Deputy Secretary-General Zhuang Kai


Deputy Secretary-General of Nanning

Zhuang Kai


Main Duties:

Assist Deputy Mayor in charge of the Development and Reform Commission (as well as Price Bureau, Beibu Gulf Office, Digitization Office), Finance Bureau, Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, Statistics Bureau, Legislative Affairs Office (Administrative Law Enforcement Supervision Bureau), State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, Administrative Examination and Approval Bureau, Commission Office of Public Sectors Reform, Reception Office, Archives Bureau, Secrecy Bureau, Organs Affairs Administration (Logistics Service Center for Organs directly under the Municipal Government), Government Supervision Office, Liaison Office in Beijing, Government Procurement Center, Development and Research Center, Government Counselors’ Office, Public Resource Trading Center, state-controlled enterprises under the management of municipal government, proposals of the representatives of the National People's Congress and the CPPCC members, as well as work related to the planning and construction of the Pearl River-Xijiang River Economic Zone.

Assist Deputy Mayor in contacting and coordinating relevant work of the Municipal Taxation Bureau, Local Taxation Bureau and Nanning Survey Team of the National Bureau of Statistics.

Personal Profile:

Zhuang Kai, male, Han Nationality, was born in September 1976, and is from Bobai County, Guangxi; joined the Communist Party of China in June 1996 and began his first job in July 1997. College degree in finance of the Finance Department of Guangxi Financial College, on-the-job postgraduate degree in public administration of the postgraduate class of the Public Administration College of Guangxi University, master of public administration, economist.

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