2015 Report on the Work of Nanning People’s Government


Delivered by Mayor Zhuo Hongbo


I. Review of Work in 2014


Regional Production Output reached 314.83 billion yuan, a year-on-year rise of 8.5%, remaining the same level as that of the whole Guangxi. In particular, the rises of the first, second and tertiary industries were 4.3%, 9.9% and 8.2% respectively.


The fiscal revenue reached 52.66 billion yuan, a rise of 11.2%, 3.1% higher than that of the whole Guangxi and accounting for 24.4% of the total of Guangxi, a year-on-year rise of 0.7%; the non-tax revenue accounted for 25.5% of general public budget, 5.7 percentage points lower than that of the whole Guangxi.


The total output of industry above designated size reached 287.285 billion yuan, a rise of 12.2%. The added value of industry above designated size reached 88.117 billion yuan, a rise of 10.8%, 0.1 percentage points higher than that of the whole Guangxi.


The investment in fixed assets reached 288.668 billion yuan, a rise of 18.7%, 2 percentage points higher than that of the whole Guangxi. In particular, the investment in reconstruction and improvement was 85.348 billion yuan, a rise of 17.2%.


The total retail sales of consumer goods reached 161.69 billion yuan, a rise of 12.1%.


The average per-capita disposable income of urban residents reached 27,075 yuan, a rise of 9.1%; the per-capita net income of rural residents reached 8,576 yuan, a rise of 11.6%. The consumer price index increased by 1.6%. There were 85,800 new jobs in the city, and the registered urban unemployment rate was kept at 2.95%.


The rate of energy consumption by 10,000-yuan output fell by 8.5%, significantly exceeding the annual target set by Guangxi People’s Government. The task of emission reduction concerning the chemical oxygen demand (COD) and sulfur dioxide set in the “12th Five-Year Plan” was accomplished ahead of the schedule, and so was that of closing down 57 backward capacity projects set by Guangxi People’s Government. The city succeeded in being listed among National Model Cities Targeting Comprehensive Financial Policy for Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction. The annual good to very good Air Quality Index readings (AQI) reached 80%, 5 percentage points higher than last year.


The construction of 17,016 new government-subsidized apartments was commenced, with 20,896 apartments basically completed. 12,450 apartments in shanty areas were rebuilt, and 3,283 apartments for relocation invested by financial fund were built.


The exciting, amazing, unforgettable and successful 45th World Gymnastic Championships, which was held with all the efforts of Nanning, has won widespread praises from all over the world and promoted the international image of Nanning.


Building of a new countryside has won new achievements. Six Guangxi-level demonstrative (core) areas for modern featured agricultural such as Tanban in Liangqing District, Beautiful South in Xixiangtang District and Golden Rice in Long’an were examined and accepted. Twelve comprehensive demonstrative villages with uniqueness such as Tanbanpo in Liangqing District, Dingdian Village in Long’an were built. 97% administrative villages of Nanning had concrete roads. “Beautiful Nanning·Clean Villages” Activities kept going on, which have made outstanding achievements in comprehensive environmental treatment in rural areas.


New breakthroughs have been made in urban key infrastructure construction. Nanning Wuxu Airport New Terminal, Nanning–Guangzhou High-Speed Railway, Nanning Dong (East) Railway Station, Nanning Outer Ring Expressway, and Airport Expressway Extension were built and put into use.


New steps have been made in the establishment of a law-based government. Nanning ranked the 8th among the 100 cities, including municipal cities, provincial capital cities and prefecture-level cities, assessed in Assessment Report of Government by Law in China (2014).


II. Major Work in 2015


We should deepen the opening-up and cooperation. We will participate enthusiastically in the building of “One Belt One Road”, upgrade China-ASEAN Free Trade Area (FTA), keep serving well China-ASEAN Expo and Business and Investment Summit, host well Pan-Beibu Gulf Forum  and China Top 500 Enterprises Summit. We will strive for the investment from the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank and the Silk Road Fund to promote the traffic infrastructure such as Nanning-Singapore Corridor Railway and highways. We will continue deepening the regional cooperation and promote the construction of Nanning–Guangzhou and Guiyang-Guangzhou High-Speed Rail Economic Belt.


