Nanning Civil Affairs Bureau


Office Address: No.38 Jinzhou Road, Nanning

Contact Information: 0771-5505917 5505910 5505912(Fax)




Draft the development plans and policies on Nanning's civil affairs and relevant local laws and regulations, and organize relevant implementations and supervisions and examinations.

Responsible for the registration managements and supervisions on social organizations, private non-enterprise units, foundations and their branches (representative offices).

Draft the munificent comforting policies of Nanning and responsible for the preferential treatments, pensions and subsidies of the entitled groups; responsible for the disability grade evaluations on retired disabled soldiers and civil servants; and responsible for the praises for the martyrs.

Responsible for the receptions and arrangements on Nanning's retired soldiers and demobilized cadres, and the retired cadres devolved from the army to local administration, and the retired and resigned staff without military status in the army.

Draft Nanning's disaster relief and reduction policies, and responsible for the organizations and coordination on Nanning's disaster relief and the construction on the rescue and emergency system for natural disasters, and responsible for the managements and unified release on disaster situations, and responsible for the managements and distributions and supervisions the use of disaster relief funds and goods, responsible for the organizations and instructions on disaster relief donations, and responsible for the daily work of Nanning Leader Group on Disaster Prevention and Disaster Relief.

Take the lead in drafting Nanning's social rescue plans, policies and standards, improving urban and rural social assistance systems, and responsible for the urban and rural residents' minimum living insurance, medical assistance, temporary assistance, and rural five guarantees and supports.

Draft the policies on urban and rural grassroots autonomous constructions and community constructions, guide the developments on urban and rural community service system, make suggestions on enhancing and improving urban and rural grassroots power constructions, and promote the democracy at the grassroots level.

Draft the administrative division management policies, and the administrative division management methods on boundary lines and geographical names, responsible for the reviews and approvals on the establishments, revocations, denominations, renames, government relocations, boundary line changes of the administrative divisions of towns and above; responsible for the managements on geographical names, such as the reviews and approvals on the denominations and renames on the municipal-managed geographical names; organize and guide the survey and management on the boundary lines of the county-level (district-level) administrative divisions.

Responsible for Nanning's social welfare services, guide Nanning's social support activities, such as social charity, social donation and the mass's mutual support to improve the developments on charity affairs, and guide rights and interests guarantees for such special groups as the old, the orphan and the disabled.

Draft the management policies on marriage, children adoption and funeral and interment, responsible for the reformations on marriage customs and funeral and interment, and responsible for the management on marriage, children adoption, funeral and interment, and salvage service organizations.

Cooperate with relevant departments on drafting Nanning's social work development plans, policies and vocational norms, and improving the developments on Nanning's social work teams and relevant volunteer teams.

Undertake other work assigned by the Nanning Municipal People's Government.

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