Guangxi ASEAN Economic and Technological Development Zone Receives Praises for High Efficiency of Administrative Examination and Approval


Administrative Examination and Approval Bureau of National China – ASEAN Economic and Technological Development Zone has recently been awarded the silk banner by Guangxi Honghu Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. to clarify the gratitude for its quality service, high efficiency and integrity. The representative of the company, Qin Fei, says that the company has been busy with certificates recently. Thanks to online declaration, the company can obtain permit for construction projects within two days. According to him, the high efficiency and quality service of the bureau has laid a firm foundation for development of enterprises.

Reform of the system of administrative examination and approval has been pushed forward smoothly this year in the development zone. For the next stage, local authority will build up a team consisting of honest and efficient public servants with a focus on efficiency, quality and facilitating citizens, so as to make the reform productive.

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