Interpretation of second reviewing draft of “Regulations on Management of Electric Bicycles in Nanning (Draft)”


Recently, the “Regulations on the Management of Electric Bicycles in Nanning  (Draft)” (the second reviewing draft) was submitted to the 15th Meeting of the  Standing Committee of the 14th Nanning Municipal People’s Congress for  deliberation. After taking the masses’ interests into full account, the draft  revised the transitional management of the bicycles that exceed the national  standards, which will lay a "Ground" for the future introduction of the  regulations.

The second reviewing draft proposing to implement transitional management on  vehicles that exceed national standards clearly specifies, the electric bicycles  that do not meet the national standards but are purchased before the  implementation of the Regulations are subject to transitional management.

Interpretation: the Legislative Affairs Commission believes that the electric  bicycles exceeding standards can be gradually eliminated within a few years to  reduce the masses’ loss by means of natural scrap, trade in purchase, buy-back  and replacement, the establishment of transitional period and the inclusion of  standard-compliant electric bicycles to motorcycle management after referring to  other legislative experience.

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