Nanning 2017 Urban Construction Project Investment Plan (Phase II) officially released


Upon the approval of the municipal government, Nanning Municipal Development and Reform Commission recently formally issued the 2017 Urban Construction Project Investment Plan (Phase II) of Nanning.

According to the requirements of urban development for infrastructure construction, and on the basis of the progress and priority of the project, it plans to add 129 new projects (64 construction projects, 48 pre-construction work projects and 17 expenditure projects) and an investment of RMB2.44098 billion. The planned urban construction projects mainly include Wuxiang New District Project, Yongjiang River and Inland River Rehabilitation Project, Landscaping Project, Rail Transit Project, Bridge Engineering, Road Engineering, Affordable Housing, Demolition and Rehousing Project, Sewage and Waste Treatment Project, Municipal Supporting Facilities Project, Expenditure Project.

The plan has introduced the participation of third-party agencies so that it will arrange the layout and construction sequence of urban construction projects in a more scientific and rational way. Relying on the modern scientific and technological means, following the tendency of shifting from the traditional management mode of urban construction to the refined management model with the participation of third-party agencies, it has innovated the management method, created "processed, standardized, refined and visualized" management system for urban construction investment plan. The issuance of the second phase of urban construction project investment plan will lay a solid foundation for Nanning's achievement in the expected goal of economic and social development this year.

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