We should promote the level of trade facilitation. We will completely carry out the reform of customs clearance modes, and strive to make imports and exports freely circulated within Beibu Gulf Economic Zone. We will promote the construction of cross-border e-trade service piloting, and strive to complete the construction of the comprehensive cross-border e-business service platform and put into operation by the end of June. We will accelerate the building of Nanning Port service system and service facilities, and mega-customs clearance and e-ports, and greatly introduce comprehensive export-oriented service enterprises. We will make efforts to develop bonded logistics and accelerate the upgrading of Nanning Bonded Logistics Center into Comprehensive Bonded Center.


We should make more efforts to attract more investment. We will hold series themed investment-attracting fairs with the focus on the six major industries and standardized factory buildings, aiming domestically at the Pearl River Delta, the Yangtze River Delta by taking over industrial transfer, and internationally at the foreign enterprises’ headquarters in China by deepening the cooperation with the ASEAN nations and broadening the cooperation with Europe, America, Japan and Korea. We will promote with efforts the investment in all-purpose aviation, bio-pharmaceutics, aluminum alloy as new materials and other industries. We will strive to have 92.5 billion yuan of paid-in domestic investment, a rise of 8% and use directly 690 million US dollars of foreign investment, a rise of 8%.


We will fully play the leading role of enterprises, accelerate the establishment of a technological innovation system in which enterprises take the lead in establishing industry-academia-research collaboration with the market as orientation, and scientific and technological resources are guided to enterprises. We will make full use of the advantages of Nanning-based research institutes and colleges and universities and guide the competitive enterprises to cooperate with them to build industrial innovation institutions, engineering technology research centers and corporate tech centers and other kinds of innovation platforms. We will support enterprises such as Alnan, Foxconn, Tianyuan Bio-Chemical, Baiyang Group and Bosch in their efforts to create state-level R & D institutes or tech centers and strive to build 6 new city-level- up corporate tech centers, 20 hi-tech enterprises and 5 Guangxi pilot innovation-oriented enterprises.


We should improve the mechanism of making scientific and technological innovation. We will promote the establishment of the mechanism in which market determines the distribution of technological innovation projects and funds, and result assessment. We will accelerate the building of China-ASEAN Technology Transfer Center, promote the mutual recognition and cooperation with the ASEAN nations in technology, standards, inspections and testings, fasten the building of National Tech Fruit Transfer Service (Nanning) Demonstration Base, and strive to obtain more national tech fruits to be transferred and industrialized in Nanning. We will continue the efforts in building Nanning as one of the National Innovation Pilot Cities and National Intellectual Properties Pilot Cities, strive to apply for 6,500 inventions and patents and have a rise of 40% in the number of invention and patent possession per ten thousand people, and build 13 hi-tech business incubators and 3 public service platforms for innovation start-ups.


We should compact the foundation of talents for scientific and technological development. We will support the talents development centers to be jointly established by innovation-oriented enterprises in Development Zones and universities and research institutes inside and outside Guangxi, and strengthen the construction of Academician Workstations, Postdoctoral Workstations and Graduates Workstations. We will make efforts to introduce talents in the fields of finance, electronic information, bio-pharmaceutics, aviation, new energy and advanced energy-efficient and environment friendly equipment manufacturing. Match meetings will be held for Nanning high-level talents at home and abroad to learn about our projects, with the expectation that a batch of leading talents (teams) in starting businesses and innovation are attracted. We will carry out the plan of “Introducing 100 Engineering Doctors and Masters to Work in Nanning Enterprises”, and open a direct channel for “Green City Joint Talents Introduction”.


