2013 Working Plan of Municipal Government


Government Work Report at Nanning 13th People’s Congress 4th Session


I Review of 2012 Work

In 2012, Nanning maintained good and fast social and economic development, and completed the tasks set at Nanning 12th People’s Congress 2nd Session.


n     Regional overall output value reached 250,360,000,000 RMB, an increase of 12.3%, ranking first among the capital cities of the five autonomous regions.

n     The added value of above-the-designated-scale industry reached 63,367, 000,000 RMB, an increase of 22%, ranking second among the 27 capital cities in terms of growth rate; the contribution rate of industry to economic development reached 42.6%, a year-on-year increase of 6.6%.

n     The whole social fixed asset investment reached 258,518,000,000RMB, a rise of 29.1%, of which the industrial investment was 71,229,000,000RMB, a rise of 36.33%.

n     Financial revenue reached 42.2 billion RMB, a rise of 16.09%. Public financial budget revenue ranked fifth in terms of growth rate.

n     Social consumer retails reached 125,559,000,000RMB, a rise of 17%, ranking 6th among the 27 capital cities in terms of growth rate.


n     The volume of import and export reached US$4,147,000,000, a rise of 65.1%, of which export was US$2,517,000,000, a rise of 51.46%.

n     The total output value of farming, forest, animal husbandry and fishing reached 53,641,000,000RMB, a rise of 5.5%. The total output of grain reached 2,151,000 tons, a rise of 3.9%, hitting a record high in terms of growth rate. The output of jasmines, bananas and sweet corns etc. ranked first nationwide.

n     The average disposable income of urban residents reached 22,561RMB, a rise of 12.78%; the average net income of rural residents reached 6,777RMb, a rise of 15.9%,       higher than the former in terms of growth rate for the 4 successive years.

n     The overall level of consumer price had an increase of 2.9%, 1.1% lower than the anticipated target.

n     Completed 10 practical projects for people arranged by the Autonomous Region and our city’s 20 ones for people.

n     was awarded 8 honorary titles: “National Advanced City in Business Startup”, “2012 China International Pioneer City in Logistics”, “National Demonstration Base (Nanning)   for Technological Fruits Conversion/Services”, “2012 Forbes China Mainland Best Commercial City”, “2012 Healthcare and Leisure City”, “National City Brand Construction Prize” “Special Contribution Prize for China Green Eco-Agriculture”, and “National Two-Support Model City” for five consecutive years.

The following major work was done in 2012:

1. Accelerated the pace of economic structural transformation and upgrading with modern industrial development as core task.

2. New progress was made in building a modernized city with the construction of Wuxiang New District as an important engine.

3. Economic inner drive was enhanced with expanding investment and consumption as important support.

4. Rapid growth was made in county/district economy with work concerning agriculture as important contents.

5. Steady improvement was made in modern suitable eco-settlement with building eco-civilization as vital measures.

6. Improvement was in opening-oriented economy with reform and opening-up as powerful drive.

7. Major expenses of various kinds were guaranteed with stabilizing and increasing financial revenue as effective measures.

8. Outstanding improvements were made in urban cultural soft power with cultural construction as drive.

9. Complete development was made in building a harmonious society with improving people’s living and maintaining stability as an important guarantee.

10. Governmental construction in itself was enhanced with improving working style and efficiency as important measures.


II. 2013 Overall Work Plan

2013 overall work plan is: with adhering to scientific development as theme, accelerating the transformation of economic development mod as main line, improving the quality and benefits of economic growth as center, go forward steadily, go fast and well, deepen the reform and opening-up, enhance innovative drive, accelerate the process of industrialization, informationalization, urbanization and agricultural modernization, greatly push forward the building of modern industries, modern eco-civilization city, major infrastructure and people’s living guarantee, compose five chapters of “green, water, new, old and smooth” to ensure a continuous, healthy and faster development of the whole city’s society and economy.

“Six Adherences” should be maintained to do well 2013 work.

The first is to adhere to the overall tone of “go forward steadily and go fast and well”.

The second is to adhere to the strategy of innovation-driven development. Realize a qualitative, beneficial and sustainable economy via multiple pushes such as innovation drive, investment pull and consumption pull.

The third is to adhere to the synchronous development of industrialization, informationalizaztion, and urbanization and agricultural modernization. Greatly push forward the deepened integration of industrialization and informationalization, accelerate the process of urbanization, and greatly develop modern farming to create a powerful drive to our city’s social and economic development.

The Forth is to adhere to take expanding domestic demand as strategic starting point. Push forward the synchronous development of outer input and inner increase via multiple investments such as foreign capital, state capital and social capital.

The fifth is to adhere to the deepening of reform and opening-up. Enhance the system, integration and coordination of the reform, and focus on the further reform of state-owned enterprises; thoroughly upgrade opening-oriented economic level via continuous opening-up.

The sixth is to guarantee and improve people’s living. Coordinate as whole “Making a Big Cake” and “Cutting Well the Cake”, improve people’s living in the process of development, and benefit people’s living on the basis of development.


III. 2013 Aims and Major Work

The anticipated aims for 2013 Nanning social and economic development are: 11% rise of regional GDP, 12% rise of financial revenue, 20% rise of whole social fixed asset investment (28% rise of technological innovation investment), 20% rise of above-the designated-scale industrial added value, 16% rise of social consumer goods retails, 16% rise of import and export volume (15% rise of export), to achieve the targets set by Guangxi government like total energy consumption per 10 thousand yuan output value, discharge of chemical oxygen demand, discharge of dioxide sulfur, discharge of ammonia nitrogen, discharge of nitric oxide, 12% rise of average disposable income of urban residents per person, 13% rise of net income of rural residents per person, about 4% rise of CPI, above new jobs for urban employment, within 4.5% registered jobless rate in urban areas, within 9.1% rise of natural population growth.


