Project of Goat Milk Powder for Intelligent Formula Settled Down in ASEAN Economic and Technological Development Zone


Recently, the project of “Baiyue Dairy Group Million-ton Goat Milk Powder Template Factory in Nanning” has officially gone into construction.

The project which settled down in ASEAN Economic and Technological Development Zone has a total investment of RMB 210 million, with the construction focus on production plants, pilot plants and intelligent warehouses. When the construction was completed, the annual production of goat milk powder for intelligent formula will be 10,000 tons. In addition, the LIMS laboratory management system will be established, and the full range of intelligent control will be achieved, which includes nutrients and food safety, and covers all the key nodes from raw materials to finished products. A big data platform will also come into being, which can keep track of the whole process.

As the first project of the Baiyue Dairy Group settling down in Nanning, the project will inject new vitality into the goat milk market in Nanning and the neighboring areas as well as promote the development of food enterprises in the zone.

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