We will give high priority to developing modern education. We will accelerate the implementation of “Two Hundred” Strategy, put emphasis on the construction of supporting schools and kindergartens for new districts and newly-built communities, strengthen the construction of educational infrastructure, plan the construction of Nanning ASEAN cultural and educational center, and basically build 8 primary and middle schools in the city areas this year. We will actively push forward the adjustment of county-level education layout, and enhance the construction of primary and middle schools in county towns. The 3-Year Preschool Action Plan (Stage II) will be carried out, and more support will be given to the construction of inclusive and low-cost kindergartens with the aim of building 35 new public kindergartens and rebuilding 34 ones. We will promote balanced development of compulsory education, and strive to make compulsory education of Qingxiu and Xingning Districts pass national assessment and acceptance and that of Wuming County pass Guangxi assessment and acceptance. We will maintain 96% of consolidation rate for 9-year compulsory education, 93% of entrance rate for 3-year preschool education, and 93% of gross enrollment rate for senior high schooling. We will continue implementing the Plan of Nutrition Improvement for students taking compulsory education in the counties, and increase meal subsidy standard to 4 yuan per student per day. We will explore ways for the children of migrant workers in the city to go to public schools with credit accumulation. We will expand high-quality education resources, build within the year 8 city-level modernized model regular senior high schools and 4 regular senior high schools with characteristics, promote the reform of county-level secondary vocational schools, build 2 national secondary vocational model schools, establish modern vocational education system, build “interchanges” for secondary vocational education, higher vocational education and undergraduate vocational education, promote the linking between secondary vocational education and higher vocational education, between vocational education and regular education, and realize Nanning Talent Development Mode for 5-Year Integration of Secondary and Higher Vocational Education. We will explore the mode of schools and enterprises jointly running schools, and promote vocational education according to the requirements of modern enterprises. We will comprehensively raise the competence teachers, implement “666” Talents Development Plan, and increase a batch of special-post teachers for rural primary and middle schools and vocational schools. We will implement “Model Projects of Educational Informationization in Ethnic Regions”, build 150 schools for compulsory education stage with “Broadband Access to the Internet”. We will encourage, support and regulate social forces and capital to invest in education, and promote the healthy and harmonious development of education undertakings.


We should make great efforts to promote employment and business start-ups. We will continue to implement the strategy of giving top priority to employment and carry out a more energetic employment policy, spread widely the Activity of “Creating Counties and Districts with Full Employment”. We will initiate 3-Year Training Plan for Green City Nanning Industrial Workers, increase the number of trained workers by over ten thousand each year, and guarantee to meet the demand of workers for key labor-intensive enterprises. We will perfect policies of supporting business start-ups, promote the construction of model incubation bases for college student start-ups and one-stop service centers for talents, study and issue Regulations on Implementing Small-Sum Guaranteed Loans for Nanning Migrant Workers, promote city-wide business start-ups with middle-aged and young people such as college students and returned personnel as core, and strive to shape a new atmosphere of all people starting businesses and with full employment.


We should strive to improve social security work. We will accelerate the application of information technology in the “Pension and Unemployment Insurance Project”, initiate implementing the plan of all people joining insurance projects, strive to have 4.2 million urban residents join “Five Insurances”, 2.1 million urban and rural residents join basic endowment insurance, and increase the standard of new rural cooperative medical insurance and urban resident medical insurance from 320 yuan to 380 yuan. We will keep doing well the work of urban and rural medical insurance for major diseases, and establish the medical cost settlement mechanism for linking medical aids with basic medical insurance and major disease insurance. We will create the mode of building government-subsidized housing, commence to build government-subsidized housing and rebuild housing in shanty areas, totaling 32,526 apartments, enhance the administration of such kink of housing, improve over 100 un-watched low-income-group residential areas. We will perfect the development of social security system and service system for disabled persons, establish the mechanism of social aids, and protect basic survival right of people in extreme poverty. We will accelerate the establishment of elderly care service system and the building of No. 2 Social Welfare Institute. We will implement the measures of reforming endowment insurance for institutional departments in the accordance with the State unified arrangement, perfect simultaneously the salary system, with favorable policies going towards low-position personnel and personnel working in remote rural townships, grant working subsidy for the staff in townships in rural areas, establish the system of paralleling civil servants’ positions and ranks in the organs below county level, and further improve the treatment of village cadres.


We strive to develop health and family planning undertakings. We will continue carrying forward the reform of medical and health care system with the reform of public hospitals as core, and meanwhile give greater support to the establishment of private health care institutions by taking advantage of Nanning being listed among Pilot Cities to Have Health Care Institutions Established by Social Capital Encouraged by the State and enhance the administration, coordination and service of private medical institutions. We will promote the construction of major medical and health care projects, focus on accelerating the construction of a batch of projects such as new Nanning Children’s Hospital, and realize the synchronization of urban development and medical and health care resources allocation. We will implement the two-child fertility policy, accelerate the reform of family planning service management and procedures to handle family planning service certificates, and promote honest family planning. The housing and facilities for health and family planning at the levels of city, county and village will be integrated to improve the working conditions of grass-root health and family planning. The construction of the infrastructure facilities in the medical care institutions at the levels of county, township and village are to be reinforced, with the improvement of the medicare conditions in township clinics as the focus. We will draw up favorable policies of talent development and introduction and solve the shortage of talents in township clinics, and at the same time strengthen the training of rural doctors and improve the pension program for them. We will support the development of traditional Chinese medicine and the traditional medicine of ethnic minorities, carry out the projects of disease control and prevention and AIDS prevention and treatment, and prepare well for the annual review of “National Health City”.