To achieve these aims, the following work should be well undertaken:

1. Greatly adjust industrial structure, accelerate the transformation of economic development mode to make a new promotion in economic quality and benefit.

Improve the level of modern industrial development. The first is completely implement Nanning’s Proposals on Policies of Accelerating Modern Industrial Development to make stronger and better industries such as aluminum deep processing, electronic information, light industry and food, modern machines manufacturing, and realize within the year 2013 13 billion RMB, 23 billion RMB, 80 billion RMB and 40 billion RMB in aluminum deep processing, electronic information, light industry and food and modern machines manufacturing respectively; the second is to greatly exercise the strategy of innovation-driven development. Invest 1 billion RMB to complete 300 projects of technological innovation and integration of industrialization and informationalization, and certify 110 new products; the third is to promote the construction of key projects. Raise above 3 billion RMB through multiple channels for key industries development funds to promote key projects such as Nanning Aluminum Co. aluminum processing, Budweiser Beer, Zhongheng Pharmacy, Tongyi and Kangshifu, complete Foxconn (Shajing) Project (2nd Stage) to make Foxconn Nanning Company the first 10-billion enterprise; the forth is to continue “Focus on Big Companies, Strengthen Small


Companies and Support Micro-Companies” Project. Create 4 new 1-billion enterprises, 50 100-million enterprises and 30 above-the designated-scale enterprises; the fifth is to greatly develop industrial parks with focus on new industrial parks and modern industrial park plans and the acceleration of “Three Cities Two Centers” and “Sugar City of China” construction. Keep arranging 70 million RMB for industrial parks land and 30 million RMB for infrastructure construction to improve the parks infrastructure. Execute special-zone-type closed management of city-level development zones to ensure review and approval affairs to be handled with development zones via legal authorization and trust of relevant city-level departments. Accelerate the development of “multiple parks in one zone” via forms such as trust and proxy and cooperation taken by the Hi-Tech Development Zone and the Economic Development Zone. Greatly support the HI-Tech Development Zone to apply for “Piloting Demonstration Zone for National Intellectual Properties”, and Nanning-ASEAN Economic Development Zone to be upgraded as national development zone, and make efforts to enable 18 industrial parks to create a total industrial output of over 180 billion RMB; The sixth is to offer banking services for medium and small enterprises. Arrangements special-purpose supporting funds for great events such as China-ASEAN Expo, and help enterprises to achieve a loan of 2.5 billion RMB.


Accelerate the transformation and upgrading of service industry. The first is to develop business and trade. Release policies and measures concerning accelerating the development of modern service industry, compile special-purpose plans, perfect business center areas and the layout of business and trade service groups. Keep upgrading Chaoyang Business Circle by combining the reconstruction of Shuijie blocks, old Nanning and old streets and lanes, and light-tracked railway construction, greatly develop Langdong –Fenglin Business Circle, cultivate and develop Xiangsihu Business Circle, Wuyi Road Business Circle, Anji Business Circle, Yongjiang River Business and Trade Belt, Along-the Ring-Road Business and Trade Belt, create business streets with unique features, accelerate the construction of project groups such as Qingxiu Wanda Square, Daheping Wholesale Center, and develop specialized markets to build Nanning into a regional consumption center with even more influence in Southwest China and ASEAN; the second is to develop modern logistics industry with more efforts. Thoroughly implement Several Decisions on accelerating the Development of Modern Logistics Industry and relevant supporting measures, keep promoting the construction of four big logistics parks like China-ASEAN International Logistic Park, Anji Comprehensive Logistic Park, Jiang’an Comprehensive Logistic Park and Jinqiao Comprehensive Logistic Park, and projects like Nanning Airport Logistic Park and China-ASEAN Commodities Trade Center, accelerate the construction of South China Town (2nd Stage), Qsindao·Haier


ASEAN Business and Trade Logistics Project, Southwest China Market Distribution Center, and try to commence Steel Processing and Distribution Center Project and Grain/Oil/Sugar Storing and Distributing Center Project within the year. Fully promote the construction of “Model City of Modern Logistics in Circulation Field”, keep developing third-party and fourth-party logistics, prioritize the development of urban unified distribution, e-business logistics, frozen chain logistics, harbor logistics, international logistics and bonded logistics, and make efforts to the transition of Nanning Bonded Logistic Center to Comprehensive Bonded Area; the third is to initiatively foster modern industries such as exhibition, information, monetary settlement, insurance, agency and consultancy. Support modern business types such as service outsourcing and e-business, and promote the construction of “Model City of E-Business”, the upgrading of productive services gathering and living services to gradually build Nanning into a regional modern services center with relatively stronger influence and radiation.

Cultivate and develop strategic new industries. Keep promoting the construction of Nanning National Hi-Tech Bio-Industry Base, “Three Cities Two Centers”, accelerate the development of strategic new industries such as bio-medicines, clean energy, industrial design, energy-saving and environmental protection and creative industry, initiatively build “Model City of New Energy”, try to make 2013 bio-medicine industrial output value over 10 billion RMB, clean energy output value over 2 billion RMB.

2. Compose well the five chapters of “green, water, old, new and smooth”, and promote the construction of modern eco-civilized city to make Nanning more beautiful.

       Plan our city as a whole. Compile or modify 19 specialized plans. Focus on perfecting specialized plans like downtown areas, Wuxiang New District, Xiangsihu New Area Control and Plan and Urban Design along Yongjiang River and around Nanning East Railway Station, Wuming City Avenue, Kunlun Avenue and its Extension, Land Development Control and Plan along Jinling Avenue, Airport Economic Zone, Bus Traffic, Public Bikes Traffic System, and Urban Green Paths (Slow) etc., complete Plan of Reconstructing “Three Olds” and Detailed Site Plan of Yongning District Pumiao Township Historic and Cultural Streets.

