Du Wei visits party members in Nanning Development Area


Du Wei, President of Nanning Municipal People's Political Consultative Conference, has recently visited the difficult party members and old party members in Nanning Economic Development Area to express the kind care and sincere wishes from the party and the government.

On that same day, Du Wei came to visit the old party member Meng Lirong in Tanmeng Slope, Yonghong Village, Wuwei Town and sent him cares and blessings. Du Wei was very pleased to know that Meng Lirong was actively involved in the village’s work even after the retirement from the cadre. Du Wei said that the development of the village cannot be separated from the offers and efforts from the grass-roots party members and expressed thanks to Meng Lirong for the contributions on the development of the village both in offering advices and making efforts. And he also hoped that Meng would be able to share his own valuable experience to train more outstanding young party members.

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