protection for foreign invested enterprise.

If the above-mentioned documents are signed by non-legal representatives, delegate authorization letter written by legal representatives should be provided (the same below);

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