Nanning Urban and Rural Construction Committee


address: No. 59-1 Jinhu Road, Qingxiu District, Nanning City

Postal code: 530028


Tel: 0771-5521500

Main Duties:

(1) Implement the laws, regulations, rules, policies and standards of the state and autonomous regions concerning urban and rural construction, and organize the drafting of local laws and regulations, government regulations and drafts for the construction of urban and rural areas; formulate urban and rural construction and development strategy, medium and long-term planning, relevant policies and standards, and organize the implementation.

(2) Responsible for urban and rural construction and development research, urban and rural construction and construction process management; preparation of the city's urban construction project plan; Draw up plans for the use and management of urban construction funds and special funds for the construction of villages and towns, and supervise the implementation; organize to formulate the plan and monitor the implementation of livable urban development; responsible for the establishment of urban construction project library, organize the preliminary work of urban construction project.

(3) Supervise and manage the city's construction market, standardize the market behavior of the main parties. Responsible for the city's housing construction, municipal infrastructure projects, utilities project construction industry management; organize the implementation of supervision and enforcement of bidding and tendering activities of housing construction and municipal engineering projects; formulate the rules and regulations that regulate the behavior of all parties in the construction market and supervise the implementation, and organize and coordinate the construction enterprises to participate in the international engineering contracting and construction labor cooperation.

(4) Responsible for the city's urban water supply, water conservation, sewage treatment, gas industry management; manage and supervise urban water supply, gas markets and standardize market access; supervise the safety production, service quality and emergency management of relevant public utilities; responsible for the related work of water resources organization development and comprehensive utilization in urban planning area; responsible for urban water environment construction, development management.

(5) Responsible for regulating and guiding the construction of towns and villages throughout the city. Draw up policies and guidelines for the construction of small towns and villages in the whole city, guide the improvement of rural housing construction, safety and reconstruction of dilapidated buildings and the ecological environment of small towns and villages; guide the construction of key towns and pilot projects of various kinds of village and town construction, and work with relevant departments to guide the work on earthquake prevention and fortification in rural areas.

(6) Responsible for the establishment and implementation of a scientific and standardized project construction standard system; responsible for construction project cost industry management; organize the formulation of city-level standards in the implementation phase of project construction, draw up a management system of unified quotas, evaluation methods of construction projects, economic parameters, construction standards and construction costs throughout the city, and guide and supervise the implementation of various types of construction standard quotas and construction cost pricing; organize the release of project cost information.

(7) Responsible for the quality and safety supervision and management of the survey, design and construction on the construction projects of housing construction, municipal infrastructure projects and public utilities (including water supply, drainage and gas facilities) in the city. Guide the housing construction in county, district and development zone, as well as municipal engineering construction quality safety management and emergency management; participate in the city's investigation and handling of major quality and safety accident.

(8) Take charge of the coordination guidance, inspection and supervision of the government investment in urban construction projects; responsible for the city's urban sewage treatment management and its operation management; responsible for the acceptance, record, supervision and management of the city's construction project; responsible for the city's pipeline planning and construction work; responsible for the city's housing construction, municipal infrastructure projects seismic fortification management.

(9) Responsible for promoting the energy saving of buildings and urban emission reduction. In conjunction with the relevant departments to formulate policies for energy saving of buildings, plan and supervise the implementation; organize the implementation of major building energy-saving projects to promote energy-saving and emission reduction.

(10) Comprehensively manage and coordinate the alteration of the old urban areas and the renovation of "villages in the cities" of the city, and to organize the preparation and reconstruction of old urban areas and "villages in cities"; responsible for the management and coordination of urban house relocation; responsible for the comprehensive control of commodity housing projects and the supervision of the construction process.

(11) Responsible for scientific and technological progress and innovation in urban and rural construction. Organize the implementation of major scientific and technological projects and the transformation and promotion of scientific and technological achievements; guide the introduction of technology into urban and rural construction.

(12) Formulate the city's construction industry personnel training plan; guide and manage the construction of the city's workforce training and continuing education, centralized management system of professional titles, professional qualifications and vocational skills training appraisal.


(13) Undertake other matters assigned by the municipal government.

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