Organizational Structure of Liujing Industrial Park


There are 10 departments in the park, namely, the Office, the Personnel Department, Department of Social Affairs, Department of Finance, Department of Economic Development, Department of Planning and Construction, Department of Investment Promotion, Land Acquisition and Resettlement Service Centre, Office of Nayang Concentration District, and Investment Company.

Office                                                                TEL: 0771-7371260    FAX: 0771-7372878

Personnel Department                                            TEL: 0771-7371138

Department of Social Affairs                                  TEL: 0771-7082032

Department of Finance                                       TEL: 0771-7371212

Department of Economic Development                    TEL: 0771-7371217

Department of Planning and Construction                 TEL: 0771-7371215

Department of Investment Promotion                       TEL: 0771-7372869  FAX: 0771-7372406

Land Acquisition and Resettlement Service Centre     TEL: 0771-7372804  FAX: 0771-7372804

Office of Nayang Concentration District                  TEL: 0771-7266539  FAX: 0771-7266596

Investment Company                                              TEL: 0771-7082062  FAX: 0771-7371216


Investment Policy of Liujing Industrial Park

Enterprises settled in Hengxian will be able to enjoy a series of preferential policies.

Preferential Tax Policies of the State Specifically for Guangxi (Excerpt)

1. For Development of Ethnic Minority Region

For new private enterprises whose main business is encouraged by the state and whose main business accounts for more than 50% of the total revenue, corporate income tax will be exempted for the part to be submitted to local finance from the year of the first business revenue to December 31, 2015. For new private enterprises which are identified as high-tech enterprises, the corporate income tax will be collected at a 15% discount, and from the year of identification till December 31, 2015, corporate income tax will also be exempted for the part to be submitted to local finance.

2. Preferential Tax Policies of China's Western Development

(1) For projects of industries encouraging domestic investment in Western Region of China, of industries encouraging foreign investment, and of competitive industries, equipments imported within total investment and which are for one's own use will enjoy tariff exemption according to relevant law or regulations.

(2) From January 1, 2011 to December 31, 2020, for enterprises settled in Western Region of China, whose main business is listed in Encouraged Industries in Western Region and is accounting for more than 70% of the total revenue, the corporate income tax will be collected at a discount of 15%.

(3) For enterprises in transportation, electricity, water conservancy, postal service, radio and television, etc. established before December 31, 2010 in Western Region of China, their corporate income tax will be exemptible for the first two years and half rate reduction for the next subsequent three years.

(4) Unless specified by other regulations of the state, enterprises enjoying favorable policies for Western Region, can have a half-rate reduction according to the applicable tax rate of the enterprises during regulated period.

●Preferential Policies of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region

In January, 2014, the People's Government of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region issued the revised Notice on Continuation and Revision of Policies to Encourage the Opening-up and Development of Guangxi Beibu Gulf Economic Zone (Gui Government2014No. 5). The revised Notice prescribed the executive time from January 1, 2014 to December 31, 2020. The revision added 37 items to the Notice, chiefly of preferential policies in tax and fees deduction and exemption, reward, subsidy, and loan with discounted interest, etc. which brings even bigger benefits to the enterprises settled in the park.

Supportive Policies of Nanning on Different Industries

1. Supportive Policies on Modern Industry: Several documents such as Notice of Policies to Speed up Modern Industry in Nanning (Nanning Government2012No. 47) were issued to support establishment of industrial development fund, industrial cluster, encouraging supportive industries, encouraging enterprise investment or technical transformation, project land guarantee, financial and taxation subsidy, and government reward, etc.; 2014 Notice of Construction of Standard Workshops in Nanning (Nanning Government Office2014No. 17) was introduced to enhance support to enterprises investing in building and renting standard workshops, and to encourage enterprises purchasing standard workshops or remodeling the original ones.

