2014 Report on Work of Nanning Municipal Government


           Delivered at the 5th Session of the 13th People’s Conference

                  on February 12, 2014

               Zhou HongboMayor of Nanning


Fellow deputies:

On behalf of the municipal people’s government, I now present to you my report on the Work of the municipal government for your deliberation and approval, I also invite the members of Nanning Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) and the non-voting attendees to submit comments and suggestions.

I. Review of work in 2013

In 2013, in the face of the severe economic situation and continuing downturn economic stress, the municipal governments at different levels united with and led the people of different ethnic groups under the strong leadership of the provincial Party Committee, the provincial government and the municipal Party committee, realizing a fast and stable social economic development with its major economic index and growth rate higher than the country’s as well as the province’s overall growth rate with an overall principle of making progress while maintaining stability, focusing on improving quality and efficiency of the economic development, taking efforts to guarantee growth, adjust economic structure, promote development, and bring benefits to people’s livelihood.


In 2013, Nanning achieved an overall output value of 280.354 billion yuan, up by 10.3%; a financial revenue of 47.366 billion yuan, up 12.24% and an added value of industries above the designated size of 77.752 billion yuan, up 16.6%. Its whole social fixed asset investment reached 247.501 billion yuan, up 23.4%; the social consumer retails 145.084 billion yuan, up by 14.01%; the actualized domestic investment 72.923 billion yuan, up 10.28%; the foreign investment 580 million US dollars, up 15.45%; total export and import volume 4.42 billion yuan, up 6.6%. The overall level of consumer price witnessed an increase of 2.12% last year. In addition, Nanning was awarded a series of honorary titles, such as the titles of “State Water-Saving City”, “2013 China Best Leisure City”, and the like. Besides, it won the “Chang-an Cup” for the third consecutive year for its excellent work in comprehensive social management, “Advanced City in Promoting Science and Technology Development” for the 7th  consecutive year, and was ranked the eighth in the National Excellency Evaluation for provincial capital cities/deputy provincial cities, advancing 9 places compared with that in 2012.


  We accomplished the following in 2013.

1). Improving quality and efficiency of economic development by promoting industrial transformation through restructuring

Updating industrial restructure driven by innovation. In 2013, 621 million yuan was  allocated from fiscal revenue to science and technology development, increasing 20.43%, a growth rate higher than that of the city’s regular revenue by 15.58%. Nanning has topped the province for the 4th consecutive year in the number of patents applied, patents approved, and invention patents approved, and we achieved a growth of 48.67% for the number of patents owned by every 10,000 person. 163 high-tech enterprises have achieved a total output value over 86 billion yuan. Breakthrough was achieved in large advanced equipment manufacturing industries, among which municipal high-tech incubation base was officially approved as a state-level high-tech enterprise incubator by the Ministry of Science and Technology; the Alnan Aluminum Co.,Ltd’s production line which produces the world’s largest diameter aluminum alloy billets has successfully started its trial production; the Nanning Good Fortune Heavy Industries Co., Ltd’s shield machine, named as the “China Rail No. 1 Shield Machine”, was successfully offline.

Implementing the strategy of promoting development via industrialization. The proportion of secondary industry increased by 1.24% compared with that of last year, and six key industries such as electronics and information industries achieved a gross output value of 155.301 billion yuan, an increase of 23.13%, accounting for 60.79% of the city, among which the output value of electronic and information, as well as aluminum products deep procession industries achieved a growth rate of 47.5% and 35.4% respectively. Industrial investment finished 72.813 billion yuan, up by 19.22%, and 35 large major industrial projects with investment amounting 100 million yuan, including the project of Alnan Aluminium Co., Ltd., have been completed and put(or partly) into operation. Additionally, 82 major projects, including projects of the Zhongheng Group and EVOC Group have started construction.

There emerged another nine enterprises with total assets exceeding one billion yuan, and additional twenty-eight industrial enterprises with annual revenue of 20 million or more from their main business operations. At present, there are 548 enterprises with total assets exceeding 100 million yuan, 55 more than that of last year, which generated an increase of industrial output of 22.23% from enterprises with annual revenue of 20 million or more. More impressively, Foxon Nanning Company realized an output value of 15.72 billion yuan, becoming the first industrial enterprise that owns asset value of 10 billion yuan. Innovation was promoted in economic development zone management mechanism and new distribution system based on work performance evaluation set up. The city also witnessed achievements in industrial park construction: Guangxi-ASEAN Economic Development Zone was alleviated to a state-level economic development zone; industrial output from enterprises with annual revenue of 20 million or more in the city’s three state-level economic development zones accounted for 47.9% of the city’s total industrial output; the number of large industrial parks with over 10 billion annual output reached six. A number of small starch, alcohol and paper making enterprises of low production capacity were reduced and eliminated,thus energy consumption for every 10,000 yuan of regional GDP was reduced by 3.5%, with a reduction rate reaching 5.22%.

Great efforts were made to develop modern service industry, and added value of this industry increased by 8.1%. The number of newly added whole sale enterprises of above-designated size reached 154, and the total retail volume of consumption goods of the above-designated size enterprises reached 66.43 billion yuan, up by 17.73%. Financial sectors realized added value of 24.111 billion yuan, up by 12.4%, which occupied 17.96% of the total added value produced by the tertiary industry. Tourism revenue reached 47.815 billion yuan, up by 18.39%. A total of 105 exhibitions or fairs of different fields, including the Hongkong Fashion Shopping Fair, Promotion Week for Nanning Local Brands and the like were successfully hosted. Real estate investment has reached 41.637 billion yuan, accounting for 25.79% of total investment of the province’s real estate industry. The total floor space of commercial houses sold in 2013 stood at 7,026,000 square meters, up 11.7%. The development of non-public ownership economy was greatly supported. As a result, the private investment reached 148.687 billion yuan, up 30.98%, accounting for 75.56% of the city’s total investment increase. At the same time, the number of self-employed industrial and commercial households together with private enterprises reached 92,300, and tax revenue from these non-public enterprises amounted to 19.82 billion yuan, up 14.43%.

2) Making great achievement in “Two-increases”by increasing livelihood and income

Implementing farmer income growth plan. A total of 3.732 billion yuan was allocated last year from municipal financial revenue to support agricultural development, up by 15.44%, with an increase rate 10.59% higher than the city’ regular financial increase rate. In addition, 450 million yuan was granted to subsidize purchasing of agricultural materials and equipment, and 27.6 million yuan of direct subsidy was granted to farming peasants. Last year, the agricultural, forestry, animal husbandry and fishing sectors achieved a total output value of 57.815 billion yuan, up 4.91%; grain production totaled 2,234,400 tons, reaching a historical height. Additionally, production of bananas, jasmines, cassavas and sweet corns remained at top place nationwide. With 162,000 mu of newly transferred contractual right land, the total area of land transferred exceeded 1 million mu, accounting for 18.8% of the province’s total amount.


There newly emerged 16 above-city level leading enterprises, and 200 specialized farmer cooperatives. 30 standardized ecological animal husbandry bases, 7,030 mu of vegetable bases, and 70,000 mu of economic crops under forests were added. The smooth transportation program was implemented connecting villages, and a total of 384.34 kilometers of village-to-village roads was built. A total of 138 old and wretched reservoirs were revamped and strengthened and  a total of 495 safe drinking water projects were completed for rural areas, which helped solve drinking water projects for 330,000 rural residents. The poverty-relief mode of combining  poverty relief efforts with special programs, industrial sectors, and social groups was improved . In 2013,  263 million yuan was allocated from government financial revenues of different levels to support poverty-relief, subsidizing planting of 100,000 mu of agricultural products with local characteristics, building 410 village-to-village road lines, which stretch to 4,877,400 kilometers, and building 14 bridges, helping solve traffic difficulties for 290,000 villagers. 99,000 rural workers were successfully transferred to other posts, and the per capita net income for rural residents reached 7,685 yuan, up 13.4%. Additionally, the urban resident income growth program was further implemented. The basic old-age pension for enterprise retirees has increased for the ninth consecutive years, reaching 1,621.23 yuan per capita per month; and the minimum payment standard was raised to 1,200 yuan per month, up 20%. Employment support efforts were greatly strengthened, and the small secured loans issued accumulated to 338 million yuan. A total of 86,000 jobs were created in urban areas, and the unemployment rate in record maintained at 3.01%. Per capita disposable income of urban residents reached 24,817 yuan, up 10%.