Promote the connotation of “Green City of China”. Build “National Eco-Gardening City”, promote the level of “Green City of China”. Host well the 3rd Guangxi Horticultural Exhi


bition. Keep implementing the Project of “Green Nanning”, plant 240,000 mu trees and forests and green 128 villages. Promote Project of “Green Yongjiang River”, complete three elite greening projects, and plant 1600 mu green forests. Initiate three-year action plan for the project of upgrading urban gardening, greening, beautifying and brightening, plan to invest 2,860,000,000 RMB in 2013 to execute 64 projects to further beautify Huizhan Road side slopes, the Convention and Exhibition Center Axis, Minzu Avenue, Zuxi Avenue, Baisha Avenue, Wuxiang Avenue Extension and Airport Road side slopes, and build a batch of urban gardening elite landscapes and sight-seeing corridor along the river. Try to realize a higher rate than 2012 in forest coverage, built area green rate, green coverage and park green area per person.

Promote the construction of “Water City of China”. Implement 69 projects, and plan to invest 5,175,000,000 RMB to undertake the construction of “One River, Two Reservoirs, Three Lakes and Five Projects”. “One River” is the comprehensive treatment and employment of the Yongjiang River. Complete 3.44 Km elite demonstration section (Minsheng Dock to Lingtie Bridge), and realize the long-term management of 34 Km strict control section (Shifu Sanjin Ferry –San’an Bridge” on Yongjiang River for the first half of 2013. “Two Reservoirs” is to keep building Laohangkou Navigation Hub and commence the main body of Yongning Key Water-Control Project. “Three Lakes” is to speed up the construction of water systems around Wuxiang Lake, Nanhu Lake and Xiangsihu Lake, complete the comprehensive treatment of Liangqiang River (3rd Stage), and ensure Wuxiang Lake Project to put into use in August; promote the comprehensive treatment project of Nanhu Lake –Zupai River water system (2nd Stage), accelerate the construction of Maoqiaodong and Xihu; complete


Xiangsi Styled Streets and European Towns, and the main bodies of Xiangsihu Park (Daxue Road – Jiangbei Avenue), and commence Xiangsi All Weather Bridge Project. “Five Projects” are Projects of Sewage Interception, Water Replacement, Dredging, River Canal Treatment and Flood Protection, focus on promoting the Project of Xiangsihu _Kelihu-Mingyuehu Sewage Interception and Jiangbei Water Diversion Canal Project, complete the dredging of inner rivers like Fenghuang River and joints and their facilities improvement, the treatment of key rivers like Chaoyang Stream and Erkeng Stream, improve the water quality and landscape of inner rivers; accelerate the construction o f Yongning District Flood Protection Embankments, complete Shibu Flood Protection Embankments. Enhance the comprehensive law enforcement of water administration and establish long-term management mechanism.

Accelerate the construction of Wuxiang New District. Establish Wuxiang New District Administration Committee, create and perfect the mode of new district construction and  policies concerning investment introduction, financing, project approval, land acquisition, relocation and comprehensive pipeline corridor, and pilot these policies in the new district. Accelerate plan and construction of the Autonomous Region’s public-interest projects, Headquarters Base· Financial Street, new industrial parks, modern industrial parks. Implement 120 projects, and plan to invest 15,162,000,000RMB, and promote the construction of 100 key infrastructure projects and 100 key industrial projects for Wuxiang New District to lay foundation for the target of “new breakthrough in five years”. Implement 15 housing projects for relocated farmers, try to complete 23,800 mu land acquisition. Accelerate the construction of Guangxi Sports Center (3rd Stage) and complete 80% investment, promote the construction of Financial Street super-high landmark project (Nanning Center), Wuxiang         



China-ASEAN Creative Paradise (Jinyuan), Intelligent Sports Center, Longxiang Gushui World. Focus on promoting the construction of trunk road network in the New District, urban pipeline corridor, Wuxiang Bridge, Yinghua Bridge and Liangqing Bridge over the Yongjiang River.

Implement the reconstruction of “Three Olds”. Reconstruct a batch of arcade streets, featured business streets, food streets and improve residents’ living environment with areas as focuses such as historical and cultural blocks, Yongjiang River banks, the two sides of urban trunk roads, in-the-city villages and urban and rural joints. Protect and restore historical and cultural streets with focus on elements such as “old, cultural and commercial”, accelerate urban reconstruction projects in Shuijie Blocks, try to commence the construction of Xiguan Blocks, relocate Jiefang Lu Blocks and Gaofeng Blocks, complete urban design and investment introduction for Three Streets and Two Lanes Project, and commence the construction of Wanghuolou Blocks. Perform piloting work for old urban area construction projects, promote piloting work for in-the-city villages such as Chendong Village and Weizilu Community and for “Three Olds” Projects such as areas at 2 Beihuzhong and No.2 Light Industry Parts Plant. Try to complete an investment of over 3 billion RMB and housing relocation of over 300,000 square meters.