2. Supportive Policies on Modern Service Industry: Documents such as Notice of Policies to Speed up Modern Service Industry in Nanning (Nanning Government2013No. 27), Notice on Incentives to Speed up Financial Industry in Nanning (Nanning Government Office2013No. 111), Notice of Regulations to Speed up Modern Logistics in Nanning (Nanning Government2012No. 104) were issued to show support in project land guarantee, enterprise service, industrial cluster, loan with discount interest, financial and taxation subsidy, and government reward, etc.

3. Supportive Policies on Key Leading Enterprises in Agricultural Industrialization: Documents such as Notice of Nanning Government Office Forwarding the Interim Measures on Capital Support and Project Management of Key Leading Enterprises in Agricultural Industrialization by Nanning Agriculture Bureau and Nanning Finance Bureau and Notice of Nanning Agriculture Bureau on Regulations to Promote the Development of Microenterprises were issued, projects of agricultural industrialization were established to promote the growth of key leading agricultural enterprises.

●Supportive Policies on Standard Workshops of Hengxian

Supportive Policies of Purchasing/Renting Standard Workshops in Nanning (Nanning Government2014No. 31) and Hengxian (Heng Government Office2015No. 26) (Excerpt)

   1. Supportive Policy on Purchasing Standard Workshops. Enterprises purchasing standard workshops enjoy the supportive policy of Nanning, which can apply for subsidy of 200 yuan per square meter, with 2 million yuan at most for one single project.

   2. Supportive Policy on Renting Standard Workshops. Enterprises renting standard workshops enjoy the supportive policy of Nanning. Enterprises who rent standard workshops for more than 3 years can apply for subsidy of 10 yuan per square meter per month for two years at most. The enterprise renting standard workshop of lightweight steel construction can have a half-rate subsidy.

  Support from the County: (1) For key development of industrial projects of standard workshops in Hengxian, the County gives a subsidy of 3 yuan per square meter per month for 36 consecutive months. (2) Enterprises renting standard workshops can enjoy financial subsidy according to its tax contribution. The subsidy standards are as follows:

  If the tax contribution is between 10 -20 yuan per square meter per month (20 yuan excluded), the enterprise can have a subsidy of 2 yuan per square meter per month for 36 consecutive months. For enterprises which contribute greatly to the industrial transformation and upgrading or to the economic development of the park and whose tax contribution reach 20 yuan per square meter per month, can enjoy the special policy of "One Policy for One Project", and submit to the county government for approval. The two supportive policies on renting above can be enjoyed together.

Investment Environment

(I) Location

Adjoining Nanning, the Capital City   Bordering on Qingxiu District of Nanning, within the half-an-hour economic circle of the capital city.

Near the Airport   Only 1 hour's drive to Nanning Wuxu International Airport.

Close to the Border and Sea   350 km's away from Friendship Pass of Pingxiang, and 120 km's away from Qinzhou Port.

ASEAN Oriented   Serving as the intermediate station of the land access of China-ASEAN FTA.

(II) Transportation

The park enjoys the transportation advantages of quaternity with convenient highway, railroad, aviation and water route.

Highways:   Highways from Guilin to Beihai, from Nanning to Guangzhou and from Liujing to Qinzhou join here, and the national highway 209 runs through Nayang Concentration District from north to south.

Railroads:   Xianggui Railroad and Liqin Railroad cross the park, and there are two railway stations in the park.

Aviations:   Nanning Wuxu International Airport now has about 161 international and domestic airlines to Bangkok, Hanoi, Hong Kong SAR, Taiwan, Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou.

Water routes:   The Yu River of Golden Water Channel Xi River-Pearl River Water System goes through Liujing Industrial Park and Nayang Concentration District. Ships of 2,000 tons can pass all the year round to Nanning, Baise, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and even Hong Kong SAR. The shoreline of Liujing Port is 8,195 meters long, planned with 6 operating zones and 66 berths of 2,000 ton. The annual throughput is expected to reach 26.4 million ton. Currently, two operating zones, namely Liujing Transfer Station and Balian Joint Factory, have been built with an annual throughput of 3.6 million ton.