3) Promoting new growth driven by investment by attracting investment and providing better service

    Focusing on attracting investment from Global 500 Enterprises and nation’s influential private enterprises. In 2013, investment promotion teams led by municipal Party committee, government, people’s congress and municipal CCPCC committee were sent to Guangdong province, Hongkong, Macau, and Taiwan to host business promotion activities. Investment invitation efforts was strengthened during the executive meeting of National Federation of Industry and Commerce held in Nanning. These efforts achieved fruits: 6 Global 500 enterprises, including the Greenland Construction Group, as well as over 20 enterprise giants in financial, real estate, electronic, and pharmaceutical sectors, such as Baoneng Group, Wanke Group, EVOCE Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd and Shenzhou Haiwang Group, made investment in Nanning. Great efforts were made to improve the hardware and software investment environment, and investors’ satisfactory rate for the city’s investment environment topped the province. New responsible mechanism was established under which municipal leaders coordinate key and large investment projects, and completed basic construction investment amounting to 110.974 billion yuan, up 29.16%, investment for urban updating and rebuilding projects amounting to 72.833 billion yuan, up 23.08%. Joint efforts were made with provincial government, municipal government to successfully promoted 559 key construction projects, completing investment amounting to 74.348 billion yuan; 477 urban construction projects were promoted, completing investment amounting to 22.09 billion yuan, up 16.44%.


4) Achieving new development by further promoting reform and opening-up

Deepening reform in major fields, and actively promoting urban and rural reform. Measures on Management of Rural Housing Construction and Awarding the Recommended House Models was issued and construction of 12 comprehensive demonstration villages was promoted. For the first time the government funds and social insurance funds were integrated into government overall budgeting, and for the first time it was stipulated that social insurance funds and state-owned assets management budget be examined and reviewed by the people’s congress of the same level. 28 state-owned and state-holding enterprises were restructured into 9 large groups(companies) based on industrial sector and resource types. Reform on administrative approval system was deepened, and powers were granted to three state-level economic development zone to approve on 105 items of administrative approval projects, and 127 items of non-administrative approval projects; Wuxiang new district management commissions was entrusted and empowered to carry out such management affairs as administrative approval and administrative punishment on 89 items under 8 broad categories, and the municipal administration service center opened offices in Wuxiang new district, establishing a new administration service center for handling administrative approval affairs in this district for the first time. Work on functions, project items and personnel centralization in administrative approvals was strengthened , cutting approval time once again for 279 items of projects with its promised average cut rate reaching 50%.

Classification reform on administrative institutions was actively pushed forward. Comprehensive reform on county level public hospitals was initiated in an all round way, and the comprehensive reform on grass root medical institutions has been completed, with 88.44% of government invested village clinics having been incorporated into the new-type rural cooperated medical system. New achievement was made in opening up to the outside world. In 2013, a series of international exhibitions and forums were successfully held, including the 10th China-ASEAN EXPO, China-ASEAN Business and Investment Summit, China-Southeast Asia People-People Dialogue, the 2nd China-Vietnam Youth Gala, and the like. Nanning was further promoted as a demonstration city in implementing Mainland and Hongkong Closer Economic Partnership Arrangement. In the meantime, local enterprises were encouraged to go global, and 18 local enterprises declared their move to invest in overseas market, with investments totaling 432 million US dollars, up 58%.


5) Enhancing livable environment to a new high level by improving environment through better construction

Attaching greater importance to the development of Wuxiang new district. In 2013, the management commission of the new district was established, and the new district started implementing the work rule of “on spot decision-making, approval and coordination”, greatly speeding up projects construction and creating new rapid speed rate that new district is proud of. Special planning were worked out for construction projects of urban public infrastructure and supporting facilities, and planning for key urban area construction was further improved. Integrative land acquisition measures and schemes for collective relocation were actively explored, 12 resettlement construction projects were launched and 13,000 people were appropriately relocated. New land was allocated for construction, and land use right was transferred under the system of land tender, auction and listing, and land acquisition, which accounted for 44%, 40% and 50% of the total land acquired of district level. 130 project constructions were started, completing investment of 15.362 billion yuan. In 2013, Wuxiang new district attracted investment from over 30 internationally or nationwide well-known enterprises, including Guangzhou Evergrande Group, and so on. Additionally, 9 financial and insurance companies and institutions, including Industrial Bank Co., Ltd and Taiping Life Insurance Co., Ltd, set up branch companies in the Financial Street of Wuxiang new district, and over 95% of the land required for the headquarter base construction have been acquired, which absorbed over 50 billion yuan of investment.


Accelerating key transportation infrastructure construction. The Urban Rail Transit(URT) Line 1 project completed investment of 3,258 billion yuan last year, and the Line 2 project construction was also kicked off. Additionally, URT’s second round planning (including Line 3/4/5 projects) have been reported to the State Development and Reform Commission for review and approval. At the same time, the high-speed railway projects that run between Nanning and Guilin, between Nanning and Liuzhou, and between Nanning and Qinzhou have been put into operation, and the high-speed rail lines that run on the area under municipal administration have stretched to 306.27 kilometers, indicating that Nanning has entered an era of high-speed railways. Additionally, the new terminal building project of Nanning Wuxu International Airport was completed, and the Nanning East Railway Station together with its neighboring road network projects advanced smoothly. In 2013, the reconstruction projects of adding asphalt on 224 cement concrete roads were completed. And construction of the Liangqin Bridge project was also kicked off , and 3 flyovers above the Baisha road was built , together with the tunnel project that run under the Jinhu Lake Square as scheduled. After 9 years’ construction, the flyover projects for railway lines in Minzhu road, together with Lintie bridge have been completed and open for traffic. Additionally, after 8 years’ construction, the project of connecting Changgang road to the urban express rings was completed last year.


Taking concrete efforts to promote renovation project of old districts and communities. With an investment of around 5.17 billion yuan, the renovation project of Shuijie community, and the “old Nanning·three streets and two lanes” rebuilding projects advanced smoothly. 20 projects including land neighboring the No. 292 of Xinyan Road were well equipped with smooth roads, water, power and others. In the meantime, greater measures were took to regulate “two violations”, dismantling illegal buildings with floor space totaling 3.814 million square meters, cleaning up illegal use of land with floor space totaling 5.065 million square meters.


Strengthening “China Water City” project construction. 5.005 billion yuan was invested on this project, up by 81.1% compared with last year. A series of supporting infrastructure projects were also completed, or under construction in 2013, including: the demonstration project of comprehensive improvement of both banks of the Yongjiang river(3.4 kilometers in length), phase III project of comprehensive improvement project of the Liangqing river, the Yongning waterway hub project, the tunnel project diverting water from the north part of Yongjiang river, the Loukou waterway hub project, and the water system projects of Min-ge Lake, Xiangsi Lake, and Mingyue Lake.


