Wuming District Housing Market Regulations interpreted


Recently, Implementation Plan of 2017 Housing Market Regulations in Wuming District of Nanning (Implementation Plan for short) has been issued. Bureau of Housing and Urban-Rural Planning in Wuming District (the Bureau for short) makes interpretations for this plan.

According to the principal of the Bureau, newly-built commercial residential houses are mainly sold to local rural and urban households which have rigid demand, and urban households which have improvement demand. There is no speculation in the real estate industry.

The Implementation Plan specifies the control measures of housing prices. Wuming District intensifies the regulations and control on the real estate market and maintains the stability of housing prices, which has great significance to improve the living standards of urban residents, build a harmonious society, and promote the healthy development of the real estate and related industries.

Next, Wuming District will provide more lands for real estate and speed up this process to ensure the stable and healthy development of real estate industry.

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