Build regional comprehensive traffic hubs. Implement 124 projects, plan to invest 20.5 billion RMB, greatly promote the construction of “Five in One” cubic traffic system composed of railways, express highways, airline, golden waterways, and tracked traffic and urban traffic infrastructure. In terms of railways, prioritize the promotion of projects such Nanning Railway Station (East), Yunnan-Guangxi Railway (Nanning to Kunming New Line), fully ensure the completion of  Liuzhou-Nanning Passenger Lines and Nanning-Guangzhou High-Speed Railway and the operation of Nanning – Qinzhou High-Speed Railway. In terms of express highways, accelerate the widening construction of Nanning-Guilin Express Highway, Laibin –Mashan Express Highway, Mashan –Pingguo Express Highway, and complete outer express ring road. In terms of civil aviation projects, prioritize the construction of supporting facilities such as Nanning Wuxu International Airport New Terminal Area and connecting lines to the express highways. In terms of harbors, accelerate the construction of         Nanning Port (1st Stage) Project, try to commence Liujing Port Qinzhai Village Operation Area, Hesun Operation Area (1st Stage). In terms of urban tracked traffic, accelerate the     constructi


on of Nanning Railway Traffic No.1 Line, try to commence the construction of No.2 Line, accelerate the promotion of the prophase for No. 3, 5, 7 Lines and Airport light-track line. In terms of road network and stations, initiatively cooperate with the Autonomous Region’s promotion of national and major provincial road reconstruction and improvement, accelerate the construction of Nanning Xinjiang –Congzuo Fushui 1st-Class Highway, Kunlun Avenue Extension Line (Santang to Binyang Section), Dawangtan 1st –Class Highway etc. Prom


ote the construction of a batch of across-river bridges such as Luowen Bridge, Renyi Bridge, Wuhe Bridge. Initiate the construction of east-west and south-north express roads in established areas. Complete Baishan-Xingguang Flyover, Baisha –Youyi Flyover and Baisha –Zhuangjian Flyover and Jinhu Square Underpass, and promote the construction of flyovers such as Nanzhan –Shajing Flyover and Zhonghua –Yuanhu Flyover. Commence the construction of 10 overpasses. Accelerate Changganglu (2nd Stage) Project, and road network in F


engling northern area. Connect a batch of blind-end roads and try to complete the Project of trunks, sub-trunks and “white into black” of streets and lanes. Accelerate the construction of pivotal stations such as Fengling Comprehensive Passenger Hub and Nanning Freight South Station, and try to the outward relocation of San’an Toll Gate.

Enhance the environmental protection and the intensive and economical utilization of resources. Create “National Model City of Environmental Protection” and “National Advanced City of Green Lighting”. In accordance with the new standards and requirements of the quality of environmental air, perfect the plan of preventing atmosphere pollution, establish pre-warning system for air quality, perform joint control against atmosphere pollution, and ensure over 75% rate of good urban environmental air quality on the basis of AQI. Enhance the protection of drinking water resources and the construction of standby water resources, keep promoting the projects of city-level vein industrial parks, utilization of restaurant/kitchen wastes and harmless treatment plants. Enhance the construction of sewage treating plants and supporting sewage pipeline networks, and try to complete the reconstruction of sewage interception and sewage pipeline networks within 3 years. Implement the demonstration projects of treating rural environmental connected land areas, enhance environmental comprehensive treatment in rural areas such as the concentrated processing of rural sewage and garbage and treatment of soil pollution, and build beautiful countryside. Promote energy conservation and emission reduction, accelerate the building of (natural) stations, and initiatively encourage the use of vehicles employing cleaning energy. Greatly develop recyclable economy, promote the construction of thermal power recyclable economy in Liujing Industrial Park, and support Nanning-ASEAN Economic Development Zone and Liujing Industrial Park to create national eco-industrial demonstrated parks. Strictly protect arable land and basic farmland, and strictly intensify and save land.

Enhance urban delicacy management. Give priority to develop public transport, promote the construction of bus lanes, and perfect the design and layout of bus stops. Employ measures such as creating traffic information platform, perfecting road network, prioritizing parking system and traffic management etc. and ways such as piloting the construction of public bikes lease in Xingning District and Qingxiu District to lesson urban traffic congestion. Promote the construction of “three synchronizations” of municipal pipelines and comprehensive pipeline corridors to solve “zipping” problems on roads. Enhance urban comprehensive law enforcement, establish a sound long-term management mechanism for illegal land use and construction, and resolvedly stop “planting houses” phenomenon. Accelerate the construction of information exchange demonstration center, plan and pilot community information platform construction, promote the application and development of new IT in each field of urban management and the construction of citizen cards project to have citizen cards to be released within the year. Further implement “Urban and Rural Cleaning Project”, promote “Green Land Project”, enhance the management of sealed transportation of construction site and building garbage, and treating work such as construction noise, road dusting, vehicle exhaust, and upgrade the quality of a city which is modern, ecological and suitable for settlement.

3. Implement with greater efforts the plan of increasing farmers’ income, accelerate the development of modern agriculture, and improve farmers’ production and living standards.

       Accelerate the development of modern agriculture and increase the operation income of farmers’ families. Fully implement the spirit of No.1 Document of the Central Government, accelerate the development of modern agriculture to increase income. Enhance the construction of agricultural bases, and commence the construction of China-ASEAN Modern Farming Park. Promote grain production, and maintain over 6,610,000 mu for grain production with a total output of over 2,140,000 tons. In accordance with “One County One Product”, give priority to develop featured planting industry such as high-quality grain, sugar canes, silkworms, fruits and vegetables, flowers, livestock, Tilapia, milk buffalos, develop deep processing of farming products, and create good farming products brands. Build 2 the Autonomous Region’s and 12 city-level under-forest economic demonstration spots, and develop 70,00 mu under-forest economies such as  forest herbs, forest fungus, forest livestock, forest poultry etc. Foster a batch of seed enterprises which integrate “raising, multiplying and promoting”, introduce, study and promote via demonstration 100 new farming products, technology and products, build and upgrade 100 platforms for scientific and technological creativity and services. Improve farming mechanical level to increase income, and try to reach 44% rate of mechanization in cultivation, seeding and harvesting. Promote agricultural industrialization to increase income, encourage leading enterprises to develop themselves in the forms of shareholding and cooperation. Greatly develop featured eco-farming, urban farming, leisure farming, and foster new growth spots to increase farmers’ income. Promote industries to ameliorate poverty, support to develop 100,000 mu for Chinese herbs planting, employ forms such as “company + base + specialized cooperative + farming households” and “100 villages and 1000 households” farming talents demonstration to move over 50,000 poor households into the development of poverty-ameliorating industries.