Promoting “China Water City” construction level. 1.95 billion yuan was invested on these projects, up by 34.96%. In 2013, additional urban forestation was constructed totaling 244.900 mu, and forestation projects in 130 villages were completed. In addition, we successfully held the 3rd Guangxi Gardening and Horticultural Exhibition, and completed the Wuxiang Lake project, making it a new attraction of Nanning. And also, the city’s selected tourism routes were further constructed, which include the Minzu road, Wuxiang road, Zuxi road, as well as the city’s other landscaping projects, greatly promoting city image under the three-year-action plan. In addition, the city’s green land rate, green coverage rate and per capita amount of garden and green land in urban areas increased by 0.3%, 0.23% and 0.21 square meters respectively. What’s more, the city’s air quality index(AQI) ranked No. 6 among all the provincial capital cities (including municipalities under the central government).


6) Making new progress in social undertakings by implementing the people’s livelihood projects

In 2003, 29.274 billion yuan was spent on projects related to the improvement of people’s livelihood, 3.358 billion yuan more than that of the previous year, which made up for 69.87% of the city’s total spending. Great efforts were taken to improve social insurance system. In 2013, social insurance has covered 6.0828 million people (not including the coverage of new rural cooperative medical system). In addition, 340,000,000 yuan was allocated to uplift the living standards of the rural and urban poor, people under the “five-guarantee” program, and the orphaned children, which brought benefits to 2.4848 million rural and urban residents. 35.2 million yuan was allocated for programs aiming at helping improve people’s livelihood that was of great concerns. 19,900 units of apartments were started constructing, and 17.856 units of government subsidized apartments were almost completed. Subsidies were granted to another additional 2,568 low-rate renting households, and 6,295 units of government subsidized apartments were allocated to applicant residents.

Developing education undertakings in an all round way. In 2013, 7.032 billion yuan was spent on education undertakings, up 6.43%, with an increase rate higher than that of the city’s regular financial earning by 1.58%. In addition, 233 million yuan was spent on the nutrition improvement program for rural students of compulsory education, from which 400,000 students recieved benefit. The nutrition improvement program covered all compulsory students, making Nanning top the province in program implementation. 386 kindergartens, 6 demonstration kindergartens of provincial level, and 3 demonstration kindergartens of municipal level were completed building, overfulfilling the set goals of the three-year action plan ahead of the schedule. In the meantime, another 12 middle schools and primary schools in urban areas were built, enrolling 126,000 rural compulsory students who live with their migrant worker parents in cities, who made up for 33.18% of the total number across the province. And the enrollment rate for kindergartens, 9-year compulsory schools, and senior high schools increased by 4.31%, 0.56%, and 0.62% respectively compared with those of last year.

Accelerating development of medical care undertaking. The coverage rate of new type rural cooperative medical care system reached 99.38%; In 2013, 7.26 million rural residents under this medical care system received medical subsidies amounting to 1.9 billion yuan, with the utilization rate of the medical funds reaching 111%. Per capita spending standard for residents’ basic public medical care service increased by 5 yuan. We made all-out efforts to implement the Action Plan to prevent and treat AIDS, implement the Happiness Project of conducting premarital medical checkups, prenatal screening, neonatal screening free of charge, implement the Action Plan to prevent and treat the Mediterranean anemia, implement the key projects of promoting and renovating Chinese traditional medicine, as well as minority ethnical groups’ traditional medicine, particularly the ethnic Zhuang’s traditional medicine. So far, community medical care service centers, as well as township hospitals were equipped with clinics of Chinese traditional medicine. Natural growth rate of population was 8.37, and the sex ratio of new born babies decreased by 2.75%.

Greatly promoting the cultural soft power. In 2013, 45 million yuan was spent on the construction of 129 public service centers at village level. The New Folk Music Season, 2013 titled Enchanting Voices Most loved, Flying Songs on the Ground, was successfully launched, from which three singers including Wang Xiaomin were selected by CCTV to perform on the Spring Festival Gala, 2014. The Nanning local opera, the Tianqin Legend, was awarded an excellent prize in the national opera festival, becoming the first of its kinds in Nanning to win a state-level prize. Additionally, Nanning TV station joined hands with international Medias of 6 countries to host an International Spring Festival Gala, the Rhythms of the Spring, whose program signal covered 10 countries in southeast Asia, as well as North America, Europe, Oceania countries. 50 million yuan was arranged as a special funds to support cultural industry development. The construction of the China-ASEAN culture creativity park(Jinyuan Park) was completed, and a famous local opera titled Brocade &Banquet, which is used to perform every day, has been on show since 2013. The project of spreading radio and TV programs to every village has covered additional 250,000 people apart from the former coverage. We made efforts to protect and carry forward the ethnic Zhuang’s cultural heritage, and Wuming county won the honor title of “Home of China’s Singing Fair Culture” in 2013.


Developing sports undertakings. In 2013, 49% of city citizens regularly took part in sports activities. And 5 international sports events were successfully hosted, including Nanning International Half Marathon Race, the Nanning International Dragon boat Race, and the like. We are now making preparation for the coming 45th Gymnastics World Championships. All-out efforts were made to keep price stable. The social relief and subsistence linking mechanism with the price rise was established , a total of 20 direct sale vehicle outlets were organized to sell vegetable at low price, and26 low-price agricultural by-products outlets were established, in which “one-yuan” per jin vegetables were offered. Projects were implemented aiming at “bringing tangible benefits to the people”. In 2013, a total of 5.812 billion yuan was spent on 104 subprojects under the 10 provincial projects and 20 municipal governmen, together with. And now, 100 were finished and 4 subprojects entered their phase out period. All these projects have greatly helped solve people’s problems of great concern.


7) Creating a harmonious society by strengthening social management

In 2013, campaign was launched to construct a “safe Nanning”, and another 3,000 network high-defined monitoring video cameras were installed to ensure social security. Greater efforts were taken to crack down such law violations as stealing, looting and robbing, and the number of law violations and criminal cases decreased by 15.98% and 23.05% respectively compared with last year. And great measures were taken to ensure production safety, improve work regard to safety, and no serious production safety cases reported in 2013, topping the province at the safety production evaluation. 10 comprehensive regulation campaigns were launched with special focus on safety of milk products, treatment of cook waste, and wasted cooked oil, and the food and medicine supervision authorities of municipal, county(district) and township(community) levels took the lead across the province in their work and reform. The “Smart Nanning” construction project has been alleviated to a state-level as a pilot project. And the pilot project of building a national demonstration city in promoting ethnic unity and in management of the migrant population of minority ethnic groups advanced smoothly. The Pingli Industrial Park project, a domestic waste sanitary landfill project, has kicked off construction, and the plants of utilizing cook wastes has topped out, making new contribution to urban sewage treatment and underground pipelines network construction. Owing to the above work, the rate of centralized treatment on domestic sewage, innocent treatment rate of domestic garbage have reached 85% and 100% respectively, and now 100% of the groundwater in collectively designated section of the Yongjiang River has met the designated requirement for drinking water. We also pressed ahead with the construction of “Beautiful Nanning & Clean Villages” project, and built 138 demonstration units in improving the rural area hygienic condition. Great efforts were also made to implement the campaign titled “Beautiful Nanning ∙ Action for Neat Streets and Smooth Traffic”, which aimed at making big difference within 100 days, and a huge one within 200 days in improving urban environment, with which most citizens were fully satisfied.

8) Making new achievement in government self-improvement by improving work style and enhancing efficiency

   System construction was strengthened in such key areas as government legislation, transportation, food safety, credit system building, investigation and punishment of illegal construction. Administration was promoted in accordance to laws, and strictly followed relevant procedures in the formulation, review and examination, as well as issuance of government regulations. In 2013, 5 local laws and regulations were summited to the municipal People’s Congress for examination and approval, 4 government regulations were formulated and issued, and 3 government regulations were nullified. The amount of government information disclosed in 2013 totaled over 117,000 pieces, topping the province in government information disclosure. Great effort was made to promote the “one service, two transparencies” mechanism to the grass root level, under which government provides administration service wiht transparencies both in its administration affairs and administration information, and 98.4% of townships( urban communities), 43.9% of villages(communities) have set up administrative service centers, over fulfilling the provincial government set goal.


