Nanning Earthquake Bureau


Office Address: No.14-4 Xinzhu Road, Qingxiu District, Nanning

Tel.: 0771-5887305



Nanning Earthquake Bureau is a public institution directly subordinated to Nanning Municipal People's Government. Led by Nanning Municipal People's Government, it is responsible for the administration functions on earthquake prevention and disaster relief in Nanning and undertakes various obligations as the competent organization for earthquake prevention and disaster relief.

Nanning Earthquake Bureau's key responsibilities: supervise the work on earthquake prevention and disaster relief, draft local laws and regulations and organize implementation accordingly; establish earthquake monitoring and forecast system, earthquake prevention system and earthquake emergency rescue system, manage earthquake technology standards and earthquake prevention requirements on construction projects and supervise their implementation; organize the implementation of earthquake monitoring, measuring and research to prevent seismic secondary disaster; undertake administrative review and administrative litigation on earthquake; responsible for supervision and management on quality and technology of seismic industry; undertake the responsibilities of Nanning Municipal People's Government as an office of the headquarters on earthquake prevention and disaster relief.

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