Promote startup and employment and increase farmers’ salary income. Encourage and help outgoing farming workers to return home to start up business. Implement “Sunshine Project”, “Morning Dew Plan”, Project of Education and Training for Reservoir Migrants and Schooling Project for Educational Migrants in Rocky Areas, intensify the service of local and nearby employment, guide farmers to work in cities. Try to enable no less than one of low –income households with members with work ability to have a stable job. The additional number of transferred employment of rural labor is to reach over 75,000 persons-times.

Enhance policy support and protection, and increase farmers’ transferred income. Fully implement direct subsidy policies of various kinds made by the Central and Guangxi Governments. Increase the level of rural social guarantee, ensure the rural residents in our city to enjoy higher minimum living standards than the average in Guangxi, and raise the standard of new rural cooperative medical premium from 290 RMB to 340 RMB. Perfect the method of “One Matter One Resolution” in the rural areas to unify capital and labor.

Perfect the system of property, and improve farmers’ property income. Use 5 years to conduct the work of certifying rural land rights. Adhere to the principle of willingness and compensation, circulate contractual operation land rights in the forms of sub-contraction, exchange, transfer and shareholding cooperative, develop moderately scaled operation in various forms, and offer more farmers to get property income.

Deepen rural reform, and establish a sound system of agricultural socialized services. Adhere to the principle of willingness, register the landless farmers and the farmers who work and do business in cities with urban residents’ households to enable them to enjoy urban residents’ social guarantee and welfare. Keep promoting “Chaonan Mode” and “Jinsui Mode”, and increase 100 new farmers specialized cooperatives within the year 2013. Keep promoting the ability of townships spreading farming technology and preventing animal and plant diseases. Accelerate the construction of rural weather service and the working system and ability of man-made-influencing weather, and improve the level of reducing and eliminating disasters in farming.

Enhance the construction of infrastructure, and compact the foundation for farmers’ increase in income. Enhance village planning and the guide to rural housing construction, and build a beautiful homestead for farmers. Consolidate 160 reservoirs, keep accelerating the work of reinforcing medium-sized and big water regulators, the treatment of medium and small rivers, the reconstruction of supporting facilities and water conservation medium and big irrigation areas, and solve the safety problem of drinking water for 350,000 rural residents. Promote as a whole the reform of rural road maintenance system, accelerate the construction of county and township road linking and cemented roads to villages, and try to make 100% of administrative villages accessible to cemented roads within three years. Perfect the framework of “Trinity” in the work of poverty amelioration, increase the input in the project of poverty amelioration, and fully implement the plan of development and poverty amelioration in continuous poor areas. Enhance poverty amelioration in infrastructure, and build 189 Km hardened roads accessible to poor villages.

4. Implement with greater efforts the plan of doubling urban residents’ income, promote employment and guarantee, and improve the living conditions of urban residents.

Promote the employment of urban residents with higher quality. Greatly develop labor-intensive industries and service industry, create more jobs. Encourage self-startup, self-employment. Establish a sound employment mechanism driven by governmental investment and key projects, and develop jobs in community services and public services. Initiatively organize activities such as special job fairs, “one-stop recommended positions”, and send jobs to the rural areas”, establish a sound long-term mechanism of employment, do well employment aids for college graduates, rural transferred labor, urban poor personnel and veterans, and ensure no less than one of zero-employment families to have a stable job.

Promote salary increase of corporate staff. Establish a sound corporate salary distribution mechanism, which is agreed by labor and capital, attaches consideration to all sides but maintains focuses, raises the higher but guarantees the lower, allows the same job the same pay, and has fairness. Accelerate the improvement of the mechanism of regular increase in corporate salary. Enhance the dynamic connection between labors’ salaries and corporate economic benefits.

Perfect the mechanism of increasing the income of public institutions. Initiatively promote the reform of public institutions’ income distribution system, promote public institutions to implement performance salary, further perfect performance salary system of public institutions such as education, public health and grass-root medical care and health.

Improve the level of urban social guarantee, establish a sound mechanism of regular improvement of social insurance and treatment, ensure our city residents’ minimum living guarantee level to be higher than the average of Guangxi level, and increase the governmental medical care standard from 240 REMB to 280 RMB each year. Enhance the reemployment training for low-income residents and poor workers, and offer guide and support to those who intend to start up their business. Keep implementing direct subsidy policy for urban low-income groups, broaden subsidy range and amount. Greatly develop micro-enterprises. Implement policies such as financial support, tax support, financing guarantee and reduction of administrative fees, and try to increase 3,500 new micro-enterprises.

5. Plan as a whole urban and rural development, accelerate the process of integrating urban and rural areas, and realize the synchronous development of urbanization and agricultural modernization.

Gradually establish policy framework and institutional system for the balance of urban and rural development. Promote the reform of household registration system, fully open conditions for the settlement in county townships and established towns, guide rural residents to settle in towns, and push forward in order the citizenization of transferred farming population. Continue piloting of comprehensive supporting reform of balancing rural and urban areas, further promote reform of land system, social guarantee system, administrative management system, urban construction and investment and financing system and make new breakthroughs therein, and realize the target of enabling farming workers “to come, to settle, to work and to earn”.