     Conscientiously implementing the central government’s eight point code to cut bureaucracy and maintain close ties with the people. the number of meetings and conference held last year decreased by 31.63%, the number of department-chief level leading cadres making overseas business trips down by 35.01%, division-chief level leading cadres overseas business trips down by 52%, the reception cost of administrative expenditure down by 24.95%, operation cost of government cars down by 7.2%, and other types of costs of organizing celebrations and forums down 61.9%. Additionally, 1,380 office rooms with floor space totaling 40,887 square meters were vacated or resumed, and 21 construction projects of office buildings were canceled or stopped.


Actively carrying out work involving letters and visits from the people. We received 40,300 phone calls via “Mayor’s Hotline”, gave replies to 618 pieces of messages on the “Mayor’s Mailbox of People’s Daily Online”, and appropriately handled 3,234 complaint letters, 2,378 visits from 9,030 people in 2013. We strengthened examination and supervision on government investment projects and policy implementation on key issues which aroused people’s concerns, further enhancing level of clean government construction. We conscientiously implemented the decision and resolution made by municipal people’s congress and their standing committee, and received their supervision, and received the supervision from the municipal CPPCC, the media and the general public, reading and handling 261 pieces of bills delivered by the congress deputies, 338 pieces of bills by municipal CPPCC deputies, with bill handling rate topping 100%. We also conscientiously listened to the opinions of the democratic parties, federations of industry and commerce, persons without party affiliations and mass organizations.  

Over the past year, new progresses were made in work of foreign affairs, overseas Chinese affairs, legislation, statistics, civil air defense, confidential information, coastal affairs, relocation of reservoirs areas, supply and marketing, agricultural machinery, government office administration, local chronicles compiling, archives, religion, press and publication, fire-fighting, customs, marine affairs, inspection and quarantine, taxation, industry and commerce, quality supervision, state statistics, telecommunication, postoffice, power supply, surveying and mapping, meteorological, hydrological, advisory office, philosophical, as well as social sciences. Additionally, undertakings on women and children made new progress. New progress was also achieved in strengthening civil defense and army reserves, and mutual support work between military and civilian sectors. And areas of minority ethnic groups achieved prosperity. 

II. Work Plan for 2014

The general tasks of government work for 2014 are: To implement the spirits of the Party’s eighteenth National Congress, the second and third plenary sessions of the eighteenth central committee, the economic work conference, the urbanization work conference, the rural work conference of the central government, the fourth session of the tenth provincial Party Committee, as well as the eleventh session of the eleventh municipal Party committee; to comprehensively deepen reform, transforming and updating of industrial structure, promoting new-type urbanization construction, guaranteeing and improving people’s livelihood, and further promote opening up for cooperation, under the key principle of relying on reform to promote economic development as well as improvement of people’s livelihood; to make all-out measures to guarantee the success of the 45th Gymnastics World Championships; to ensure Nanning’s No. 1 position in social economic development across the province, and accelerate building Nanning into a regional international metropolis that embraces China-ASEAN cooperation, an ecological livable city with sub-tropical landscapes and sceneries.

In accordance with the above general plans, the main goals for social economic work in 2014 are: to achieve 10% GDP growth in the region; 10% growth of fiscal revenue; 18% growth of social fixed asset investment; 16% added-value growth of above-designated size industries; 14% growth of retail sales for social consumer goods; 8% growth of total volume of imports and exports; 10% growth of per capita disposable income for urban residents as well as 12% growth of per capita net income for rural residents; to keep the city’s CPI increase under 4%; to realize the set goals of provincial government in the indices of energy consumption per 10,000 yuan GDP, chemical consumption of oxygen and its emission, emission of sulfur dioxide, ammonia nitrogen emission, as well as nitrogen oxides emission; achieving 59.2% of urbanization rate; 2.5 pieces of invention and patents per 10,000 people; 91% of enrollment rate for kindergartens, 93% of compulsory education enrollment rate, and 92% of senior high school enrollment rate; to create 75,000 new jobs for urban residents and registered unemployment rate maintaining within 4.5%. 

  1) Pushing ahead new development by reform and innovation

To push ahead with administrative approval system reform. We will promote streamline of administrative approval procedures, reducing approval items, canceling power or dissolving power to lower level where condition permits. We will resolutely restrict the increase of administrative approval items, and for those still subject to examination and approval, we will handle the approval application in accordance with legal procedures. We will improve approval procedure through reform and innovation, adopting the processing modes of concerted approval, allowing making reservation for approval, allowing application for examination and approval in advance while lacking some materials of minor importance, as well as conducting approval procedures stage by stage for some key projects. We will explore new approval mechanism of “accepting approval application in one department, informing other relevant departments, synchronizing  and finishing handling in a designated time”. We will promote the approval handling processes of “accepting application online, circulating application online, handling application online, and printing approval documents in the administration service center”, putting an end to the phenomenon that both administration service center and other relevant departments perform the function of handling examination and approval applications. We will accelerate the construction of administration service centers, making known all the administration approval items to the public in real time. 

  To deepen financial system reform. We will implement a regulated, open and transparent budgeting system, and make known the official budget, and government expenditures on official receptions, vehicles and overseas trips to the public in a steadily manner. We will explore new balance plans for debts of governmenta at different levels, and strengthen government debts management. We will improve the division of district administrative power and their responsibility for their spending, creating sharing mechanism of government financial income between municipal government and district governments. We will integrate industrial development funds of different sectors, establishing an improved government financial funding mechanism to promote industry development. 

  To deepen reform of land management system. We will improve the increase-link-decrease mechanism of land use in rural and urban areas, promote pilot reform on the transferring of the right of land use for rural collective land for business operation purpose, as well as on development of urban land with less effective utilization. We will accelerate work on confirmation and issuance of land right certificates of rural collectively-owned land and housing land sites. We will permit that the land use right of rural collectively-operated construction land be exchanged in forms of transferring, renting, offering shares under the condition that land use complies to the general planning and management regulations of land use. We will establish the secondary market to operate transferring, renting and mortgage of land use right, and gradually bring trading of land use right of rural collectively-operated land, operation right and ownerships of forest land, as well as the contracted operation right of land use into a unified land market. We will establish a well-accepted, regulated and diversified guarantee mechanism for farmers whose lands have been acquired for other purposes. We will make efforts to ensure that the land is used more intensively and effectively, and that the earnings from land use are distributed in a more fairly manner.  

  To deepen the reform on urbanization mechanism. We will reform on household registration management system, transforming rural agricultural residents into urban residents in an orderly manner. We will explore a diversified and sustainable urban construction funding guarantee mechanism, issuing government debts for administrative construction projects, attracting more social capitals to participate in the investment, construction, operation of urban public facility construction projects. We will improve the charging system for use of urban infrastructures and facilities. We will improve legislation of local laws and regulations on the formulation, implementation and supervision of urban construction planning, strengthening the planning’s guidance and restriction power in urban construction. We will formulate and issue policies to promote a sustainable and healthy development of the housing market.

To deepen reform on SOEs. We will improve the state-owned assets management mechanism with focus on capital management, strengthening reforms on nine giant corporative groups(companies), pushing competitive SOEs into the market and diverging SOE investment to the infrastructure construction projects and other key fields closely related to people’s livelihood. We will deepen the reform of corporate enterprises, and share-holding company system, taking greater efforts to boost development of mixed ownership economy, and supporting investment of non-state owned capital into SOE reform to diversify SOEs’ share-holders. We will explore measures to establish classified management and supervision system on SOEs, improving the personnel management mechanism of SOE management teams so as to liberate the dynamics, creativity and competitiveness of SOE development.

