Answers to public’s questions about “Road Traffic Safety Regulations of Nanning”


Recently, the “Road Traffic Safety Regulations of Nanning” (hereinafter  referred to as the “Regulations”) was officially implemented. The “Regulations”  makes clear provisions for electric bicycles, urban project transport vehicles  and so on. This is the first time that Nanning has legislation on road traffic  safety. In view of the contents of the “Regulations”, the public has many  questions. The following will provide detailed answers to some hot issues.

Electric bicycle drivers can use Bluetooth headset to make or receive  calls.

Article 32 of the “Regulations”: the person driving electric bicycles or  disabled motor wheelchairs shall not engage in the following acts: (1) using  communication tools in a hand-held manner, driving without holding on to the  handlebars, holding objects in the hands, hanging objects on the handlebars,  smoking, eating and other behaviors that impede safe driving; (2) throwing  objects on the road.

Interpretation: People who drive motor vehicles are not allowed to use mobile  phones. The “Regulations” also carries out refined management on people who  drive electric vehicles. The behavior of “using communication tools in a  hand-held manner” is forbidden, which suggests that you can wear a Bluetooth  headset to make or receive calls.

The dump truck driver is directly fined 6 points if he is speeding.

Article 20 of the “Regulations”: within the urban and town-built areas, motor  vehicles carrying construction materials such as muck, sand and stone or  construction waste shall pass at a speed not exceeding 40 kilometers per hour in  accordance with the time and route formulated by the relevant departments.

Interpretation: Compared with the original regulations, the most obvious  difference in the management of the “dump truck” is the speed of the car.  Previously, there was no regulation on the speed of the dump truck, but now the  speed should not exceed 40 kilometers per hour. In the past few years, most of  the traffic accidents related to dump trucks in Nanning were connected with the  over-speeding of dump trucks. Another problem is overloading. However, after  last year’s action of “Making Our Blue Skies Again”, this issue has already been  improved.

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