Deputy Secretary-General - Liu Zongxiao


Deputy Secretary-General of Nanning City - Liu Zongxiao

Main Duties:

Assist Deputy Mayor to manage the city’s Ethnic and Religious Committee, Bureau of Civil Affairs, Nanning Bureau of Water Resources, Nanning Committee of Agriculture, Nanning Municipal Bureau of Grain, Poverty Alleviation Office, Reservoir Resettlement Authority, Rural Supply and Marketing Cooperative and Village Offices.

Assist Deputy Mayor to contact Nanning Federation of Disabled and people's governments of each county.

Assist Deputy Mayor to contact and coordinate Municipal Meteorological Bureau and Bureau of Hydrology and Water Resources, etc.


Male, born in January 1973, Han nationality, from Sheqi, Henan Province. Joined the Communist Party of China in March 1992, started to work in June 1994. Majored in Wetland Resources and Environment in the College of Fisheries of Huazhong Agricultural University, Doctor of Agriculture.

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