Nanning’s 13th Five-Year Plan for Population Development Issued and Implemented


Recently, Nanning’s 13th Five-Year Plan for Population Development (the "Plan" for short) has been issued and implemented.

The "Plan" states the key projects and key work to promote long-term and balanced population development in the future, that is, increasing infrastructure construction of women’s and children’s hospitals, speeding up the renovation of the city's First People’s Hospital and Second People’s Hospital and the expansion of Nanning Fifth People's Hospital, for the purpose of providing the masses with fair, available, systematic and continuous health services of disease prevention, disease treatment, rehabilitation, health promotion and so on.

During the 13th Five-Year Plan period, Nanning will also implement the plan to promote population quality and health, that is, extensively carrying out the thalassemia prevention and control plan; accelerating the healthy city action plan; vigorously promoting the construction of contact points for national sports industry.

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