FAQ on comprehensively promoting River Chief System


There are 3,623 rivers in Nanning, 156 of which covering a drainage area above 50m2, and there are 745 registered reservoirs and 7 lakes. This year, the Nanning Municipal Committee of the CPC and Nanning People’s Government propose to carry out the ideology of “Lucid Waters and Lush Mountains Are Invaluable Assets”, to stick to the main line of “Water Treatment, City Construction and Governance for the People”, to establish and perfect the River Chief System information management platform, and to comprehensively implement all works to promote River Chief System and Lake Chief System.

Additionally, Nanning takes the lead in establishing River Chief System information supervision and management platform, and this platform makes the chief cruise and management on rivers come true, including cruising rivers, recording statistics, and uploading problems and solving problems; the public participates in supervision, and the public is able to master the development and effect of River Chief System as well as to supervise the work through following the WeChat official account “Nanning River Chief”.

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