We should accelerate the development of culture and sports. We will strengthen the construction of public cultural infrastructure and promote village-level public service centers, start cultural projects beneficial to the masses, and improve the quality of public cultural services. We will make special development plans for cultural industries, carry out elite projects of cultural industries, develop cultural creativity, performance entertainment, cultural tourism and other new cultural industries, promote the integrative development of culture, technology, tourism and sports, and promote the level of cultural industrial development. We will accelerate the industrialization of “Folk Songs Fly Over the Earth” Brand and further explore ethnic cultures like Luoyue Culture and “Na” Culture, protecting non-material cultural heritages. We will organize well the 3rd China-ASEAN (Nanning) Opera Week and deepen international cultural exchanges. We will improve for-all fitness facilities, promote the construction of Nanning Sports School New Campus, and develop sports industry.


We should strengthen the oversight over food and drug safety. We will deepen the reform of food and drug supervision system, and promote the development of food and drug safety technological support and law enforcement supervision system. We will enhance the treatment of dining pollution, perfect the responsibility system of enterprises as main bodies, and food safety credit system and social co-ruling system. Efforts will be made to create a food safety city so as to ensure the thorough upgrading of food safety comprehensive treatment capacity and improve people’s degree of satisfaction with food safety.


We should strengthen and innovate social governance. We will advance cultural and ethical progress, carry forward the work of creating National Civilized City, further promote the mechanization of credit system construction, implement the system of releasing credit “Red and Black List”. carry forward the activity of creating peace and security, perfect the system of three-dimensional social security prevention and control, and prevent and punish by law crime activities of various kinds. We will establish a sound social stability risk assessment mechanism and a mechanism of emergency response, and prevent and resolve effectively social contradictions of various kinds. The system of governmental legal aids will be implemented. We will carry forward classification and supervision of potential security hazards, and restrain with firmness the occurrence of major accidents. “National Model Community of Reducing and Eliminating Disasters” will be created. We will upgrade the community construction, strengthen the community grid management, cultivate and develop social organizations, support village (residential) committees, owners committees, and social organizations to participate in social management, and carry forward ruling by law in multiple layers and fields.


We should actively implement projects that benefit all. We will accomplish with greatest efforts Guangxi-level major projects bringing tangible benefits to all and 39 Nanning-level sub-projects  of the kind under 10 categories of education, food safety, health, culture, employment, respecting the elderly, infrastructure construction, civil administration, smooth assess, and peace and security.


We will promote law-based governance, build a law-based government with scientifically-classified functions, legally-defined rights and obligations, strict and impartial law enforcement, openness and fairness, honesty and high efficiency, law-abiding and credit, and ensure the rights endowed by the people to serve the interests of the people.


We should perform fully the functions of governments according to law. We will do whatever we need to do in accordance with the law and not do what is not bestowed by law, resolve to regulate non-actions and wrong actions, and resolve to punish acts of duty breach and malfeasance. We will draw up and publish rights list, responsibilities list, negatives list, and financial special fund management list, implement at city-level the system of departmental rights list, and explore to implement negatives list management in Hi-Tech Development Zone, Economic Development Zone and Guangxi-ASEAN Economic Development Zone. We will promote the regulation and legalization of governmental rights, enhance county-level governmental executive responsibilities, and build a service-oriented government. We will enhance concurrent control and post control, punish severely acts such as forgery and fakes, and intended environmental pollution, and establish systems such as scientific sampling system, liability retracting system, abnormal operation directory, and blacklist system. Intermediary agencies will be cultivated and regulated. 


