Nanning Municipal Finance Bureau


Address: No. 129, Dongge Road, Nanning City

Tel: 2189101, 2189111



Main Duties:

(1) To implement national policies, laws and regulations of finance and taxation; to formulate the city's development strategy, medium and long-term planning and reform programs on finance and taxation, and organize their implementation; to implement national and autonomous regional level policies on financial distribution, and improve transfer payment system; to work out the city's financial distribution policy, participate in formulating the city's economic policies, and put forward suggestions to implement macro-control and comprehensively balance social financial resources by fiscal and taxation policies.

(2) To put forward proposals for local legislative programs such as finance, banking, budget, taxation, financial affairs, accounting and assets appraisal management, and draft relevant local laws and regulations, local administrative regulations and normative documents.

(3) To assume the responsibility of managing the financial revenue and expenditure at city level.

(4) To be responsible for the management of non-tax revenues of the government; to manage treasury notes.

(5) To organize the formulation of treasury management system, and carry out the work on treasury cash management according to the provisions; to be responsible for the establishment of government procurement system as well as its supervision and management.

(6) To be responsible for the formulation of rules and regulations for the management of state-owned assets of administrative institutions, and manage the state-owned assets of the administrative institutions at city level; to be responsible for the management of non-trade foreign exchange of the administrative institutions and social organizations.

(7) To prepare drafts of budget and final accounts for the state-owned capital management, formulate systems and methods for the state-owned capital management budget; to be responsible for the management of state-owned capital, income and expenditure of the enterprises at city level, organize the implementation of enterprise financial system, manage the state-owned assets of local financial enterprises in accordance with the regulations, and participate in the formulation of relevant systems for state-owned assets management.

(8) To be responsible for the management and supervision on government-invested projects of the city, participate in the formulation of relevant policies on investment in the city’s capital construction, and be responsible for the financial management of policy subsidy and special reserve fund; to be responsible for the comprehensive development and management of agriculture.

(9) To work with relevant departments to manage municipal finance involving social security and employment as well as medical and health expenditure, be responsible for the financial supervision on social insurance funds, and work with relevant departments to formulate the financial management system and methods for social security funds and to prepare drafts of budget and final accounts for social security.

(10) To formulate local government debt management system and policy to prevent financial risks; to manage the domestic and foreign debts of the government at city level; to manage the use of loans and funds from international financial organizations such as foreign governments, World Bank, Asian Development Bank and Japan Bank for International Cooperation, and be in charge of relevant negotiations and consultations with foreign parties.

(11) To organize the implementation of management of the municipal people's government on local financial institutions, coordinate and guide the advancing of rural financial reform and development; to make overall planning and organize enterprises to reorganize and go public, and work with relevant departments to promote the pilot construction of multi-layered capital market; to lead the examination on the establishment, alteration, termination and business scope of local microcredit companies and financing guarantee institutions, and supervise and manage the business operation of local small loan companies.

(12) To be responsible for the investment and financing of government-invested projects of the city; to be in charge of communication, coordination, information exchange and service work with various financial institutions in Nanning; to coordinate and implement the strategic cooperation between the municipal people's government and the financial institutions.

(13) To organize and implement the supervision and management system for the financing guarantee business, coordinate with relevant departments to jointly solve the major problems in the supervision of financing guarantee business, and guide the people's governments of counties and districts to supervise and deal with the risks in financing guarantee business; to be responsible for related supervision work on financing guarantee institutions of the city.

(14) To be responsible for the management of accounting, assets appraisal to supervise and standardize accounting behaviors; to organize the implementation of national unified accounting system, guide and supervise the works of certified public accountants, and guide and manage social auditing.

(15) To supervise and inspect the implementation of laws, regulations and policies of finance and taxation, and report major issues in the management of financial revenue and expenditure.

(16) To undertake other work assigned by the municipal people's government.

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