Commitment of Payment and Use of Migrant Worker Wage Security Fund


To: employer name

According to document No. 51 [2007] issued by Nanning municipal people’s government, we hereby pledge to the employer that

1.We intend to contract           project name     . We, in accordance with the provision of document No. 51 [2007] issued by Nanning municipal people’s government, guarantee to deposit within 7 weekdays from the date of receiving the contract notice migrant worker wage security fund into the designated account of financial department.

2.If we were in wage arrears for migrant rural workers in the contract       project name     , the finance department may draw in advance from the migrant worker wage security fund to pay for the migrant workers.

3.If we cannot carry out provision of document No. 51 [2007] issued by Nanning municipal people’s government, the employer has the right to cancel the contract.


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