Development Research Center of Nanning Municipal People's Government


Address: Room 1505, 15th Floor, Municipal Government Office Building, No.1, Jiabin Road, Qingxiu District, Nanning

Tel: 0771-5532629




1. To conduct follow-up studies and advanced studies on the overall, comprehensive, strategic and long-term problems of Nanning’s economic and social development, reform, and opening-up policies, provide suggestions and advisory opinions for the municipal Party committee and municipal government to make the medium and long-term development plan of Nanning and regional development policies; To research and analyze the experience and problems of building Nanning as the regional international city and the Best City of Guangxi, to work out related policies and measures; accept commission to participate in or organize the study and reasoning of development plan for relevant departments, counties or districts, and provide opinions and suggestions.

2. To keep track of the economic situation of Nanning. To collect, analyze, manage, and report the important and integrated information and trends of the city’s economic and social development, to provide opinions and suggestions for the Municipal Party Committee and Municipal People’s Government.

3. To study the trends and policies of Nanning’s industrial economy, provide opinions and suggestions on the adjustment direction of industrial structure, investment structure, enterprises organizational structure, and ownership structure and on the policies of technological choice, technological innovation, and high-tech development for national economic development.

4. To study the new problems and situation of Nanning’s opening-up policies, and the measures of implementing China's Western Development Strategy and Development and Opening-up Strategy of Guangxi Beibu Gulf Economic Zone; to research the development trend and impact of international economy (mainly about the countries or regions in China-ASEAN Free Trade Area) and domestic economy; to provide measures and suggestions for the opening-up policies by studying the new problems and new situation in the development of China-ASEAN Free Trade Area and other regions.

5. To study the policies of human resource development, income distribution, social security, reasonable development and utilization of natural resources, ecological balance and environmental protection for the economic and social development.

6. To draw up the annual research plan of key subjects for the Municipal Government. To organize or participate in the feasibility study of major decisions on the city’s economic and social development as required, provide opinions and suggestions for the Municipal Party committee and Municipal People’s Government.

7. To draw up or participate in the drafting process of the important documents of the Municipal Party committee and Municipal People’s Government.


8. To undertake other work assigned by the Municipal Party committee and Municipal People’s Government.

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