Responsible leaders of Legislative Affairs Office and Ministry of Agriculture answer journalists’ questions on Regulations on Control of Agricultural Chemicals


Recently, the responsible leaders from the Legislative Affairs Office and the Ministry of Agriculture of the State Council answered journalists’ questions on the revised Regulations on the Control of Agricultural Chemicals (“Regulations” for short).

Question: What are the amendments to the registrations for agricultural chemicals in the Regulations?

Answer: Main amendments to the agricultural chemicals registration system in the Regulations are as follows: firstly, the interim registration is cancelled and it is specified that the agricultural chemicals produced or imported in the country shall be registered and that those agricultural chemicals that have passed the registration trial and registration reviews with qualified results shall be issued with a registration certificate of agricultural chemicals and announced by the Ministry of Agriculture. Secondly, the Ministry of Agriculture shall establish a registration approval committee of agricultural chemicals, which shall be responsible for agricultural chemicals registration reviews, and the personnel constitution to the agricultural chemicals registration approval committee is stipulated. Thirdly, registration trial shall be done before the applications for agricultural chemicals registrations. The registration trial results shall be submitted to the provincial agricultural departments where the agricultural chemicals are put on record. The trials on those new agricultural chemical shall be approved by the Ministry of Agriculture. Fourthly, the registration trials shall be conducted by those registration trial units approved by the Ministry of Agriculture in accordance with relevant regulations, and the registration trial units should be responsible for the authenticities of the registration trial reports. Fifthly, after the registration trials are over, the applicants shall submit relevant documents, and the approval time for the agricultural chemicals registration authorities is also specified. Sixthly, the specified information in the registration certificates of agricultural chemicals, together with the extension and modification procedures to the registration certificates of agricultural chemicals, is also stipulated.

Question: Since the usage of agricultural chemicals will have an effect on the quality safety of agricultural products, are there any stipulations in the Regulations on the usage managements of agricultural chemicals?

Answer: Firstly, the agricultural departments at all levels are required to enhance their guidance and services on the usage of agricultural chemicals, to promote scientific usage technologies of agricultural chemicals, to provide technological trainings free of charge, and to improve agricultural chemicals safety levels and rational usage level. Secondly, the agricultural chemical dosage shall be decreased step by step by means of promotions on biological and physical prevention and control, and advanced agricultural chemicals application instruments, etc. Thirdly, the users of agricultural chemicals shall comply with the relevant agricultural chemicals application regulations, have a proper safekeeping for the agricultural chemicals, and take protective measures in the process of agricultural chemicals proportions and agricultural chemicals applications to avoid agricultural chemicals accidents.

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