Focus on developing county townships and central towns. Promote county township industrial development, increase their scale, optimize their functions, increase their population, perfect their public service facilities, enhance the foundation for the development of urbanization, and build Wuming County, Hengxian County and Binyang County into sub-centre cities, Shanglin County, Mashan County and Long’an County into small cities. Accelerate the development of key towns, commence industrial projects such as Xingning District Santang Town 10-li-long Flower Corridor, promote projects of Guangxi Well-known Villages and Comprehensive Traveling Development such as Jiangnan District Yangmei Ancient Town, and enhance industrial functions of county (district) central towns to gather resources and population via industry.

Make big and strong county (district) economies. Promote smoothness projects for counties and central districts, upgrade the reconstruction of linking roads connecting county townships and express highways, build half-an-hour and an- hour economic circles. Fully implement Opinions on Further Accelerating County Economic Development and Opinions on Further Accelerating District Economic Development, determine main functions of each county (district) in accordance with the requirement of “develop farming, industry, business or traveling wherever suitable”, and perfect performance appraisal system matching the determined main functions. Focus on “One County DistrictOne Industry”, support creativity mechanism of relevant county (district) industrial parks, improve infrastructure, stimulate the vitality of county (district) industrial parks, and promote the rapid development of county (district) economy.

6. Increase with great efforts to expand consumer demand and investment, try to make domestic demands lead economic development, and consolidate foundation healthy and sustainable economic development.

Promote the upgrading of economic transformation by expanding effective investment. In terms of raising money for projects, play the role of financial fund in guide, encourage social investment to enter fields such as civil engineering, transportation, energy, banking, health, education, medical care, and affordable housing; support platform companies such as Urban Construction Group, Weining Company, Jianning Water to issue corporate bonds; promote Nancheng Department Store, Boshi Environmental Protection and Lvcheng Water Co. to be listed. In terms of investment focuses, focus on the leading role of entity economy and promote investment in transforming and upgrading industry, improving people’s living, energy and transportation. In terms of investment carriers, gather investment of all kinds in parks to make them important carriers of industrial investment, initiatively organize to apply for more key projects to be listed as the Autonomous Region’s ones to be promoted as a whole. Ensure to complete an annual investment of 310 billion RMB.

Enhance the basic role of consumption in economic growth. Fully implement the “ten measures” in Comprehensive Scheme of Lowering Circulation Costs and Improving Circulation Efficiency by the Genial Office of the State Council, optimize the consumption environment, keep performing promotions of various kinds such as consumer shopping festivals, enlarge traditional consumption such as business and trade, food, explore , high-level consumer markets such as convention exhibition, cultural sports, health and fitness, support the development of e-business enterprises, foster a batch of trade enterprises with influence and scale. Balance the ratio of the whole city’s affordable housing to commercial housing, guide real estates to develop outward to county townships and key towns, use big scenic spots like Qingxiu Mountain Scenic Spot, Daming Mountain Scenic Spot and Longxiang International Tourist Zone to lead the development of tourism, initiate the project of international tourist center, promote Qingxiu Mountain Scenic Spot to be upgraded as 5A Minge Lake and Xiangsihu Wetland Park to be 4A. Keep performing Activity of “Nanning Monthly Tourist Festival”, further develop Daming Mountain tourist resources, upgrade Shanglin County’s brand of “Home of Chinese Longevity”. Try to make the whole social consumer goods retail volume exceed 150 billion RMB.

7. Promote with great efforts to the reform in key fields, release reform benefits, and build a systematic mechanism to enable our city to be the first in Guangxi who enters a well-off society.

Deepen the reform and development of state-owned enterprises. Further vitalize the stock assets of the state-owned enterprises, and make them better and stronger. Promote both open reconstruction and internal integration, perfect the management structure of corporate legal person, promote industrial upgrading and structural adjustment of state-owned economy and development quality.

Keep intensifying the supervision and management of state-owned assets, and further implement the decision-making system in state-owned enterprises.

Deepen the reform in medical and health system. Focus on the comprehensive reform of county-level public hospitals. Consolidate and improve the system of basic medicines and a new operation mechanism of grass-root medical and health institutions, establish a sound rural third-class medical and health service network and urban community health service system.

Promote the reform of classifying public institutions. On the basis of sorting-out and specification, further regulate the relationship between government and public institutions and deepen the transition of governmental functions.

Accelerate the reform of financial system. Enhance the management of financial performance. Focus on promoting reforms such as business credit card system. Further regulate the financial management system between city-level and districts (development zones). Enhance the management of governmental debts, and build a working mechanism to effectively handle potential risks.

Deepen the reform in investment and financing. Keep implementing the strategy of “Introducing Investment into Nanning”, and encourage and support banking institutions to settle in Nanning. Attract with great efforts shareholding investment home and abroad and equity investment funds. Guide banking institutions to financially support key areas, key industries and key projects.

Encourage and support the development of private economy. Fully implement policies and measures made by the State and the Autonomous Region of supporting the development of private economy, give them greater support in capital and land, and guarantee economies of all kinds to compete legally and fairly for production elements and market participation. Promote self creativity and transferred upgrade of private enterprises. Enhance the building of credit system of private enterprises. Encourage and guide private capital to restructure, merge with and participate in state-owned enterprises.

Enhance the creativity in science and technology, Promote the building of “National Piloting City of Creativity” and “National Piloting City of Intellectual Property”, and make efforts to be awarded “2011 -2012 National Advanced City for Scientific Progress”. Organize to implement 10 city-level scientific and technological projects, 200 scientific and technological development programs and 300 creativity programs of various levels, and create an additional value of 10 billion RMB. Support parks with conditions to build corporate incubators.

