Interpretation of “Work Plan of Nanning on the Construction of Legal Government (2017 - 2020)”


Nanning Municipal Party Committee and Nanning Municipal People's Government have recently issued the " Work Plan of Nanning on the Construction of Legal Government (2017 - 2020)" (hereinafter referred to as "Work Plan") making clarifications of the general requirements, the main tasks, the specific measures, the organization guarantee and the implementation mechanism of Nanning’s the legal government construction from 2017 to 2020, putting forward the accountability unit, deadline and testable forms of achievement on the construction of legal government. The Work Plan is the programmatic document of the comprehensive construction of “Legal Nanning”.

1. What is the overall framework of the "Work Plan"?

The "Work Plan" is divided into three parts. The first part is the general requirements, which clearly put forward the guiding ideology, the overall objectives, basic principles and measurement standards to achieve the basic completion of the legal government by 2020. The second part is about the main tasks in seven aspects, and each task sets the work objectives and implementation measures. The third part is about the organizational security and implementation mechanism.

2. What is the overall goal of the construction of Nanning Legal Government?

Strive to be the first in the region to complete the basic functions of science, power and responsibility, law enforcement strict, open and fair, clean and efficient, law-abiding integrity of the rule of law government by the end of 2019.

3. How can we complete the mechanism for public participation in government legislation?

The "Work Plan" proposes four aspects in measures: firstly, except for those that need to be kept confidential in accordance with law, the local draft regulations and draft regulations in government review procedures shall request public comments through the network, newspapers and other media, the term is generally not less than 30 days; secondly, for those that are closely related to the interests of the people or related to improving people's livelihood, providing social services to the community, directly concerning social and public interests and having significant differences among the parties should broadly solicit opinions from seminars, demonstrations, hearings, investigations and other forms; thirdly, to improve the feedback mechanism on adopting the public opinions, that is, give responses to whether the views and suggestions of the public are adopted; fourthly, to explore the establishment of the incentive mechanism on public participation in government legislation to improve public enthusiasm to participate in government legislation.

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