Interpretation of Conscription in 2017


Recently, reporters have interviewed the officials of Military Recruitment Office of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region on the issues of conscription.

Q: How do the provincial government arrange this year’s conscription?

A: The conscription will start on 1st August. New recruits will be sent to armies from10th September to 30th September.

Q: What are the physical requirements for youth to join the army?

A: Young people should meet the requirements on the Physical Fitness Standards of Draftee issued by Ministry of National Defense in 2015 and other related stipulations.

Q: What documents are needed for the youth at appropriate ages to enlist? And what is the process of conscription?

A: All the youth, male or female, need to log into the national conscription website to register and enlist. They should download and print the Registration Form of Civil Military Service/Recruitment and the Form for Pre-recruited College Students after registrations; then bring these forms, identification card, residence booklet, and academic certificate to participate in the initial examination organized by military service office at county level and wait for further notification.

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