Nanning City 2016 Annual Report on Government Information Disclosure Work (Outline)


This report is prepared by the General Office of Nanning Municipal People’s Government in accordance with the requirements of the “Regulation of the People’s Republic of China on the Disclosure of Government Information” (“Regulation” for short).

Ⅰ.Basic Situation of This Year’s Government Information Disclosure Work

A. Strengthening organizational leadership and making comprehensive work plan

B. Establishing and improving government information disclosure work system

C. Strengthening professional training to improve work level

D. Strengthening supervision and inspection to ensure the implementation of work

E. Carrying out activities for government affairs disclosure day

F. Taking advantage of NPC members’ inspection to promote government affairs disclosure

G. Strengthening timely update of government portal construction

Ⅱ. Focusing on Key Fields and Working Hard to Promote “Five Disclosures”

A. Promoting decision-making disclosure

B. Promoting implementation and result disclosure

C. Promoting management disclosure

D. Promoting service disclosure

Ⅲ. Actively Disclosing the Government Information

A. Clarifying false and incomplete information in a timely manner

B. Actively disclosing government information by means of government bulletins, government websites, press conferences, etc.

C. Actively providing government information to government affairs service center, archives, public libraries and other information search places

Ⅳ.Disclosing or Not Disclosing Government Information as per Application

A. Disclosing service acceptance or response status as per application

B. Construction, improvement, maintenance and operation of the reception site

Ⅴ.Government Information Disclosure Fee, Reduction and Exemption

Ⅶ.Application for Administrative Reconsideration or Filing for Administrative Proceedings Due to Government Information Disclosure

Ⅻ. Main Problems Existing and Their Improvement Status

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