Accelerate the gathering and development of excellent talents needed for economy and society. Arrange 70 million RMB as high-level talent development special fund, support the introduction, development and service of high-level talents. Take advantage of “Beibu Gulf Talents Gold Bay”, further implement “Beibu Gulf Talents Program”, foster a batch of small talents highlands and recruit home and abroad a batch of experts, and pick out 150 leaders for Nanning new-century academy and technology.

8. Expand with greater efforts the opening-up, foster advantages of opening economic development, and accelerate the building of inland opening economic strategic highlands.

Introduce with greater efforts to investment. Keep introducing investment in five industrial chains such as aluminum processing, e-information, light industry and food, modern machinery manufacturing, bio-pharmacy by focusing on big enterprises such as Foxconn and Nanning Aluminum Company, and try to form an industrial chain group which support each other and have complementary advantages in a way that one successfully introduced can bring along a batch. Focus on Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macao, the Pearl River Delta and the Yangtze River Delta, and aim at the world top 500 companies, the national top 500 companies, the top 100 private companies, the central enterprises and the leading enterprise in an industry who have intension to make investment. Enhance follow-up service of the introduced projects, offer key projects “babysitting” services, make greater efforts to achieve a 10% increase in the placement of  investment home and abroad, 15% increase in directly employing foreign capital (Guangxi)

Promote the development of foreign trade. Establish foreign trade information platforms, implement supporting policies, serve well key processing trade enterprises such as Haofugui Precision Co., Fengda Electric Machinery, expand processing trade export, perfect port facilities, and promote the facilitation of port custom declarations. Establish Nanning-Hong Kong Economic and Trade Platform and “Service Center for Hong Kong and Macao Investors”, promote the building of CEPA demonstration city between mainland and Hong Kong and Macao, and further deepen economic and trade cooperation.

Enhance foreign exchanges and cooperation. Keep playing the role of “Nanning Channel”, fully utilize important platforms such as the 10th China-ASEAN Expo and Business and Investment Summit, and promote exchange and cooperation with nations and regions in economy and trade, culture, education, sports and science and technology. Promote economic cooperation with regions such as Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, the Pearl River Delta, the Yangtze River Delta and Circum-Bohai Sea, and take over transferred industries. Enhance cooperation with Beihai, Qinzhou, Yulin, Congzuo and Baise in fields such as traffic and tourism, and promote the building of regional economic integration. Fully make good use of the policies made in Several Opinions of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region on Accelerating of Nanning Inland Opening Economic Strategic Highlands, and accelerate the building of inland opening economic strategic highlands.

9. Make efforts to guarantee and improve people’s living, create social management, and keep improving residents’ living happiness index.

Make efforts to do well education people are satisfied with. Implement Regulation on Education Supervision, accelerate the implementation of five tasks in the reform of education system and ten projects in educational development, improve educational quality and fairness. Complete pre-schooling three-year action plan, rebuild and expand 272 kindergartens within the year, produce more than Autonomous Region’s demonstration kindergartens and 24 city-level ones; promote the balanced development of urban and rural compulsory education; steadily promote the reform of high school courses, and try to increase two new the Autonomous Region’s demonstration general high schools, ensure a gross 86% of kids entering kindergartens for the three pre-schooling in 2013, 94% consolidated rate of compulsory education and a gross 91% or above of entering high schools. Initiatively implement “five-year plan” of vocational education, deepen the reform of vocational education. Pay more attention to issues such as left-behind children in rural areas and education of farmer workers’ children in the city. Initiatively promote special education. Fully implement rural compulsory education nutrition improvement plan which can benefit 400,000 students in the six counties of Nanning. Make efforts to improve educational facilities, focus on the building of 18 schools such as Nanning No.2 Fengling Campus (2nd Stage), Nanning No. 3 International School, the relocation of Yongning High School, and Nanning Sunshine Special Education School, and make efforts to complete the construction of 10 schools within the year.

Improve the level of people’s health. Promote medical team construction with village clinics and rural doctors as focus, and perfect grass-root medical and health service system. Keep doing well 10-category national basic public health service projects, and make efforts to improve service quality, residents’ awareness rate and satisfaction. Further implement the project of preventing AIDS and the plan of preventing Thalassemia, and accelerate the development of rational Chinese medicine and Zhuang and Yao medicine. Do well the work of family planning, stabilize low birthrate, improve the quality of newly-born population, and promote gender balance. Do well the work of competitive sports and nationwide fitness program, increase a batch of easy-to-use and practical public sports facilities. Keep doing well the preparations for the 45th World Gymnastic Championship.

Let cultural construction better serve urban development. Combine cultural spread and development with the promotion of ideological progress, keep promoting ideological progress with building socialist core value system as guide, learn from and publicize moral models, solve outstanding issues in moral field further perform the activity of “Build Pioneer Model City” and other activities such as volunteer services, civilized city, civilized town and village and civilized unit, foster good social customs, and make efforts to the comprehensive quality of citizens and the level of city civilization. Greatly develop public-interest cultural undertakings, focus on cultural infrastructure construction such as village-level public service center, Nanning urban and rural integration library, and create a batch of rich and colorful cultural activity brands. Promote major cultural projects, accelerate the construction of Nanning Audio and Video Media Center and Nanning Library, and make efforts to complete Nanning Ethnic Arts Base and Nanning Museum and put them into use. Implement cultural boutique strategy, and host well the 15th Nanning International Folk Song and Arts Festival and 2013 Folk Song Contest, and produce large-scale Zhuang Song and Dance Clothes of Hundred Birds’ Feathers, transnational online evening gala Spring Melody and TV play series Nanning Mutiny and so on. Promote cultural industry, support the development of eight key cultural industries like convention and exhibition and festivals, entertainment, cultural tourism, arts and crafts, animation and games, films and advertising, publishing, sports and fitness, make efforts to do well “Daily Show” Project and the construction of model counties (districts) and towns with featured cultural industry. Enhance the protection of cultural relics and intangible cultural relics, and initiatively create “National Famous Historic and Cultural City”. 

