Nanning Maritime Safety Administration


The Nanning Maritime Safety Administration is a department-level maritime institution approved and established by the State Council's SCOPSR in the reform of national water surveillance system in 2000, and is directly under the vertical leadership and management of the Guangxi Maritime Safety Administration. As one of the 10 branches of the Guangxi Maritime Safety Administration, it was established on May 18, 2001, and is responsible for the supervision and management of the marine traffic safety in the administrative regions of Nanning and Chongzuo. The Nanning Maritime Safety Administration has jurisdiction over six maritime offices, namely Hengxian, Yongning, Yongjiang, Zuojiang, Long'an, and Longzhou. In addition, it has seven operating departments, namely the Administration Center, the Inspection Office, the Supervision Office, the Command Center, Office, the Party Work Department, and the Finance Office. With a total of 88 staff members, it is equipped with 12 boats of various types, and 9 law enforcement vehicles for maritime patrols, which basically form a network of maritime traffic safety supervision and management in the two cities.

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