To vigorously develope private economy. We will resolutely nullify regulations of various forms that are unfavourable and unreasonable for private economy, establish and improve the supporting measures including financial and taxation backup, industrial policy support, and administration service and the like, and make annual financial arrangement of no less than 50 million yuan to support private economy, with special focus on cultivating over 100 prosperously and strongly developing private enterprises. 


  2) Promoting modern industrial development by implementing the strategy of “building Nanning a wealthy and strong city”

To promote industrial development geared by science and technology innovation. We will vigorously support the establishment of R&D Testing Center of Foxon (Nanning) Company, and encourage other key industries and enterprises including the EVOC group to set up state-level technology centers and laboratories in Nanning. We will achieve the goal of incubating 15 hi-tech enterprises, building 10 pilot innovation-driven enterprises, cultivating 20 Guangxi famous products and brands, and accrediting over 100 industrial new products. We will promote construction of the “Integration Project of Informationizaton and Industrialization”, with special focus on integrating intelligent manufacturing, network manufacturing and industrial big data technology into industrial development, and we will make efforts to complete the scheme on applying such integration models in sugar refining, deep processing of aluminum products, machinery equipment manufacturing and food and pharmaceutical manufacturing sectors. We will invest one billion yuan on the construction of 300 subprojects of the technology innovation and the integration projects.

  To optimize industry structure by promoting key industry development. We will arrange over 40% of the newly allocated construction land for industrial projects construction and infrastructure construction for industrial parks projects. We will arrange 1.65 billion yuan from fiscal revenue to fund modern industry development, collectively support six major industries including bio-medical industry, deep processing of aluminum products, electronic information, machinery equipment manufacturing, light industry and food products, and green energy industry, aiming at achieving a total industry output value of 185 billion yuan with taxation standing out at over 11.5 billion yuan. We will also promote the pharmaceutical manufacturing projects including investment projects of Zhongheng Group, and Neptune Group and the like under the platform of municipal bio-medical industrial park. We will comprehensively promote aluminum products deep processing development, with Alnan Aluminum Corporation playing key role and the cooperation with the China Southern Rail Corporation being a major dynamics. We will accelerate cooperation and linkage with well-known international automobile enterprises, attempting to make new breakthrough in manufacturing project of complete automobiles. We will accelerate construction of Nanning Electronic Information Industrial Park, attempting to realize the goal that the Foxcon Nanning Company achieve output value of 20 billion yuan. We will put emphasis on the construction of Shuanghui Food Co., Ltd.(Nanning) project and the Budweiser beer project(a project with annual production capacity of 300,000 tons of brewery), constructing Guangxi-ASEAN economic development into a major manufacturing base of light industrial and food products across the province. We will vigorously promote the development of biomass energy industry, taking efforts to build Wuming county a state-level key county in bio-energy industry.  


To strengthen industrial advantages by building large industrial parks. We will promote construction of large factory buildings that meet the industrial standard of 1.5 million square meters, and continually improve industrial parks’ infrastructure so as to enhance their capacity to room large projects. We will also gradually implement the policies of promoting reform and innovation in state-level economic development zones in the city’s other county-level industrial parks(industry concentration areas). We will map out plans for the construction of Nanning Wuxu International Airport Economic Zone with high standards, and accelerate planning and investment promotion for the emerging enterprise parks and the modern industrial parks . We will continue to support and promote institution innovation and industrial development of the city’s three state-level industrial parks, ensuring that the output proportion rate of the above-designated sized enterprises in these parks among all similar sized enterprises of the city achieve an increase of 5% or more.

To strengthen development of industrial enterprises by providing better services. We will continue to implement the work mechanism that municipal leading cadres coordinate large projects and key enterprises, helping solve difficulties in financing, recruitment and land use, and the like. We will bring the “two platforms, one committee” financing mechansim(Nanning Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Service Center serving as financing platform, Nanning Southern Guarantee Company serving as the loan guarantee platform, and Nanning Enterprise Credit Committee serving as the credit platform) into full play, aiming at help these small and medium-sized enterprises gain development funds totaling over 3 billion yuan in 2014. We will also encourage enterprises to raise funds by equity financing, and guide enterprises meeting required conditions to conduct share-holding system reform. We will attempt to win provincial government’s support, and set up the Industry Development funds of Beibu Gulf Economic Zone(Nanning), aiming at achieving financing of 10 billion yuan. We will continue to implement the project of “managing well large enterprises, strengthening small enterprises and supporting micro-enterprises), and accelerate construction process of some key enterprises including the restructuring and updating project construction of Nanning Good Fortune Heavy Industries Co., Ltd., the relocation projects of Nanning Phoenix Paper Co., Ltd, and the Hwagain Paper Co., Ltd., and the like. We will support China Tobacco Nanning Industrial Co., Ltd., to realize annual output value of over 10 billion yuan. Additionally, our target for industrial development includes: to help enterprises grow stronger and larger, including newly emerging one more large enterprise with assets totaling over 10 billion yuan, another three large enterprises with assets totaling over one billion yuan, another 50 large enterprises with assets totaling over 100 million yuan, and another 25 above-designated sized enterprises. 


  3) Promoting modern service industry development by putting emphasis on developing financial industry

To accelerate financial industry development. We will formulate and put forward more preferential policies, and create a better financial ecological environment. We will, by making full use of the financial industry development funds of 50 million yuan, attempt to attract financial institutions of various types, and other financial agents covering sectors of accounting, auditing, and financial management, to open companies in Nanning. We will make efforts to invite the Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank(at its preparation phase), China-ASEAN Equity Trading Center and the China-ASEAN Connectivity Investment and Financing Platform to establish headquarters in Nanning. We will vigorously promote the Financial Street project construction in Wuxiang new district and accelerate constructing Nanning into a regional financial center. We will improve regulations on supporting enterprises to go public, aiming at helping four enterprises including the Nancheng Department Group to get listed in the stock market. We also aim to achieve an increase of over 15% for the added value of financial industry. 

To promote tourism industry development. We will make efforts to cultivate tourism industry into the city’s strategic pillar. We will strengthen tourism publicity and marketing, putting more efforts in tourism infrastructure construction and tourism products development to cultivate more brand tourism attractions. We will put more efforts to build Shanglin a tourism county with unique characteristics, to build other 10 places, including Shuangqiao town and Buquan township, tourism town(township) with unique characteristics. Additionally, we will put emphasis on the construction of 28 key tourism projects including the Small Tourist Township with rich ASEAN flavor. We will also accelerate the construction of specified plant garden project in Qingxiu Park, and the construction of Damingshan tourist resort project. We will make efforts to achieve one National AAAAA Tourist Attraction, three National AAAA Tourist Attractions, with a historical height tourist income of over 55 billion yuan.

To develop modern commerce, trade and logistics industries. We will improve planning for scientific geographic distribution of trades and commerce, including building urban comprehensive business compounds, feature commercial streets, specialized markets, community commercial centers as well as rural township trading centers. We will also update Chaoyang commercial center areas, improve Langdong-Fengling commercial center areas, and map layout for Wuxiang commercial center construction. We will put emphasis on the urban comprehensive commercial compound projects construction including Wanda commercial compound and Baoneng commercial compound, aiming at constructing additional 100 above designated-size enterprises. We will further optimize the functional layout of logistics park, with special emphasis on constructing a “one-stop”, third party major commodities supply chain service platform that integrates intelligent warehouses with modern logistics technology and financial service. We will vigorously develop comprehensive large-scale logistics center, professional comprehensive logistics centers as well as distribution centers, and promote construction of China-ASEAN Commodity Trading Center, China-ASEAN International Logistics Base, and accelerate the construction of Nanning Comprehensive Bonded Zone.  

To develop housing economy. We will compile and formulate planning for housing economy development, put forward relevant preferential policies and explore for new government service mechanism to support its development. We will vigorously promote the capital/technology/service /taxation intensive housing economy, with emphasis on constructing some high-added value buildings including urban community buildings with unique features, modern service buildings, cultural creative buildings, headquarter buildings and the like, further promoting the updating of industry and adding new dynamics for the city’s economic development. 

