Nanning Economic and Technological Development Area fully promotes establishment of airport economic demonstration zone


Recently, Wang Xiaodong, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Guangxi Committee and secretary of the CPC Nanning Municipal Committee, went deep into Wuxu Airport Economic Zone for investigation and stressed that it was necessary to plan the Nanning's airport economic development at a high starting point, and further set goals and directions for the development of the airport economy.

Ever since 2017, Nanning Economic and Technological Development Area has focused on developing plot A, B and C as the starting area of Wuxu Airport Economic Zone, of which the total area is 3,709 mu, including 2,456 mu of industrial land. It has finished acquisition of 3,511 mu of land, with a completion rate of 94.66%. This starting area has successfully “Attracted the Phoenix”: five industrial projects, including Vipshop’s project of ASEAN cross-border modern logistics center and Nanning Postal’s land transportation and the cross-border e-commerce center project, have been settled there, with a total investment of 4.126 billion yuan. After the projects are completed and put into operation, they are expected to realize an annual operating income of 5.075 billion yuan and an annual tax of about 157 million yuan.

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