We should strengthen administrative decision-making in accordance with law. We will study to draw up “13th Five-Year” Master Plan and Special Plans of Nanning National Economic and Social Development. We will strengthen government’s legislative work, submit 6 local regulations drafts like Regulations on Protecting Wuxiangling to Nanning People’s Congress Standing Committee for review and approval, make and publish 7 governmental regulations. We will establish sound systems like the public participating in major administrative decision-making, expert argumentation, decision-making consulting, risk assessment, validity review, decision-making via collective discussion and executive effect assessment, promote the construction of new think tanks, explore and implement the system of holding hearing for major decision-making, listen to public opinions, gather public ideas, and ensure to make a decision-making system scientific, its procedures right, its process open, and its responsibilities clearly-cut. We will establish governmental law consultation system for governmental departments at all levels, strengthen the building of governmental legal organs, and promote coordination capacity and functions of law-based governmental organizations.


We should standardize law enforcement and make it fair and civilized. We will make more innovation in administrative law enforcement system, carry forward comprehensive law enforcement, integrate administrative law enforcement resources; reduce law enforcement stages and levels, and the kinds of law enforcement teams at city and county/district levels. We will strengthen the building of county/district-level law enforcement teams, and transfer more law enforcement rights to grass roots. More law enforcement efforts will be made and the scope of cross-section and cross-industry comprehensive law enforcement will be expanded. We will strictly implement the system of major law enforcement decision being legally reviewed. We will perfect administrative law enforcement procedures and establish the system of recording the whole law enforcement process. The development of online administrative law enforcement and e-monitoring system will be accelerated.


We should strengthen the restriction and supervision of administrative powers. We will further restrict the government’s internal power, regulate the procedures of power operation, fully regulate and control the processes of major fields and key links concerning direct financial fund allocation, direct contact with project construction, and services directly facing the masses; fully audit the operation of public funds, state-owned assets and state-owned resources, establish a sound early warning mechanism for governmental debt management and risks. We will intensify law enforcement supervision, establish and implement the systems of law enforcement accountability and of investigation into wrong doings in law enforcement, support the people’s monitoring on law enforcement, and establish sound law enforcement supervisor system and complaint and report system. We will conscientiously accept legal and work supervision of the People’s Congress and its standing committee, and report the government’s major administrative decisions to the People’s Congress Standing Committee. We will conscientiously accept the domestic supervision of CPPCC, efficiently handle proposals and suggestions of People’s Congress representatives and of CPPCC members. We will emphasize the supervision of the public and media, intensify efficacy supervision, deepen effective supervision modes such as “Two Keys and Two Questions”, questioning government officials on TV, Administrative and Industrial Hot Lines, and perfect the mechanism of error correction and accountability investigation.


We should make our governmental operations open. Sticking to the principle of “openness is normal and closeness is exceptional”, we will make all the items of governmental functions, law bases, executors, responsibility scope, management process and supervision modes transparent, the governmental information on administrative review and approval, financial budget, “three kinds of public activities” budget, government-subsidized housing, food and drug safety, environmental protection, pricing and charges, land requisition and demolishing, bidding and other major fields open, and affair-handling in public institutes like education and medical care open. We will promote the announcement system of administrative law enforcement, strengthen the construction of administrative information service platforms, and intensify the work of releasing information on governmental websites. We will establish a sound administrative service system at all levels, extend governance services to grass roots, and get through “the last kilometer” of contacting and serving the people.


We should speed up the building of a clean government. We will strengthen the government’s responsibilities as a leading role, adhere to “One Position Two Responsibilities”, keep pushing forward the work of building a clean government by establishing a sound system of punishing and preventing corruption and investigating and punishing severely the cases violating disciplines and law. We will strictly supervise public funds, public resources and state-owned assets, firmly implement regulations of various kinds the central government’s “8 Rules” and the State Council’s “Three-Point Law”, keep correcting “4 Winds”, control the budget of “Three Public Expenses”, adhere to financial and economic disciplines, and promote the reform concerning public vehicles in governmental departments.


In the meantime, we should strengthen and improve work on ethnic minorities under new situation, and strive to build National Model City of Ethnic Unity and Progress. We will support the reform of national defense and army, prepare reserve force for the national defense, launch within a wide range activities of double-support and co-building. We will protect by law legal rights of citizens, especially women, minors and disabled persons, play fully the role of social groups such as the Trade Union, the Youth League and the Women Federation, and continue to do a good job in foreign affairs, overseas Chinese affairs, religions and statistics.






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