To develop E-commerce. We will promote the project of building Nanning into a state-level demonstration city for electronic commerce by focusing on constructing an ASEAN-oriented regional E-commerce headquarter center and a distribution center. Preferential policies will be formulated and issued to support such well-developed E-commerce enterprises as the Beautiful Legend Company, and Lanhuoyi Internet Technology Company to explore and launch new types of services involving intelligent logistics, cross-border e-commerce and the like. We will make efforts to invite the leading e-commerce company, the Alibaba Group to start up business in Nanning. We will also accelerate the construction of a state-level e-commerce demonstration base project in the city’s high-tech economic development zone.

  4) Achieving sustainable development in agriculture, rural areas and farmers by promoting agriculture modernization

To optimize and update agriculture structure. We will make efforts to guarantee total grain output amounting to 2.2 million tons, and achieve over 96% of quality conformity rate in food safety check. We will enhance support of science and technology in agricultural development, put more efforts to construct standardized farmland, and large-scale animal husbandry and aquaculture farms, promote agriculture standardization production, accelerate development of competitive crop farming industry with local characteristics, actively promote livestock farming by ecological and circular technology, vigorously develop under-forest economy, and enhance the deep processing capacity of agriculture products. We will also construct 30 industrial demonstration bases with local advantage and characteristics together with “vegetable basket”(non-staple supply) bases totaling 4000 mu.

To perfect new agriculture development mechanism. We will actively promote development of rural community share-holding cooperatives and land stock cooperatives, help peasants increase production and income in their neighborhood. We will make efforts to support the leading enterprises including the Guangxi Guihe Group Co.,Ltd., and the Baiyan Group Co., Ltd., and the like, and create additional 10 municipal-level agricultural leading enterprises. We will vigorously cultivate new-type farming entities including large-scale farming households, farmily farms, rural jointed-farming households, and the like. We will support the project of cultivating over 30 industries of distinctive local characteristics featuring “one village, one product”, and “one township, one industrial sector”, so as to help promote income increase for peasants.

To promote socialized services for agriculture. We will make effort to offer service of the entire course of farming for new-type agriculture operators.

To strengthen rural infrastructure construction. We will continue to implement the drinking water supply project, making safe drinking water available to 300,000 rural residents. We will revamp and strengthen 120 small old, and wretched reservoirs, accelerate small-scale irrigation and water conservancy project construction of key county, covering additional 75,000 mu of farm land, and make efforts to solve the “last-mile” problem in irrigation. We will build another 200 lines of roads connecting villages. We will continue implementing the smooth transportation program connecting villages, making cement roads available to over 97% of the villages. And we will strengthen work in disaster prevention and reduction, guaranteeing a sustainable agriculture development.

  5) Promoting a steady and fast growth in investment and consumption sectors by accelerating Wuxiang new district construction

To take all-out efforts to promote investment project construction. We will continuously enhance financing capacity by exploring capital absorbing methods for investment and financing platform companies including making use of reserve capital, making contribution by land use right, project assets, and making use of financial special project capital. We will optimize investment structure, encourage and guide investment to advanced manufacturing sectors, strategic emerging industries, modern service industry, ecological and environmental protection sectors. We will implement construction of 556 projects planned and promoted by provincial and municipal governments, which involve investment totaling 74 billion yuan; promote 360 urban construction projects involving investment totaling 34 billion yuan. We will promote Wuxiang new district construction with high standard, and support the new district in playing its role in emancipating the mind, carrying out reform and innovation, and pioneering in new approaches to promote development. We will intensify our efforts in carrying out construction at core points, guaranteeing all projects in headquarter base be kicked off, 189 key projects in the neighborhood of Wuxianghu lake and the areas along the Yongjiang river be promoted smoothly, and completing investment amounting to over 27.5 billion yuan. We will accelerate cross river bridge project construction and other infrastructure projects construction including the bonded zone projects and logistics base projects in townships of Panlong, Yudong, and Longgan. We will strengthen work in planning and construction of utility tunnels, improve municipal facilities construction including support facilities of water supply and drainage pipelines, and other facilities for electricity, telecommunication, gas and urban sanitation. Additionally, we will fully launch and implement such supporting facilities projects as the construction schools, hospitals, and community facilities for the new district.

We will vigorously promote rural land acquisition and relocation housing project construction, absolutely solving the problem that compensation and relocation work far lag behind land acquisition. We will attempt to build Wuxiang new district into a new charm city with concentrated wealth, diversified functions, ecological livable environment and strong development radiation power, as well as a pilot zone pioneering in new approaches of urban and industrial development within 3-5 years.

We will vigorously promote major transportation infrastructure project construction, and launch 47 large project construction with investment totaling over 22.5 billion yuan. We will complete the construction of the new terminal building of Nanning Wuxu International Airport and the road network connecting the expressways, the city’s east railway station, as well as the neighboring areas. We will accelerate construction of Line 1 and Line 2 projects of Urban Rail Transit network, and strive to promote the starting of Line 3 project, completing investment amounting to over 5 billion yuan. We will also accelerate the construction of Yun-Gui High-speed Railway, Nan-Guang High-speed Railway projects, the updating construction projects on outer-ring expressway, the north-south expressway, and speed up the construction of expressway projects that connect Laibin city with Mashan county, Mashan county with Pingguo county. Additionally, we will promote other high-grade highway projects including the grade-one highway connecting Xinjiang township to Fusui county and Dawangtan Marshland Reservoir Park. We will also accelerate phase I project construction of Nanning Harbour, and kick off construction of Yongkai Port of Nanning Harbour, the phase I project of Hesun operation area, as well as the Guoming Port project of Hengxian county, and so on. 


To strive to expand consumption demand. We will continue the efforts to launch sales promotion campaigns of various kinds including the “Nanning Consumer Sales: Be a Joyful Buyer”, and accelerate transforming and updating the traditional retail industry by promoting depth integration of on-line and off-line sales, as well as expanding consumer spending on the traditional products including cars, home appliances, and communication products and the like. We will, grasping the opportunity of building a national pilot city of information consumption, foster other new consumption growth areas such as information, culture, healthcare and aged-care service industries, and update the city’s consumption structure. 

  6) Constructing an ecological livable city by implementing delicacy management methods

To enhance the quality level of “Beautiful Nanning” construction project. We will press ahead with the program of greening villages, purifying drinking water, and cementing country roads, improving living environment for residents in rural areas. We will restructure and optimize the village layout, vigorously promote and implement the incentive measurements to award the model layout of rural house construction and spread it to other rural residents, aiming at promoting beautiful village construction. We will construct one comprehensive demonstration village at each of the city’s 12 counties and districts, and create another 3 ecological townships and 100 ecological villages. We will strengthen urban outdoor advertising management, continue the serious management and punishment measurement on violation actions, accelerate construction of urban traffic infrastructures including traffic dispatch centers, bus stops, and bus lanes, enhancing managerial level of public transportation; we will vigorously promote construction of “urban grid management service platform”, applying intelligent technology in grid management to achieve real-time monitoring and quick response in urban management. 

