Interpretation of Nanning Assistance Measures for Destitute People


Q: What are the significance and object of the assistance system for destitute people?

A: We establish the assistance system for destitute people both in urban and rural areas, eliminating the differences in assistance methods, and entitling people with equal rights to realize the equality and fairness of policies, rights, and rules. This is aimed at handling major difficulties and meeting the basic demands of urban and rural destitute residents. The system covers all destitute people and safeguards their basic living rights and interests.

Q: What kinds of people in Nanning can be listed as destitute?

A: The registered permanent senior residents, the disabled, juveniles under 16 years old, and all of whom that have no working ability, no income, no statutory dependence or obligors in the maintenance, or whose statutory obligors have no ability to fulfill obligations can be listed.

Q: How to judge whether persons have working ability or not?

A: People who meet one of the following requirements can be judged as no working ability: (1) Senior citizens over 60 years old; (2) juveniles under 16 years old; (3) Disabled persons of mental retardation or mental disorder with the first or second degree of disability, and physical disabled persons with the first degree of disability.

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