Policy Interpretation on Adjusting Charging Standard on Motor Parking Service for On-street Parking Spaces in Nanning


I. What will the pricing department do to ensure the smooth implementation of the new road parking charging policy?

A: First, strengthen policy advocacy. Second, strictly execute the provisions on clearly marked price. Third, strengthen supervision and inspection on parking charging. Four, urge the charging units to speed up research and development of intelligent system and to increase investment.

II. What impact will the adjustment make on Nanning’s continuous promotion of “Action on Clean, Smooth and Orderly Traffic”?

A: In the short run, the adjustment on charging standard may put stress on Nanning’s efforts to address the problem of traffic congestion and parking difficulty. But in the long run, it will promote the rational utilization of road parking resources, and at the same time stimulate citizens’ initiative to participate in urban governance, which is in line with the long-term interests of urban development and of all the citizens.

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