Nanning Justice Bureau


Office Address: N0.108 West Mingxiu Road, Nanning

Tel.: 3860032 3860031(Fax)




I. Implement the guidelines, policies, laws and regulations on the national judicial administration, draft relevant local laws and regulations, and formulate the development plan on Nanning's judicial administration and organize implementation accordingly.

II. Draft the plans on legal publicity and popularization of legal knowledge in Nanning and organize implementation accordingly, and guide the city’s governance according to law and external legal publicity.

III. Responsible for the guidance and supervision on Nanning's lawyers and notarization and undertake relevant responsibility.

IV. Guide and supervise the work on legal assistance in Nanning.

V. Guide and supervise the work on Nanning's judicial office construction, people's mediation, community correction, grass-root legal services, and the transitional emplacement, help and education for the released-from-imprisonment and released-from-labor persons.

VI. Responsible for the practice approval on Nanning's grass-roots legal service workers.

VII. Organize the National Judicial Examination in Nanning.

VIII. Assist to handle the registration on Nanning's judicial appraisers and judicial appraisal organizations.

IX. Responsible for the management on police equipment of Nanning's judicial administration system, and guide and supervise the financial plans of Nanning's judicial administration system.

X. Guide the team development, ideology development and working style development in Nanning's judicial administration system; manage the HR affairs of the judicial departments; assist in the management on the leading cadres of the judicial departments at county (district) level.

XI. Undertake other works assigned by Nanning Municipal People's Government.

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