Nanning Public Security Bureau


Tel: 0771-5878110



1. To prevent, fight against and investigate illegal crime;

2. To maintain public order and prevent from activities against public order;

3. To maintain traffic safety and order and deal with traffic accidents;

4. To organize and implement works regarding firefighting and related supervision;

5. To administer gun and ammunition, and to control the dangerous substances such as knives, inflammable and explosive dangerous and radioactive substances;

6. To administer special industries regarded by laws and regulations;

7. To guard the specific personnel of the state, the important sites and facilities;

8. To administer activities like assembly and demonstration;

9. To manage the household registration, nationality, entry and exit affairs, and foreigners affairs about residence and travel in China;

10. To execute punishment on criminals who is sentenced to public surveillance, detention or deprivation of political rights as well as criminal punishment execution outside prison, and to implement supervision and inspection on criminals who is suspended pronouncement of sentence or releasing on parole;

11. To supervise and administer the safety and protection of computer information systems;

12. To guide and supervise public security work of the state organs, social groups, enterprises and public institutions and key construction projects; to guide the public security prevention work of mass-based organizations such as public security committee;


13. To undertake other responsibilities stipulated by laws and regulations.

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