Three ministries encourage development of elderly care PPP projects


It is learnt from Ministry of Finance that Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Civil Affairs and Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security jointly release opinions to guide and encourage social capital to take part in the construction of nursing institutions and community elderly care system and the integrated development of health care through government and social capital cooperation (PPP) mode, so as to build a multi-level and multi-channel elderly care market with diversification.

According to the opinions, the elderly care PPP projects should focus on security-type elderly care and improved middle-end elderly care. As for the construction and operation of elderly care institutions, governments are encouraged to give the right of management on public elderly care institutions to social capital side; supporting government organs and enterprises are encouraged to transform their affiliated resorts, training centers, guesthouses and sanatoriums to elderly care institutions through PPP mode.

The opinions propose to promote the “elderly care +” new comprehensive development, and the cooperation between elderly care institutions, medical and health institutions and health institutions to build elderly care chain of whole life cycle. In addition, a group of modern elderly care industries, with the integration of health care, fitness, medical care, education, culture, entertainment and internet, will be vigorously promoted.

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