To promote city image by city greening, beautifying and color decorating. We will enhance the city’s greening through implementing eight urban image promotion projects, including improving landscaping along the urban tourist attraction sites, city overpass ground landscapes, and so on. We will promote 30 construction projects of updating urban main roads and landscaping sites (nodes), with focus on greening and forestation on 17 urban roads including Wuxiang road, Baisha road and so on, accelerate updating on landscaping of 6 overpasses including Baisha-Xingguang Overpass and 13 pedestrian overpasses in urban areas. We will launch projects to construct and update urban parks including the Jiangnan Park, and Huahui Park and the like. We will put emphasis on greening belts construction and landscaping promotion in Qingxiu Park and the Express Ring Road (particularly roads connecting Zhuxi Overpass with Zhuangjin Mainroad), building additional green belts stretching 45 kilometers, additional green land totaling 400 hectares, and updating Greenland totaling 200 hectares. We will continue efforts in constructing the “China Water City” project, with focusing on the main canal construction of Jiangbei irrigation project, accelerating updating project on the landscapes of the “five lakes” water systems including the Nanhu lake, and the restoring project on Xiangsi lake and Mingyue lake. And we will continue to construct the Laokou waterway conservancy hub project and the Yongning waterway conservancy hub project. 

We will implement the “three-year-action plan” of drainage pipes network construction, totaling 250 kilometers. We will speed up project of constructing the second water source site for Dawangtan Reservoir, continue efforts to other water source sites and the optional source sites for emergency use, which include Tianbao Reservoir, Longtan Reservoir, etc., support construction of the water supplementation project in Qingping Reservoir of Binyang county, the water supply project in Xingke Reservoir of Mashan county, enhancing safety in urban and rural water supply. We will also accelerate construction of Bandao dike and Guishan dike in Xianhu district, and other water-prevention dikes projects in Long’an county and Hengxian county. We will build a national model city pioneering in water ecological development. Additionally, we will strive to build Nanning a “flower city”, while at the same time promote planting potted flowers on ground earth, appropriately cutting total plantation areas, planting perennial and brightly colored flowers that have long flowering period yet are easy to grow, so as to cut maintenance cost. We will try to construct a city decorated with flowers perennially, guaranteeing that the work achieves initial effect within year, and overall improvement within two years.

To accelerate old district renovation project construction. We will continue efforts to promote construction of the old district renovation project in Shuijie community, and the “old Nanning·three streets and two lanes” rebuilding projects. We will incorporate the urban villages renovation project and the dilapidated buildings renovation project into the shantytown renovation planning, greatly pressing ahead with the 10 renovation projects under construction, including renovation projects of Chendong village, the residential community of Nanning Sugar Manufacturing Company, and the residential community of the coal mines company in Sitang township. 


7) Promoting urban-rural integration development geared by new-type urbanization development

To accelerate new-type urbanization construction. We will strive to build Nanning into a core city among the Beibu Gulf city groups by highlighting the mega-county construction strategy, putting central efforts in development of small and medium-sized cities, as well as small townships, formulating strategic planning for the city’s urban spatial development, accelerate work on formulating the development of the city’s six counties and other key townships, constructing a scientific urban-rural development system with balancing distribution of large, medium, small urban towns together with small rural townships, under which they can complement each other and achieve common development. We will accelerate, under the goal of building counties of medium urban towns, planning the construction of Wumin county, Hengxian county and Binyang county, striving to make their urbanization rate top 40% or above by the end of 2015. We will, at the standard of building counties of small urban towns, accelerate planning the construction of Shanglin county, Mashan county, and Long’an county, trying to make their urbanization rate reach 30% or above by the end of 2015. We will accelerate building 20 towns and townships with strong economic strengths and unique local characteristics, such as Shuangqiao township, Liujing township and Litang township, so on.


To accelerate county (district) economic development. We will guide and support counties (districts) in efforts to make their unique industries to grow stronger by fully exploiting their development potential and advantages. We will strive to realize the following goals: the above-scaled industrial total output of Hengxian county, Wuming county and Binyang county will pass the important benchmark of 34 billion yuan, 24 billion yuan and 14 billion yuan respectively, and the contribution rate of these six counties to the city’s overall growth in GDP and the above-scaled industrial output will reach 27% or above; the total volume of retail sales of social consumer goods of Xingning district, Qingxiu district, Xixiangtang district and Jiangnan district will break the benchmark of 37 billion yuan, 34.5 billion yuan, 30 billion yuan, 15 billion yuan respectively, and the contribution rate of these six urban districts to the city’s overall growth in GDP and total volume of retail sales of social consumer goods will reach 71% and 75% respectively. 

To intensify efforts to help the poor out of poverty. We will intensify efforts to help the poor get out of poverty by equipping them with knowledge, enhancing their capability to engage in plantation, husbandry farming, processing and service industries, so as to help peasants get rich as soon as possible. We will continue efforts to help the poor out of poverty by promoting industrial development, encouraging over 50,000 poor households to participate in industrial development for poverty relief, developing plantation industry totaling 100,000 mu. Additionally, we will construct cemented village-level roads totaling over 200 kilometers.

8) Enhancing opening-up and international cooperation by ushering in the “diamond decade” for China-ASEAN cooperation

To optimize opening up and cooperation platform. We will actively prepare for the participation in the construction of the 21st century maritime silk road program, the Pan-Beibu Gulf Cooperation Program, and the Nanning-Singapore Economic Corridor Program. We will further the efforts in playing Nanning’s role as a channel, making innovation in constructing channel platform so as to serve China-ASEAN cooperation. We will continue efforts to promote the exchange and cooperation with our international sister cities, press ahead opening up and cooperation with China’s other regions such as Hongkong, Macau, and Taiwan. We will actively incorporate Guangxi’s building of the Pearl river-Xijiang river economic belt into a strategic pivot of the economic development for the country’s central, southern, and southwest regions. We will also actively participate in the construction of Nanning-Congzuo-Pingxiang global-oriented economic belt. Additionally, we will accelerate the integration planning covering Nanning, Beihai, Qinzhou, Fanchenggang, Yulin, Congzuo and Baise. 

To promote investment and trade facilitation. We will implement incentive measures to promote export, support and organize enterprises to join international exhibitions and trade fairs overseas, and encourage enterprises to explore global markets. We will, taking the opportunity of organizing preparation for CEPA demonstration city, and mainly targeting ASEAN markets, encourage enterprises to go global, participating in project contracting, labor cooperation, so as to promote export of products, labors service, technology and equipments.

To strengthen efforts in attracting large enterprises and large investment. We will, with special emphasis on attracting large competitive companies with distinctive business lines from Hongkong, Macau, Taiwan, as well as regions of the Pearl-river delta and the Yangtse river delta. We will also implement key projects contracted or discussed during the annual conference of the executive committee of National Federation of Industry and Commerce held in Nanning, and accelerate interaction and contact with such key enterprises as Xiuzheng Pharmaceutical Group and the like. We will improve environment to attract investment, promote service innovation to open “green channel” for key investment projects. We will make efforts to attain actual utilization of domestic investment topping 78.4 billion yuan, up by 8%; absorbing direct foreign investment of 627 million yuan, up by 8%.  

To continue efforts in preparing for the 13th CA-EXPO and CABIS. We will improve the planning for business section of the Nanning International Exhibition Center, speed up Center’s venue facilities and support facilities construction, building the CAEXPO and CABIS into an important platform to update the China-ASEAN FTA and construct the 21st century maritime silk road.

To make joint efforts in preparing for the 45th Gymnastics World Championships. We will mobilize people of all walks of life to take part in the preparation for the World Gymnastics Championships, hosting a high-standard and high-quality championships with high efficiency yet less cost, and take it an opportunity to promote urban construction management level, enhance citizens’ civilization awareness, and promote new development for the city’s relevant industries concerning culture, sports, tourism, transportation, and environmental protection as well as the city’s urban construction.


9) Promoting all-round development of social undertakings by fully promtoing the protection and improvement of people’s livelihood

To comprehensively reinvigorate education. We will further increase government investment to build more schools, including building 7 new primary schools, 4 new junior high schools, and 1 new senior high school together with renovating and expanding of 4 senior high schools, 6 new kindergartens in central townships, and 2 new kindergartens in county (urban district) towns, so as to guarantee that children of migrant workers living with their parents in cities be entitled to go to schools. We will improve financial-aid system for students; continue implementing the subsidies program to improve compulsory students in the rural areas of six counties, and implementing the policies of free tuition for rural students attending the secondary vocational schools.

