Enterprises in ASEAN Economic and Technological Development Zone identified as provincial enterprise technology center


Committee of Industry and Information Technology of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region and other seven departments released the list of 50 enterprise technology centers identified by the technology center of Guangxi in 2017. There are 12 enterprises in Nanning listed, three of which are from ASEAN Economic and Technological Development Zone, accounted for a quarter of the number of Nanning’s listed enterprises.

The 3 enterprises include Guangxi Liyuan Biological Co., Ltd., Sunshine Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., and Guangxi Wande Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Combined with the previously identified enterprise, Guangxi Shangda Tech Co., Ltd., there are four provincial enterprise technology centers in the ASEAN Economic and Technological Development Zone.

ASEAN Economic and Technological Development Zone will intensify its effort for developing enterprise technology centers, continue to serve and guide enterprises’ declaration, and report actively to municipal departments. Also, it will accelerate the establishment of the technological innovation system of production-research-operation cooperation, with enterprises as the main bodies, and market as the guide.

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