Nanning Federation of the Disabled


Institution: Nanning Federation of the Disabled (NNFD)

Address: 6th Floor, Golden Bund Building, No.66 Zhongshan Road, Nanning

Telephone: 2832180



Main Responsibilities:

Main Responsibilities of NNFD:

The main responsibilities of NNFD, a business group for the disabled people with the integrations of a representative organization for the disabled, a social welfare organization and a regulatory institution for the disabled people, are listed as follows:

1. Hear opinions from the disabled, reflect requirements from the disabled, protect their legal interests and provide services for the disabled.

2. Unite and educate the disabled to obey laws and regulations, fulfill their due obligations, promote the optimistic and enterprising spirits, and to be self-respect, confident, self-enhancement and independent for the socialism developments.

3. Promote humanism and publicize the disabled's businesses; communicate among the governments, societies and the disabled, and mobilize understandings, respects, cares and assistances for the disabled from the societies, and promote barrier-free constructions and reformations for the disabled.

4. Implement recoveries, educations, poverty relieves, cultures, sports, scientific researches, disability equipment supplies, welfares, social services and disability preventions for the disabled people, and the provisions of favorable environments and conditions for the disabled's fair participations in the social developments.

5. Organize and implement the dispersed and proportional employments for the disabled.

6. Implement the national, provincial and municipal guidelines, policies and regulations concerning the disabled, and assist the government with relevant departments and institutions on the researches, formulations and implementations of laws, regulations, policies and plans on the disabled's businesses.

7. Undertake the daily routine works of the Disabled Person Committee of the Municipal People's Government, together with coordinating, organizing, comprehensive works and service.

8. Guide and manage all kinds of disabled person groups and organizations, guide and examine the disabled person federations in towns and districts.

9. Responsible for the managements and issuances of the Disability Certificate of People's Republic of China.

10. Organize and implement international communications and cooperation for the disabled's businesses.

11. Coordinate relevant departments on the managements of the disabled's motor vehicles, and organize disabled motor-vehicle drivers to learn relevant traffic laws and regulations; coordinate relevant departments on the registrations, annual inspections and examinations for the disabled's motor vehicles.

12. In charge of the blind's massage businesses and the issuances of health-caring and massage permits for the blind.

13. Raise and manage the welfare funds for the disabled and extend fund raising sources; coordinate and implement relevant preferential policies for the disabled.

14. Undertake other managements assigned by the Municipal People's Government.

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