To promote employment and encourage starting-up of business. We will improve the aid system to help people get employed, comprehensively implement policies to support people to start their own business, and speed up construction of start-up industrial incubator bases and expert teams aiding starting up business, so as to promote starting up business of one’s own.

To improve social security system. We will expand the social insurance coverage, make efforts to achieve the goal set by the provincial government in social insurance coverage including old-age pension, unemployment, work injury, medical care and baby-bearing, and the like, and make sure that the coverage rate of three items of basic medical care insurance maintain at 97% or above. We will implement the major disease insurance scheme for urban and rural residents, and improve child-bearing insurance measurements for employees. We will merge the new type rural old-age insurance with urban old-age insurance policies, establish a unified basic old-age insurance system for urban and rural residents, and take measures to control the total amount of insurance payment for medical care in an all round way. We will enhance social insurance payment including enhancing enterprise retirees’ old-age pension, and administer social security work well for people whose land have acquired for construction purposes. We will start building government-subsidized housing totaling 16,460 units, complete building 19,980 units, allocate 8,760 units to resident applicants, and grant low-rent housing subsidies to additional 1,000 households. We will also renovate 20 residential communities where low-income households are densely resided. We will establish more old-aged care institutions through a variety of channels, make greater efforts to develop old-aged industry, so as to meet aged residents’ need for different types of aged-care services. We will strengthen the work in subsistence allowance for urban and rural residents, improve the system for providing food, clothing, medical care, housing and burial expenses for childless and infirm rural residents, job placement for demobilized servicemen, programs that aid disabled to recover, as well as work in fighting natural disaster and disaster relief, improving social relief and assistance system. 

To make efforts to promote cultural undertakings. We will speed up the construction of public cultural service system, accelerate the process of providing free public cultural facilities. We will strengthen the work in protecting intangible cultural heritages. We will make innovation in hosting the Nanning International Folksong Arts Festival, and create a variety of channels to showcase excellent local operas to international audience. We will organize cultural activities for the masses, support the establishment and performance of village cultural teams. We will speed up the construction of municipal cultural industry public service platform, implementing the project of cultivating excellent animation products as well as promoting the development of the city’s performing arts industry. 

To enhance the overall physical fitness level of the public. We will set up and improve the emergency medical assistance system against major diseases. We will consolidate and improve the medical system for basic drugs and the new operation mechanism at the grass root level, and implement the medical system for basic drugs in the health clinics of all the incorporated villages. We will further implement comprehensive reform in county-level public hospitals. We will strengthen health care service teams construction, focusing on the construction of health clinics in rural communities and villages, as well as the team building of rural doctors, improve medical care and family planning service system at grass root level, and relocate and rebuild 4 hospitals including the People’s Hospital at Jiangnan district. We will strengthen the efforts in the prevention and treatment of communicable diseases including AIDS and the like, and organize well the immunization work. We will also strengthen the implementation of preventive safety system. We will speed up the development of the Chinese traditional medicine, particularly the Zhuang ethnic traditional medicine. We will formulate the regional public health care development planning, the medical institution structure planning, and implement the admittance standards for non-public medical institutions. We will press ahead the construction of sports schools, and build more practical and convenient public sports facilities, particularly building 7 health trails in 7 city parks including the Renmin Park, so as to build Nanning a health city.

To continue implementing the project of doing practical things for the people. We will make adjustment in the number of such projects, reducing the original 20 set number to 10 at municipal level, and will implement 32 subprojects focusing on doing the practical things that are widely concerned, closely related to people’s livelihood, and involved with larger proportion of people. Additionally, we will also implement 10 such projects of provincial level involving 52 subprojects, and take effective measures to implement them well so as to meet the people’s expectation.


III. Striving to build a law-based and service-oriented government

To carry out official duties in accordance with the law. We will, under the principles of scientific, democratic, and law-based decision-making, and keeping close track of major decision for feedback information and accountability mechanism, take measures to enhance decision-making quality and its implementation capacity. We will strengthen government legislation, explore to establish a scientific legal construction index system and evaluation mechanism. We will strengthen work in promoting greater openess in government affairs, separating functions between the government and the society, between governemtn and the institutions, and promoting government power operation in a transparent manner. We will improve administrative reviewing mechanism during cases processing, so as to correct violations of law and administrative non-feasance. We will willingly accept the supervision from the municipal people’s congress and their standing committees; accept the democratic oversight of the municipal CPPCC committees; and eargerly solicit the views of deputies to the people’s congresses, the democratic parties, the federations of industry and commerce, the public figures without party affiliation and the people’s organizations. At the same time, we will accept the oversight of the supervision departments, auditing offices, as well as the mass media and the general public.

To strengthen social management. We will establish and improve social risk appraisal mechanism, and emergency management mechanism. We will launch a new round of anti-drug campaign. We will conscientiously carry out mediation work on people’s disputes, set up smooth channels to handle people’s complaints in letters and visits, implement mechanism to accept people’s complaint cases online, and improve local dispute handling mechanism helping resolve people’s reasonable complaints and requirement. We will conduct thorough investigations on hidden dangers and make prompt remedies for them, and resolutely prevent occurrences of major and serious work-related accidents. We will also carry out the election of new term of villagers (communities) committee. We will complete the reform on food and durg safety supervision institutions, carry out special programs to ensure food and drug safety for the people. We will implement relevant state laws and regulations on improving family planning, so as to ensure a balanced and long-term growth of population and to improve the health of newborns. We will strive to promote trustworthiness in government administration, business operation and social  interaction, as well as fairness in judicial administration, so as to construct a credible social economic system. 

To strengthen work in environmental protection. We will improve the evaluation index system for environmental protection and the compensation mechanism for the subsequent impact on ecosystem upon the use of natural resources, and reform on the evaluation mechanism in regions where development is restricted for environmental reasons, and in the key counties with fragile ecosystem and where the state-level poverty-alleviation and development project is implemented. We will complete formulating the planning for air pollution prevention, strengthen the law enforcement system construction for environmental protection monitoring at grass root level, and launch special programs to prevent and control oil fume, noises, smog, and coordinate efforts to prevent and control the pollution of the urban wind-borne dust, vehicle exhaust emission, and industrial emission, so as to achieve the goal that fine air quality index (AQI) rate maintains at 75% or above. We will carry out comprehensive improvement program on the water source areas, so as to ensure that 100% of the surface water in Yongjiang river reaches the required standard.

To promote the improvement of work style. We will strictly curb administration spending, and reduce spending by government bodies on official overseas visits, official cars and official hospitality. We will establish new attitudes toward our work performance, and improve performance evaluation, award or punishment mechanism, as well as incentive measurements. We will strengthen construction of government work style and conduct in trades, and resolutely rectify unhealthy conduct that affects the interest of the people. We will improve the establishment of a system of combating corruption through both punishment and prevention, strictly investigate and prosecute all types of cases involving violations of laws and regulations, so as to guarantee that leading cadres are honest, the government is clean, and their political integrity is upheld.

We will comprehensively promote the construction of a state-level model city by promoting ethnic unity, consolidate and develop the harmonious socialist ethnic relations based on equality, solidality, and mutual assistance. We will strengthen national defense mobilization and the reserve forces, support the national defense construction and military construction, intensify activities to promote mutual support between military and civilian sectors, and deepen the integration of military and civilian sectors. We will protect the legitimate rights and interests of the citizens, particularly the women, the minors, and the handicapped. We will also make full use of other organizations including the Trade Union, the Youth League, and the Women Federation, and so on. We will continue to carry out work related with foreign affairs, overseas Chinese, statistics, religion, air defense, metrology, earthquake, hydrology, supply and marketing, government advisory and archives and so on.

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