Plan as a whole the construction of urban and rural social security system. Study and solve issues such as the basic living guarantee of land - requisitioned farmers, social security of returned overseas Chinese and so on, and further expand the coverage range of social insurance. Increase the subsidy standard for rural “five guarantees” households to 300 RMB per person per month. Promote the construction of Nanning Disaster Preparations Center. Develop charity undertaking. Accelerate the construction of social welfare and service institutions for the old such as Nanning No.2 Welfare House, and promote the socialization of serving the aged at home in the whole city. Perfect social security and service system for the disabled, and commence Hengxian and Mashan Rehabilitation Centers for the Disabled; support 2,300 poor disabled families with 1,000 RMB subsidy for each family. Increase the standard of orphan raising from 1,000 RMB to 1,200 RMB per month in public Child Welfare House, and from 600 RMB to 800 RMB per month for social orphans. Fully promote the use of “Chinese Community” labels, and try to cover all the communities by the end of the year. Do well the work of veteran benefit and placement. Build 19,420 -suite (household) affordable houses.

Enhance and innovate social management. Intensify grass-root construction with community as core, initiatively foster and develop social organizations, undertake public service projects, and improve social management in ways such as government buying services. Keep promoting the building of “Peaceful Nanning” and “Law-Ruling Nanning”. Further conduct the comprehensive treatment of social management, reform and perfect petition letter system, and build reception centers for people’s visits. Establish a sound working system of inter-linking people’s meditation, administrative meditation and judicial meditation, initiatively prevent and solve social contradictionsEstablish social management monitoring and alarming network (2nd stage, and prevent and crack down crimes of various kinds. Enhance the construction of “One Case, Three Systems”, further perfect emergency response inter-linking command platform and improve comprehensive relief capacity in emergency response. Enhance the monitoring of key industries and fields, enhance the inspection of potential risks in safety and stop the occurrence of major production safety accidents. Perfect the food and drug safety monitoring system and safeguard the safety of people’s food and medicines. Innovate the management and service of migrant population, and enhance the settlement and support and education of special crowds. Initiatively create “National Model City for Ethnic Unity and Progress”.

Stabilize the prices of commodities. Perfect the system of market monitoring and information service, the reserve system of important commodities, the emergent regulatory mechanism of important commodities and living necessities, give full play to the role of price, balance production and sale, supply and demand, stabilize market operation. Keep implementing the policy of “Green Channel”, and focus on supporting a new round of Vegetable Basket” Project, enhance the management of circulation links, promote matching between farmers and supermarkets, between farmers and universities, and between farmers and enterprises and so on, and support a batch of stores and direct supply outlets selling fair-priced goods.

Continue implementing practical projects for people. Implement 10 the Autonomous Region’s and 20 city-level practical projects for people, do well a batch of practical matters people urgently expect, and further improve people’s living.

Perform the activity of Double Support Co-building. Support the construction of national defense and army. Fully play the role of organizations such as Trade Union, Youth League and Women’s Federation. Keep doing well the work of social sciences, religion, statistics, earthquake, chorography and archives.

10. Make efforts to change working style, improve credibility and enforcement force, and try to build a service-oriented government people are satisfied with.

Promote administration by law. Enhance the work governmental legalization. Adhere to scientific and democratic decision making, perfect risk assessment mechanism of major projects, enhance tracking feedback and investigating responsibility, and improve decision making quality and enforcement force. Integrate law enforcement resources, and establish the system of administrative law enforcement with clear responsibility, code of conduct and powerful guarantee. Enhance the supervision of administrative enforcement, regulate administrative power execution by law, and ensure regulatory, fair and civilized law enforcement. Initiatively accept legal and work and democratic supervision of People’s Congress and its Standing Committee, widely listen to opinions from democratic parties, federation of industry and commerce, non-party personage and people’s groups, endure citizens’ rights to know, to participate, and to supervise, establish a sound system of governmental information release, increase the transparency of governmental work, and substantially improve the scientific level of exercising administration by law.

Improve administration performance. Strictly implement the Eight Rules set by the Central Government and relevant regulations by the Autonomous Region concerning changing work style and closely contacting the masses, fight against formalism and bureaucracy, improve the style of investigation and meeting, and focus on solving outstanding issues reflected by the masses. Enhance the building of cadre team, and build a team who observes discipline, have ambition and ability to do things and are satisfied by other cadres and the masses. Further deepen the reform of administrative review and approval system, streamline administration and delegate powers to lower levels, minimize review procedures concerning planning, land and construction, and substantially improve governmental credibility and enforcement.

Enhance the construction of clean administration. Adhere to the policy of “treat both symptoms and root causes, perform comprehensive treatment, prevention and punishment go hand in hand, and focus on prevention”, keep promoting the construction of the system of preventing and punishing corruption, solve earnestly outstanding problems in the process of combating corruption and building a clean government. Strictly control the expenditure of administrative fees and “three public funds”, and stop extravagance and waste.  

Maintain high pressure on punishing corruption, investigate and deal with corruption cases in key fields and links such as project construction, land use right granting, and transaction of state-owned property. Correct bad practices and outstanding issues which are harmful to people’s interest in fields such as education, medical care, farming affairs, land requisition and relocation, legal cases. Establish a sound system for consultancy, responsibility investigation and economic responsibility a
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