Environmental Protection Bureau of Nanning


Address: No.33 Zhuxi Avenue, Nanning

Postal Code: 530022

Website: www.nnhb.gov.cn


Main Duties:

1. Responsible for the implementation of national and regional environmental protection laws, regulations and policies, draw up the draft of local environmental protection laws, regulations and regulatory documents; draft municipal environmental protection plans and organize the implementation of them, supervise the implementation of environmental protection standards and technical specification; organize to formulate environment function areas, sketch out pollution prevention plans for major areas and river basins as well as environmental protection plans for drinking water source areas, and supervise the implementation of those plans; participate in the formulation of municipal function zoning.

2. Responsible for the coordination and supervision of municipal major environmental issues, carry out the investigation and treatment of major environmental pollution accidents and ecological damage accidents, guide the emergency operation, monitoring and early warning of major environmental emergencies, solve the matters of cross-counties and cross-districts environmental pollution disputes, and coordinate the pollution prevention of major river basins and areas.

3. Responsible for the achievement of municipal emission reduction goal. Coordinate and organize to carry out the discharge reduction of main pollutants. Organize to set the discharge volume control institution of main pollutants as well as formulate the pollutant discharge licensing system, and supervise the implementation of above; lead to implement the environmental protection responsibility system, assess discharge reduction work of main pollutants and publish the assessment result.

4. Responsible for proposing suggestions on scale and direction of fixed assets investment and fiscal capital arrangement in municipal environmental protection. Within the power authorized by Nanning Municipal People's Government, review Nanning's planned and annual fixed assets investment projects, cooperate with relevant departments to supervise those projects; guide and undertake the collection, use and management of pollution discharge fees; participate in the guidance and promotion of circular economy as well as of the development of environmental protection industry, and participate in the tackling works of climate change.

5. Responsible for the prevention and control of environmental pollution and environmental damage from the source. With the assignment of Nanning Municipal People's Government, evaluate the environmental influence of major economic and technological policies, development program and major economic development plan; propose suggestions on environmental influence of the local laws, regulations and drafts of regulative documents involving environmental protection, and review and approve the environmental influence evaluation documents of major development and construction areas and projects.

6. Responsible for the supervision and management of environmental pollution control in Nanning. Formulate regulations on the pollution control of air, water, soil, noise, light, odor, solid wastes, chemicals and motor vehicles as well as organize the implementation of those regulations; cooperate with relevant departments to supervise the environmental protection of drinking water resource areas; guide the environmental comprehensive improvement both in urban and rural areas.

7. Responsible for guide, coordinate and supervise the ecological protection of Nanning. Draw up the plan of ecological protection, organize the evaluation of ecological environment quality, and supervise the exploration of natural resources having influence on ecological environment, the construction of major ecological environment and the recovery of ecological damage; guide, coordinate and supervise the environmental protection in all kinds of natural reserves, tourist attractions and forest parks; coordinate and supervise the protection of wildlife, wetland and the control of desertification; propose the application or approval suggestions of newly-established and adjusted national and regional natural reserves; coordinate and guide the protection of rural ecological environment and construction of ecological demonstration; supervise the biotechnology environment safety; lead the work of living species (including genetic resources), organize and coordinate the protection of biodiversity; coordinate and organize the construction of ecological city.

8. Responsible for the supervision and management of nuclear safety, radiation safety and radioactive wastes safety of Nanning. Implement relevant policies, regulations and standards, supervise and manage the safety of nuclear facilities and radioactive source, manage nuclear facilities, application of nuclear technology, electromagnetic radiation and pollution control during the exploration of radioactive mineral resources; participate in the emergency processing of nuclear accident, and carry out the emergency treatment of radiation environment accident; participate in fighting against "biology, chemistry, nuclear and radioactive terrorist attack".

9. Responsible for Nanning's environmental monitoring, statistics collection and information publishing. Formulate regulations on environmental monitoring, carry out environment quality monitoring and pollution source supervision and monitoring; carry out research, evaluation, forecast and early warning on conditions of environment quality; construct and manage environmental monitoring website and environmental information website; formulate and implement environment quality publishing regulations and release environmental report and major environmental information of Nanning.

10. Carry out the S&T work on environmental protection. Organize and carry out the research of environmental protection technology and demonstration of technology engineering; promote the construction of environmental technology management system.

11. Carry out international cooperation and exchange of environmental protection in Nanning. Organize and coordinate the implementation of relevant international treaties on environmental protection in Nanning, and participate in the handling of foreign-related environmental protection matters.

12. Organize, guide and coordinate the promotion and education of environmental protection in Nanning, formulate the outline for promotion and education of environmental protection and organize the implementation of it, carry out promotion and education related to the construction of ecological civilization and environment-friendly society, and lead the public and social organizations to participate in environmental protection.


13. Undertake affairs assigned by the Nanning Municipal People's Government.

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