Lin Jing, Deputy Secretary General of Nanning



Deputy Secretary General of Nanning

Lin Jing

Main responsibilities:

Assist the Deputy Mayor to be in charge of the Nanning Municipal Urban  Management Committee, Nanning Municipal Urban Planning Committee, Nanning  Municipal Land Reserve Management Committee, Nanning Municipal Land and  Resources Bureau (Surveying, Mapping and Geo-information Bureau), Nanning  Municipal Urban and Rural Construction Commission, Nanning Municipal Planning  Bureau, Nanning Municipal Urban Management Bureau (City Management Comprehensive  Law Enforcement Bureau), Nanning Municipal Housing Security and Real Estate  Management Bureau (Housing System Reform Office), Nanning Municipal Forestry and  Landscaping Bureau, Nanning Municipal Civil Air Defense Office, Nanning  Municipal Sponge City and Water City Construction Office, Nanning Housing  Provident Fund Management Center, Nanning Municipal Urban Management Supervision  and Evaluation Center (City Management Command Center), Qingxiu Mountain Scenic  Area Management Committee, Daming Mountain Scenic Spot Management Committee,  Kunlun Pass Management Committee and the planning and construction of Nanning  Educational Park.

Assist the Deputy Mayor to contact the people’s governments of various  districts and other related work.

Curriculum vitae:

As a male of Han nationality, he was born in Nan’an, Fujian in March 1972. He  joined the Communist Party of China in June 2006, and started to work in July  1994. He is a postgraduate in economics management at the School of Social  Science and Management of Guangxi University. He has an in-service postgraduate  education and holds the Degree of Engineering.

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