Administration for Industry & Commerce of Nanning


Agency Name: Administration for Industry & Commerce of Nanning

Office Address: No 65, Jinhu Road, Nanning, Guangxi

Contact Number: 0771-5518883

(1) To draw up local regulations and drafts of governmental regulations relating to industrial and commercial administration, make normative documents on Nanning industrial and commercial administration; and take charge of work on market supervision and management and administrative law enforcement.

(2) To be responsible for the registration, supervision and administration of all enterprises, farmer specialized cooperatives and other market entities including units and individuals conducting business, and investigate into, deal with and crack down operations without license.

(3) To organize and implement normalization and maintenance on business operations in various markets, and take charge of supervision and administration of market transactions, network goods transactions and related services.

(4) To organize and guide the supervision and administration of commodity quality in relevant circulation, organize and enforce right-safeguarding work on commodity quality in relevant circulation and services, investigate into and deal with illegal activities including selling fake commodities, guide the acceptance and handling work of consumers’ consultation, complaint and reporting, and protect the legitimate rights and interests of operators and consumers.

(5) To investigate into and deal with illegal direct marketing and pyramid selling, and implement supervision and administration of direct marketing businesses, direct sellers and direct marketing activities.

(6) To investigate into and deal with economic illegal activities such as unfair competition and commercial bribe; to investigate into and deal with illegal activities such as smuggling and bootlegging in collaboration with related departments.

(7) To organize and carry out supervision and administration of brokers, brokerage institutions and brokerage activities.

(8) To implement the administrative supervision and management of contracts in accordance with the law, manage the chattel mortgage registration and the registration of equity pledge, conduct supervision and administration for auction acts, investigate into and deal with illegal acts against the contracts according to law.

(9) To organize and guide the development of advertisement industry, and conduct supervision and administration of advertising campaigns as well as the approval work of related ads.

(10) To be responsible for the management of trademarks, oversee the implementation of the protection of trademarks and punishment of trademark infringement, take charge of the fostering, recommendation and protection of well-known trademarks and famous trademarks and the protection of distinctive symbols and official symbols.

(11) To guide the work of analysis, release and management of market entities’ credit information, undertake the promotion and maintenance of the information platform of market entities’ credit information supervision and administration and perfect the credit information publicity system.

(12) To be responsible for supervision and administration of business practices of individual businesses and private enterprises and to provide services.

(13) To guide the work of Party building in small and micro businesses, individual businesses and professional markets.


(14) To undertake other issues assigned by the municipal people’s government.

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