FAQ on the construction of sponge city in Nanning


Q: Are there any solutions for the next step on water-logging renovation?

A: We will further conduct renovation in water-logged spots, coordinate efforts to construct urban pipe network system and water-logging prevention system for standard-exceeding rainfalls, and control initial rainfall runoff and non-point source pollution to effectively deal with urban water logging.

Q: Does the government have any plans for the improvements on communities in Nanning?

A: We will further sort out the old communities in the demonstration areas, study packing constructions in accordance with catchment basins, and conduct sponge improvements gradually.

Q: Are there any solutions being taken and achievements made on the rectification of polluted and smelly waters?

A: So far, there are river segments with a length of 98.4 kilometers in Nanning with polluted and smelly waters, of which 17.70 kilometers have been improved to meet the rectification targets wholly or basically, of which 16.08 kilometers or so are under rectification in accordance with the inland river rectification plan, and the rest 64.62 kilometers or so will be entirely rectified in accordance with the PPP projects for 2016 and 2017.

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