Nanning City’s regional medical unions develop in scope and in depth


In recent years, Nanning City has actively explored the formation of regional medical unions, promoting the vertical convergence of medical institutions across administrative subordination, optimizing the allocation of medical and health service resources, enhancing the level of urban and rural medical and health services, and promoting the fairness of urban basic medical and health services.

The establishment of medical unions is an important step to deepen the medical reform in Nanning. It has greatly facilitated the masses to seek medical treatment. The Green (express) Channel to higher level hospitals in medical unions has also been built with classification of treatment and bi-directional transfer treatment.

Next, Nanning City will continue to deepen the city's medical union construction, and to guide medical unions to make an overall plan on associated development, discipline development, personnel training and quality control, so as to accelerate the informatization construction of medical and health information, and to achieve mutual complement of advantages and joint development, vertical flow of medical resources, division of duty and cooperation inside unions, so that urban and rural residents at grassroots level can enjoy safe, effective, convenient and continuous basic medical services.

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