Nanning Municipal Education Bureau


Institution: Nanning Municipal Education Bureau

Address: No.22 Jinzhou Road, Nanning

Telephone: 07712804643



Main Responsibilities of Nanning Municipal Education Bureau:

1. Implement relevant national and provincial laws and regulations and policies on education; draft relevant proposals on provincial laws, regulations and regulatory documents concerning education; draft municipal reformation and development plans on education and organize implementation.

2. Responsible for the overall planning and coordinate managements on various types of educations at all levels; guide the education and teaching reformations for the various types of schools at all levels; in charge of the statistics, analysis and publication on the municipal education information.

3. Responsible for propelling the balanced development of compulsory education and the educational fairness, in charge of the macro guidance and coordination on compulsory education, and the guidance on general high school education, infant education and special education; implement the basic requirements and documents on elementary education and teaching for the comprehensive implementation of quality-oriented education; in charge of the approvals on the establishment, registration, revocation and adjustment of private-run general high schools.

4. Guide the municipal educational supervisions, in charge of the implementations, supervisions, assessments and acceptances on secondary educations and educations at lower levels, and the illiteracy eliminations for young adults; guide the monitoring of the development levels and qualities concerning secondary educations and educations at lower levels.

5. Guide the developments and reformations concerning the employment-oriented secondary vocational educations; in charge of the approvals on the establishment, registration, revocation and adjustment of private-run secondary vocational schools; in charge of the overall planning, instructions and managements on the specialty settings and constructions of secondary vocational schools.

6. In charge of the overall managements on its educational funds; participate in the drafting relevant arrangements and ways on educational fund raisings, educational fund grants and educational infrastructure investments; in charge of the statistics on the municipal educational fund investments.

7. Guide the ideological and political educations, moral educations, national unity educations, sports health and art educations, national defense educations and the safety and stability educations for all the municipal primary and secondary schools.

8. In charge of the teachers for all the municipal primary and secondary schools; in charge of the implementation on the teacher qualification regulations; guide the talents developments of the educational systems.

9. Formulate and implement the administrative regulations concerning the enrollments of the primary and secondary schools and the secondary vocational schools.

10. Organize and guide the international cooperation and communications for the municipal education systems, and implement the educational cooperation and communications with Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan.

11. Implement the national and provincial laws and regulations and policies concerning linguistic and literal work, and organize and implement the national and provincial planning concerning linguistic and literal work; guide the standardization work concerning municipal languages and literalness; monitor and examine the linguistic and literal applications; in charge of the promotion of Mandarin.

12. The other managements assigned by the Municipal People's Government.

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