Ministry of Finance Interprets Interim Measures for Administration of PPP Advisory Body Database


Ⅰ. What are the background to and purposes on the promulgation of the Interim Measures for the Administration on Public–Private Partnership (PPP) Advisory Body Database (“Measures” for short)?

Answer: The professional and qualified advisory bodies are strong intelligent supports for the smooth and regulated implementations of PPP projects and important forces to effectively propel PPP reformations. The formulation of the Measures, and the establishment of PPP Advisory Body Database (“ Body Database” for short) based on the National Comprehensive PPP Information Platform (“Information Platform” for short) are aimed to realize the integration, publicity and sharing of such information as staff of the national PPP advisory bodies and their performances, to improve the effective match between the supplies and demands of consultation services, as well as the service quality, and to propel the normal and well-organized developments of the PPP consultation service market.

Ⅱ. What is the main content of the Measures?

Answer: there are 21 clauses in total in the Measures, which mainly include the purposes for the formulation of the Measures, the definition of the advisory body database, the coverage of advisory service, the organization and implementation body, the principles on the establishment, management and maintenance, the requirements and procedures on the data-entering of the advisory body, information inputting and publicity, rights for the advisory body that has entered the database, the circumstances and settlements of exit, blacklist system, the encouragement on the industrial self-discipline, and relevant violation responsibilities.

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