(III) Ecology

In recent years, Hengxian has been doing its utmost to protect and restore ecological resources, which not only effectively protects the biological diversity, but also reasonably makes good use of the ecological resources. The Xijin National Wetland Park, which is under construction, covers an area of 1853.29 hectares, with 1619.93 hectares of wetland. The wetland takes up 87.41% of the total land area. The wetland park, the largest in South China, has wide water surface dotted with islands and reservoir bays, rich rare species, special cultural landscape and beautiful scenery, which is the midway stop and wintering habitat for birds migrating from the west coast of the Pacific Ocean, as well as a comprehensive ecological system of "Reservoir/Pond-Swamp-Forest". In Jiulong Waterfall National Forest Park, there are more than 20 waterfalls with trenches crossing. The ancient geology, overgrown vegetation, various wild species and fresh air with high density of anion make it a natural ecological oxygen bar. According to statistics, the forest coverage of Hengxian has reached 48.33%, with ambient air quality 100% satisfactory or acceptable.

(IV) Resources

Industrial Resources: The industries with local advantages of electricity, construction materials, paper making, chemical industry, silk, timber and food processing have been formed. By the end of 2013, there were 91 enterprises above designated size in Hengxian. Among them, 56 enterprises achieved annual output value of more than 100 million yuan.

Agricultural Resources: The sown acreage of Hengxian in 2013 is 80,640 hectares, with an output of 411,000 tons. Among them, there are 54,694 hectares of high quality rice with a production of 300,000 tons, 6,670 hectares of jasmine with annual flower output of 80,000 tons, 16,341 hectares of sweet corn with an output of 235,000 ton, 12,806 hectares of mulberry with fresh cocoon output of 31,000 ton, and edible fungi of 1.5 million square meters with an output of 135,000 ton. Featured agricultural industries with jasmine flower, high quality rice, edible fungi, silkworm, sweet corn, sugar cane, vegetable, aquatic products, livestock products, and forestry, etc. have been formed in Hengxian. It is now not only the biggest jasmine flower production base of the country, the biggest commodity grain and sugar cane production base in China, but also the largest sweet corn production base in southwest China.

Forestry Resources: Hengxian has abundant forestry resources. From the forestry category, there are 123,862 hectares of timber forest, 8,270 hectares of economic forest, 15,274 hectares of protection forest, and accumulation of timber forest of 8.47 million cubic meters.

Mineral Resources: More than 20 minerals have been explored in Hengxian, such as gold, copper, mirabilite, amargosite, limestone, and aluminum flouride trihydrate, etc. It is estimated that there are 300 billion ton of limestone reserve, 1 billion ton of mirabilite, 100 million ton of aluminum flouride trihydrate, 200,000 ton of amargosite, and 9 ton of gold reserve.

Tourist Resources: Hengxian enjoys abundant tourist resources, namely, Xijin tourist Spot and Jiulong Waterfall National Forest Park --- two national 3A tourist spots, Xijin Lake --- the biggest inner river lake in South China, China Jasmine Park --- a sea of jasmine flower, Yingtianshou Buddhist Temple of Baohua Mountain --- an ancient temple where Emperor Jianwen of Ming Dynasty had lived in seclusion for 15 years, Fubo Temple --- a well preserved ancient temple in Pearl River Drainage, Pinglang --- the beautiful, ecological water town in South China, Liujing Section --- a rare devonian strata section in the world, Dasheng Mountain --- a tall mountain in South China with an altitude of 1,140 meters, and the Flowery House of Bishan, Pinglan --- a famous house from Qing Dynasty. 

Human Resources: The total population of Hengxian is 1.2422 million, with 430,000 of who are at their prime working age.

Labor Force Payment: Currently the minimum salary in Hengxian is 1,000 yuan per month, 9.5 yuan per hour.


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