Nanning protects land use for schools through lawmaking


In recent years, issues concerning land use in kindergartens, primary and secondary schools have drawn great social attention. “The Regulations on Protection of the Land Use in Kindergartens, Primary and Secondary Schools in Nanning”, issued in 2005, has failed to meet the needs of recent development. Last year, the Standing Committee of Nanning Municipal People’s Congress amended the regulations through soliciting opinions, with an effort to constantly improve the protection and management of land use in these schools and promote the advancement of legislation.

Lu Qinghui, Deputy Director of Department of Education of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, agreed with Liaoyuan’s idea on protecting land use for these schools during the transformation of the old city. He believed that to better guarantee land use of schools, lands used for schools and other facilities should be planned in a coordinated manner in the process of transformation.

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