Nanning City Issues 13th Five-Year Plan for Water Conservancy Development


The General Office of the People’ s Government of Nanning City issued Nanning’s 13th Five-Year Plan for Water Conservancy Development, clearly pointing out the development goals, main task and investment scale of Nanning’s water conservancy development during the 13th Five-Year Plan period. It is an important criterion for guiding the development of Nanning’s water conservancy reform in the period.

The plan makes clear that, in the plan period, Nanning intends to invest 27.25 billion yuan to accelerate the construction of flood prevention and mitigation system for Nanning’s water conservancy, water resources rational allocation and high-efficiency use system, water resources protection and rivers and lakes health protection system, institutional systems which are conducive to the development of water conservancy science and technology, and to entirely realize the normalization of flood control, ecologicalization of river management, standardization of agricultural water engineering, popularization of drinking water projects, forestation of water conservation forest, landscape of water conservation facilities, and normalization of reservoir management.

The plan puts forward that, in the plan period, Nanning should make decisive achievements in the significant areas and key segments of water conservancy reform, with water resources management system further improved, water ecological civilization system gradually established, and agricultural water prices and water rights reform steadily promoted.

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